Episode 64: Book Launch to Consistent Sales (a Case Study)

e64 featured image amy lyle

You’ve written your book and the hard work is done, right? Nope! As an author, you’re not just looking to write a book, but you’re hoping to sell that book, too. Our guest today talks about what she did for her launch and how it set her on the path to great book sales, as well as opportunities.

Amy Lyle is an author, comedienne, actor and screenwriter whose book launch kicked off with a party that set her book up for consistent sales and lots of publicity opportunities that followed.

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Episode 58: Reviving a Dead Book (Case Study #4)

e58 reviving a dead book 4

Writing a book is hard. Sometimes when we find our books aren’t selling well, we may have to make the choice between reviving it or letting it go. In this Reviving a Dead Book case study, we look at an author who decided not to revive his first book, but instead tried reviving his second. Then, he was able to look at both to see the difference a revive can make.

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Episode 47: Reviving a Dead Book Series (Case Study 3)

ethan jones reviving a dead book e47

                                           When Ethan Jones first published his book, he sold five copies the first month. As the years went on, he improved his marketing skills and improved as a writer. He decided after six years to do a complete rewrite, cutting almost 15,000 words, editing chapters, and added a better ending. He also added a…

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Episode 20: Reviving a Dead Book Case Study #2

reviving a dead book 2 sasscer hill

Sasscer Hill published her first book in 2010 with a small publisher and was nominated for both the Agatha and Macavity Awards, and while it was very well received, she was only getting six percent profit from her publisher using Print-on-Demand. But when she got the rights back and made some changes, she saw more money in the first month than the money she made in six months with her previous publisher.

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