Cover Design Tactics

An Author’s Guide to Stock Photos for Book Covers


Whether you hire a book cover designer or make them yourself, there’s a good chance that your book cover will use stock photos. However, there are stock photo sites that sell copyrighted photos and shady designers that illegally use other people’s works inside of theirs. Plus, as you’ll see, there are many nuances and things that…

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Book Cover Typography: Book Cover Fonts and More!

The power of design is undeniable. It can create an emotional connection, cultivate a community, or convey information in just one glance. While there are many elements of design that create incredible (or sub-par…) designs, one element has a distinct importance: Fonts. From the color to the style to the spacing, the right typography can…

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How to Use Fiverr to Make Amazing eBook Covers

How should you use Fiverr for creating Ebook Covers

Being a fly on the wall in many self-publishing forums and Facebook groups, I see the same ole question surrounding Fiverr and eBook covers. Let’s face it. If someone is willing to make a book cover for $5, then they probably aren’t going to spend much time on your project. In many cases, the top-rated…

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