Publishing Process

How To Write A Children’s Book In 9 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered how to write a children’s book, and if you have what it takes to create one? For me, it’s this smile. That’s my reason for writing children’s books. Many aspiring (and even accomplished) authors dream of writing a children’s book. Maybe you have an incredible idea that you can’t stop thinking…

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Episode 12: Setting Up a Book Publishing Company

setting up book publishing company clint coon

When it’s a good idea for an author to start thinking about starting a publishing company? One reason would be to start publishing other people’s works. Another would be to prevent your financial assets from could end up in someone else’s possession if you were sued.

My lawyer, Clint Coons of Anderson Advisory talks about the steps authors can take to start a publishing company, including authors from outside the United States.

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Episode 10: KDP Print vs CreateSpace

                                           In this lesson, you will learn the difference between the print on demand services, KDP Print and Createspace.  Both are owned by Amazon, however, there are differences between the two that all authors should know about.   Through this episode , hope you’ll be able to know which one you should use, and if…

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