Episode 20: Reviving a Dead Book Case Study #2

reviving a dead book 2 sasscer hill

Sasscer Hill published her first book in 2010 with a small publisher and was nominated for both the Agatha and Macavity Awards, and while it was very well received, she was only getting six percent profit from her publisher using Print-on-Demand. But when she got the rights back and made some changes, she saw more money in the first month than the money she made in six months with her previous publisher.

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Episode 19: Marketers & Coffee: Mistakes Authors and Ourselves Have Made

mark dawson mistakes authors make

Some of the mistakes authors have made we should to not only learn from, but avoid if you’re just starting to think about self publishing.

Even for established authors, it’s useful to look at past mistakes, learn from them and push forward. That also applies to comparing your mistakes to others successes on social media, which presents a false representation of the struggle of authors.

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Episode 18: How to get Your Book Ranked for More Amazon Book Categories

get listed in more amazon book categories

                                           The process for adding your book to other Categories is simple, and if you listened to the last episode, Episode 17, of the Book Marketing Show, you’ll already be familiar with the process and the form you’re going to use. When you do your research to determine which Categories you book will do best…

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Episode 17: Secret Niche Amazon Categories and Where to Find Them

Dali Burgado changing Amazon book categories

                                           When you first publish your book, Amazon only offers about three fifths of the total categories. While you do have to choose from the ones offered, you also have to ask Amazon to add your book to other categories. Upon publishing your book, go to the special page Amazon has created specifically for sending…

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Episode 16: The Power of Book Categories and Sales

picking good book categories e16

Dig deeper into how picking the right categories can help your book sales.

You’ll learn what Kindle Categories are, as well as how Category rankings are done within Amazon. You’ll also learn how to distinguish between a good category to list your book under and one that might not help as much as you might think.

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Episode 15: Using a Heat Map to figure out what Amazon Shoppers Look at

michael alvear using a heat map to maximize amazon book listing

                                           When author Michael Alvear reached out to me to tell me he had a heat map about how shoppers use Amazon when buying a book, I hadn’t originally considered covering this topic. But authors can learn a lot from this map and what areas of their book page visitors will spend the most time.…

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Episode 12: Setting Up a Book Publishing Company

setting up book publishing company clint coon

When it’s a good idea for an author to start thinking about starting a publishing company? One reason would be to start publishing other people’s works. Another would be to prevent your financial assets from could end up in someone else’s possession if you were sued.

My lawyer, Clint Coons of Anderson Advisory talks about the steps authors can take to start a publishing company, including authors from outside the United States.

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