How to Convert Amazon Best Selling Rank into Sales per Day

How to Convert Kindle Sales Rank into Sales Per Day

How to Convert Amazon Best Selling Rank into Sales per Day

One of the most important metrics on Amazon Kindle is the Kindle Sales Rank.

This is your ONLY window into figuring out how well a competitor’s book is doing on Amazon Kindle. It’s the only sign that a competitor is selling enough books and is a tell tale sign that a category or niche is of worth your time.

But what exactly does that number mean?

Is an Amazon Sales rank of 95,000 a good thing or a bad thing?

These questions are something that every author needs to know and in many cases doesn’t fully grasp.

So, to help self-publishers out with this conundrum, I used numbers from my books and convinced a bunch of self-publishing friends to share their information so as to be able to create the below infographic on how to convert sales rank into a sales per day.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to convert Kindle best seller rank into books sold per day
  • 3 Important ways to use this information to boost your sales

Of note, I have to keep these author’s exact numbers confidential because believe it or not, but it is a violation of KDP Terms of Service (TOS) to divulge such information so….shhhhh!

Your Guide to Kindle Sales Ranks and the Money Made

UPDATE: I just recently posted an article that includes free software that will convert your amazon sales rank into sales per day.  You can access it here.

Or just download your own version from WordPress: Download Now

But, if you are just looking for a great visual, then here’s the infographic in all its glory.

Understand that this information isn’t exact science considering the only people who know these numbers work for Amazon and are sworn to secrecy.

No, this is a compilation of mine and other people’s notes.  So take and enjoy!

Convert Bestselling ranking into Sales Per Day on Amazon and Kindle

Feel free to use this infographic on social media or on your own blogging site.

Disclaimer: Again I would like to reiterate that the above information is a compilation of other people’s information and by no means claims to be 100% accurate. But its gotta be pretty darn close to the mark though.

How I Use This Rank Conversion Information

It’s one thing to know how to convert rankings into sales, however, how can you use this to your advantage?

After years of working the system, I learned three things:

  1. 100,000 or less is usually a worthwhile venture. Books that tend to break the 100,000 mark have shown to be the most worth while. After 100,000 you are only looking at a $30-50 a month, if your pricing is $2.99.
  2. Make sure it is consistently 100,000 or less. I once made the mistake of going after a niche area because I saw that a couple of books in the niche were less than 100,000 and there wasn’t much competition. However, afterwards I realized that was a fluke day and most of those books haven’t broken the 100,000 mark in a long time. Costly lesson ☹
  3. Don’t forget to convert pricing into your calculations. I once almost made the mistake of disregarding a niche because the books were hovering above the 100,000 mark. However, later on I realized that the books in the niche were all priced at $8-10. Nice Lesson ☺

So Kindlepreneurs, make sure you check out the Kindle Sales Rank of a potential competitor or in a specific niche.

Use the above information and make an informed decision about a particular niche/subject before you commit time or energy into a particular endeavor.



  • Dave, take a look on those data:
    They share an Excel file with all data at the end of the post. They have very granular apportionment between rank and units sold.

    • Kindlepreneur

      Nice. I will have to update it so as to reflect some of the information
      presented in that link. Although, again, the above was created using
      other people’s information as well. So I will do a proportional
      estimation of the best number once it is calculated.

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  • I dont get it, how does 100,000 books per month only give you 30-50$?

    • On the left is the Amazon Best Seller Rank. So, if a book has an Amazon Best Seller Rank of 100,000, then it means that it only sells between 15-30 books a month. If that book only costs .99, then that book owner is only making around 12-24 dollars a month.

      • Thanx, I miss understood and thought you were talking about number of books sold.
        One thing I wanted to ask, does making it to the top of the best selling list on a category affect your sales? I mean if I found a way to push my book to the top will that help maintain it there?

        • It will by giving you the “#1 best seller” mark next to your book. That way, when people look at the search results, your book will stick out. The best thing though is to rank #1 for a search result.

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