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Episode 19: Marketers & Coffee: Mistakes Authors and Ourselves Have Made

mark dawson mistakes authors make

Some of the mistakes authors have made we should to not only learn from, but avoid if you’re just starting to think about self publishing.

Even for established authors, it’s useful to look at past mistakes, learn from them and push forward. That also applies to comparing your mistakes to others successes on social media, which presents a false representation of the struggle of authors.

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Episode 15: Using a Heat Map to figure out what Amazon Shoppers Look at

michael alvear using a heat map to maximize amazon book listing

                                           When author Michael Alvear reached out to me to tell me he had a heat map about how shoppers use Amazon when buying a book, I hadn’t originally considered covering this topic. But authors can learn a lot from this map and what areas of their book page visitors will spend the most time.…

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Book Marketing 101

Book marketing 101

Book marketing is an extremely important part of a self-publisher’s success. But it can also be confusing.  That’s why I’ve broken down the process into 3 phases and given you a guide for each step. Honestly, if I were to write a complete book on Modern Online Book Marketing, this would be EXACTLY IT.  So,…

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The New About Me

Writing a book is pretty hard. But selling a book is even harder…especially when you aren’t famous. Does my name sound familiar to you? Seen it on a book cover somewhere? No? It’s cool – you can be honest. In fact, I’m not the least bit surprised. Guess what…I’m not a famous author and although…

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