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Episode 40: Marketers & Coffee: How Does Amazon Handle Book Reviews?

e40 How Does Amazon Handle Book Reviews?

Once a month, I like to sit down with authors or someone who’s an authority on a certain subject and chat about their area of expertise in what we call Marketers & Coffee. On this episode, we talk about the Amazon review process. Now, as you’ve learned from previous episodes, you can’t pay for Amazon reviews, and we dive a little deeper into how we think Amazon looks for fake reviews or reviews that were gotten in ways that go against Amazon’s policies.

Craig Tuch, the owner of Hidden Gems Books, joins me for today’s episode. While you can’t pay for reviews, Hidden Gems works within the rules of Amazon to help authors get reviews using specific email lists to send Advance Review Copies to those interested in reading them.

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Episode 32: Do Book Awards Help to Sell More Books?

e32 book awards sell more books

                                           Having your book nominated for or winning an award is a wonderful opportunity for any author. While you might have high hopes of increased book sales following the accolade, those sales may not come quite so easily. In today’s episode, author Amy Murphy talks about her experience having her books nominated for the 2016…

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Episode 7: Using Book Promotions Sites to Launch Your Book

                                           In today’s episode, we learn about book promotion sites, how they actually work, and how authors can use them in order to get their books to a large number of readers.  They can be a powerful tool for book launches, as well as a steady drip of sales over time. However, not all promotion…

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