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Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator

Here are some instructions for using the generator. You can also watch this video.

  1. Select the platform you want to format the description for (Amazon, B&N, etc).
  2. Enter your book description. If you're copying and pasting from Word Doc, use the below sub-steps to ensure you don't bring over any hidden code from Word:
    1. If you're on Windows: you can use the combination Ctrl + Shift + V to paste without formatting
    2. If you're a Mac: you can use Option + Command + Shift + V to paste without formatting
  3. Choose from the available formatting options. If an option is grayed out, that means it's not supported on that particular platform. If you see other book descriptions looking different than the options available here, that means those books were grandfathered in before the current rules were put in place. 
  4. When you've got your book description looking the way you want, click “generate my code.” 
  5. Paste the code into the platform you're publishing on. 
Font Sizes
Font Style
Paragraph Style
Write your description here...

Tutorial on Book Description Generator's Use:

Click HERE to see more videos like this

Important: Amazon complains of “Invisible Characters”

If when you go to publish your book description, and Amazon responds with “Description may not contain invisible characters”… there's a reason.

This means that there are <><> tags with nothing in between the two <> tags. These need to be removed before Amazon will say OK.

This change happened relatively recently, and can explain why some of your previously working descriptions are no longer acceptable. Simply remove these blanks and you'll be good to go.

FAQ for the Book Description Generator

Below, you’ll find answers to most of the common questions you might have about Kindlepreneur’s Book Description Generator and how to use it.

But first, a few things to take note of:

  1. You might see other books with different looking descriptions than what’s offered above. That’s because Amazon has changed their allowed HTML over the years, and when they change it, previous books are grandfathered in and keep using the older look.
  2. There is no way to add pictures to a book description.
  3. iTunes is not included in the generator because, in order to publish directly through Apple Books, you must use their software and they naturally have their own HTML rules for this.

How do I publish my book description on Amazon?

1. Sign into your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account here by clicking the yellow sign up button.

2. Once signed in, navigate to your ‘Bookshelf’ and select the book you’d like to edit. Alternatively, create a new book by clicking on the button seen below.

publishing book description

3. Scroll down to the section ‘Description.’

entering amazon description

4. Paste your description directly into this box. Click ‘save and continue’ at the bottom of the page. If you’re publishing for the first time, you’ll have to upload your manuscript and cover before you can proceed. Click ‘save and continue’ again, set your pricing, and click ‘publish’ thereafter.

5. After clicking ‘publish’ your description may take up to 72 hours to update.

Another method you might use is by going through Amazon Author Central. You can do that as follows:

1. Sign into your Amazon Author Central account here. This is where you manage your author pages, editorial reviews, add books to your profile, and can even edit your book description for books.

2. Select the ‘Books’ tab at the top of the page.

amazon author central books tab

3. If you’ve correctly added your books to your author page, you’ll see a list of books and the one you want to edit. If not, you can add a book to your author page by clicking this button and entering the books name:

adding a book to author page

4. Once you have your book present on the books page, click on it.

5. Here you’ll find your ‘Product Description.’ Click the ‘Edit’ button, hit ‘Edit HTML’ and paste in your HTML description and hit ‘Preview.’

editing amazon product description

6. If you’re satisfied with how your product description looks, hit ‘Save Changes.’

7. Important to note: if you use this method, whenever you make changes to your book on KDP, your book description will revert to the one you originally used in KDP when first publishing your book. It’s easier to just change the book description on KDP and allow the book to update.

I want to write and add an Amazon Editorial Review. How do I do that?

1. To create an Amazon Editorial Review, make sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines when using the Kindlepreneur Editorial Review Generator. Amazon’s guidelines for review creation are as follows:

editing amazon editorial reviews

2. Editorial reviews can be reviews left by other authors, publications, or even some of the highlights of the reviews your readers have left for you. Select a few from your book reviews then click on the Amazon Editorial Review Generator.

kindlepreneur book description generator

3. Enter your review text. Separate each review onto a separate line. You can bold or italicize reviews as you wish. You can even add in five little stars.

using the book description generator

4. Once you’re satisfied with how your editorial reviews look, hit the ‘Generate My Code’ button.

book description html code

5. You now have your handy HTML code that you can paste directly into the HTML editing pane in your Amazon Editorial Review section.

6. Once you have your code, sign into your Amazon Author Central account here.

7. Select the ‘Books’ tab at the top of the page.

8. If you’ve correctly added your books to your author page, you’ll see a list of books and the one you want to edit. If not, you can add a book to your author page by clicking this button and entering the books name:

9. Once you have your book present on the books page, click on it.

editorial reviews tab on amazon

10. Here, you’ll find your Editorial Review section.

Amazon editorial review editor

11. Click ‘Add’ to add your Amazon Editorial Reviews. Hit ‘Edit HTML’ and paste in your HTML description and hit ‘Preview.’

12. Hit ‘Preview’ and ‘Save Changes’ once you are satisfied. The reviews will appear in your Editorial Review section within 3 to 5 days.

