I’m really glad you’re here. Below I’ve listed some of my best content that you can only access from this page. So, make sure to check it out and don’t forget to bookmark this page. I’ll keep it up to date and anytime I have something new, I’ll add it to this page.


Listed below are any and all of my free books, checklists, and tools.  Go ahead and download them and let me know what you think!

Download my full free Kindle Rankings eBook and start learning how to get your book discovered by Amazon. By knowing how and why Amazon puts certain books in front of certain readers, you’ll be able to get your book found by more shoppers and start getting continuous book sales while you sleep.

Titling your book can be hard…really hard.  And the article I wrote on how to do it effectively is over 5,000 words.  So, to help you with this process I condensed the information into the above checklist.  As you go through choosing your book title, use this checklist as your guide and make sure you have a title that will sell!

Setting up an Amazon Author Page can be huge for your book. It shows legitimacy and allows you to put more on your Amazon book sales page.  But putting a professional author page together can be daunting.  That’s why we created this author page checklist.

Access my list of over 100 words that have been proven by people smarter than me to help sell more.  Use these words in your title, subtitle, book description and even advertisements.  Help spruce up your sales copy so that you know you’re being as descriptive and compelling as possible.

Picking the right editor for your book can be hard.  We authors don’t really know how to compare two editors and see which one is better…until now. When you go to hire an editor, have them take this test sample article.  Then look at our answer key and see which editor scored the best.  That way you know their level of quality.

There are over 127 different book promotion sites listed in my article.  Some are good and others not exactly worth your time.  But there are some that make the cut – both paid and free.  Check out my list of favorite book promotion sites and the numbers to show you why I like them.

In my article on Book Idea Validation, I showed you how you how to do some key research in order to figure out if your potential book idea will make you money on Amazon.  And if you didn’t purchase KDP Rocket, I had another option of using a pre-programmed Excel sheet to track and record your data. This is that sheet.


As Kindlepreneur has grown to over 100,000 visitors per month, I get the side benefit of being given special discounts for software, services, or tools.  However, I’ll only show discounts here for things I truly love and use on a regular basis.

Currently, Publisher Rocket is being offered for only $97 - access for life.  However, soon, Publisher Rocket will turn into being a monthly/annual subscription.  If you buy it now, or already own it, you'll be grandfathered in, and never have to pay again.

So, be sure to get Publisher Rocket now, and never have to pay for it again.

Get my favorite Editing Software that not only checks your spelling and grammar, but will teach you how to write better by giving your better recommendations and reports.  You can learn more from my full review here.

Just use the following link and the price will automatically be reduced by 40%: Special 40% off Link

Purchase Scrivener through this link, choose which version you want, and enter the following coupon code at checkout to get 20% off: KINDLEPRENEUR.  Or, if you're just upgrading to the Mac 3.0 version, then use this for 50% off: SCRIV3MAC.

As you probably know, I use Scrivener for my books, article writing, and I even used it for my thesis.


Below is a list of my free FULL courses that I offer (more to come soon).  The only bummer part is that you’ll still need to signup to access them because my courses are hosted on Thinkific, and there’s no way for them to see you’re a VIP member and just use previous data.  But no worries, it’s very quick to setup an account and you can use the same free account for all of my free courses.

In this full free course, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to create profitable AMS book advertisements on Amazon.  Learn what AMS is, what it can do for you, and the tactics I used on AMS for authors like Pat Flynn, Ted Dekker, and even the marketing team for L.Ron Hubbard.  And did I mention it’s completely free to take?!?!  Includes 3 hours of professional made video.

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