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Insider Guide To Landing A Book Promo Deal

Guest post by the incredibly entertaining Matt Stone, who is also known by his alter-ego as Buck Flogging. There are a lot of book promotion sites for self-published authors…too many as you can see from Dave’s extensive catalog of book promotion sites here. However, as many other authors will tell you, the book promotion sites that…

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Book Sales Tracker: Best Software for Tracking Your Sales

When I only had one book on one platform like KDP, using a book sales tracker service was unnecessary. However, when I started having multiple books on multiple platforms like KDP, D2D, Createspace, Kobo, iBooks, etc…it would seriously take a lot of time to check each platform’s sales and ensure things were tracking. And let’s…

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Reedsy Review – Don’t Use Until You Read this + Free Coupon

If you’re a self-published author, then you know how difficult it is to find qualified editors, designers, and effective marketers for your books. It can be seductive to try and do everything yourself, especially if you’re publishing on a budget, but often this can lead to less than stellar results. If you take your writing…

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