How do I publish my book description on Barnes & Noble?

1. Head to Barnes & Noble and login to your account here.

2. Create your book by following the simple onscreen steps.Or edit your book by selecting it in the ‘Projects’’ tab.

3. Select the tab ‘Book Details.’

barnes and noble book description

4. Paste your book description into the Default Book Description box as seen below.

B&N book description generator

5. Hit ‘Save and Continue’ and proceed until your book has been published or updated.

How do I publish my book description on Kobo?

1. Head over to Kobo Writing Life and sign in to your account here.

2. Once in your Dashboard, click on the ‘eBooks’ tab.

kobo book descriptions

3. Click on the book you’d like to edit.

4. On the ‘Describe Your eBook’ page, scroll down until you reach the ‘Synopsis’ block.

publishing your blurb on kobo

5. Paste your description into the block then hit the ‘Save and return to Library’ button on the right.

How do I space the paragraphs in my book description?

There are two handy methods for spacing paragraphs in your book description.

Method 1

1. Enter your book description text. When you come to the end of a paragraph, hit ‘enter’ as you usually would in writing. Your description will look like this:

spacing in blurbs

2. The description above has a very clear space between the paragraphs, and when you hit ‘Generate My Code,’ your HTML looks likes:

3. The space between your paragraphs will remain there when you paste it into your book description box on Amazon, Kobo or Barnes & Noble.

Method 2

1. Enter your book description text. When you come to the end of your paragraph, instead of hitting ‘enter’ as usual, hit ‘shift’ and ‘enter’ together. Your paragraph spacing now looks like this:

adding icons

2. Notice the lack of space between paragraphs? When you hit ‘Generate My Code’ for your HTML, it will look as follows:

exporting your book description code

3. Now, when you copy your HTML over to your book description box on Amazon, Kobo or Barnes & Noble, it won’t have the space between paragraphs.

How do I format bullet points or use numbered lists with the Book Description Generator?

Once again, there are two fun methods you can use to generate bulleted or numbered lists.

Method 1

1. Click the ‘Bullet List’ or ‘Numbered List’ buttons under ‘Paragraph Style’.

additional formatting

2. Enter your list.

adding bulleted lists

3. Hit ‘Generate My Code’ and you’ve got your HTML to be pasted into your book description box on the relevant retailer. Easy.

list code

Method 2

1. To make unique bulleted or numbered lists that are still HTML friendly, you can use the Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator’s icons.

icons for blurbs

2. Instead of clicking on the ‘Bulleted List’ or ‘Numbered List’ options, use your icons. Select an icon, then type your sentence.

more icons for book descriptions

3. Hit either ‘shift’ and ‘enter’ or just ‘enter’ and do the same with another icon.

icon examples

4. You can select any icon and use it to create a numbered or bulleted list. Once you’re satisfied, click ‘Generate My Code’ to create your HTML.

icon code for descriptions

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241 thoughts on “Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator

  1. Lee Anderson

    Having issues using this generator on Safari. I enter my description, make the adjustments, then I hit the button GENERATE MY CODE and all I get is a grayed out box. Does anyone else have this issue! Fixes???

  2. Max

    Hi, it would be really very useful to have the possibility to convert from HTML to text, because it happens to have to make changes and with the system used in this tool (very useful) is not possible to go back after generating the first time the HTML code. That would be a huge time saver.
    Thanks Dave for all!

    1. Dave Chesson

      Thanks. I’ll look into that.

  3. Meaghan

    I love this! I am so happy with my description. I am just having one tiny issue–my entire description is italicized and I did not italicize any of it. What would make this occur?

    1. Dave Chesson

      Potentially if you copied and pasted from a word file and didn’t strip out the HTMl/CSS it could do that. If that doesn’t work, then try a different web browser.

  4. Alyson

    Brilliant site – thank you! Just a quick question – if I update my book blurb and it can take up to 72 hrs for Amazon to review it … does anything happen to my book (which is live on the site) during that time? Is it still for sale with the old blurb?

    1. Dave Chesson

      It will still be on sale with the original blurb, until your changes have been approved.

      1. Alyson

        It worked like a dream thank you 🙂
        and updated on the .com site in under an hour (still waiting for the UK to catch up!)
        my new blurb:

        1. Dave Chesson


  5. Kay

    I loved and learned from your recent conversation with Alexa Bigwarfe, thanks!

    However, I have searched and searched your site and cannot find Kindlepreneur Editorial Review Generator–please point me to it–I’ve tried everything! Love the Book Description Generator, but need Editorial Reviews, too!

    1. Kay

      Arghh- cried, “Wolf!” too soon–I found the Editorial Review Generator!! Do delete my comment, please!

      1. Dave Chesson

        Ah, no worries. I do that myself too. Glad you found it and enjoy!

        1. Suz

          Hey Dave, can we use html to write an actual review on a book on Amazon?? Probably, not, but just thought I’d ask ???? It would be fun!!

          1. Dave Chesson

            Sadly, no. Only in the Editorial Review section.

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