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Book Review Tactics

Ultimate List of the Best Book Review Blogs

list of best book review blogs

Book reviews are one piece of the book marketing puzzle. An important piece that some authors find impossible. This article is designed to help you get those initial reviews to bring in and sales and, you guessed it, more reviews. In this article, you will learn: Why book reviews matter How to get your book…

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Episode 36: Amazon Book Review Policies – Can We Give a Book for Free for Reviews?

e36 free books for reviews

We all know reviews can be instrumental in giving our books some clout when it comes to people on Amazon browsing and looking to see what others thought. One question that causes some confusion among authors is, Can I give copies of my book away for free in exchange for a review? And the answer is yes, but also no. Amazon has specific rules regarding how authors can get fair reviews from readers.

This episode, I talk to Craig Tuch, the owner of Hidden Gems Books, which is a review site. While you can’t pay for reviews, Hidden Gems works within the rules of Amazon to help authors get reviews using specific email lists to send Advance Review Copies (ARCs) to those interested in reading them.

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Episode 8: How to Get Book Reviews

                                           In this episodes, we’ll not only learn about reviews, and how they affect our sales, I’ll show you a tactic you can use to get book reviews even if you don’t have an email list, following or fans. But even if you do have those things, this tactic will still help you get even…

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Book Launch Reviews: Launching with 100+ reviews

Guest Post: By the uber talented Alinka Rutkowska of the aptly named website What do you do on launch day? I watch my reviews flooding in. Of course, it doesn’t just miraculously happen, but after having published over 20 books I have now devised a fool-proof recipe any author can (and should) follow. First things…

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