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Best Email Services for Authors

Choosing which email service to use is a crucial task for independent authors. In this review we'll pick the best email service for authors.

how many words are in a novel

How Many Words Are in a Novel? Here's a Breakdown of 15 Top Genres.

Wondering how many words are common in novels from your chosen genre(s)? This article will give you a detailed breakdown, including ranges and averages.

Book Publishing Companies That Don't Require An Agent Featured Image

30 Book Publishing Companies For Authors Without Agents

Learn about the top 30 book publishing companies in the world that accept author submissions without an agent and provide the best benefit for new authors.


NetGalley Review: Is NetGalley Worth It? w/ 50% Off Coupon!

Looking to get reviews for an upcoming book? A service like NetGalley may help you out. That's why in this NetGalley review, we tell you if it's worth it.

how to change your kindle keywords

How to Change Your Kindle Keywords and Why You Should

Changing your Kindle Keywords is something every author should do from time-to-time. Here's how and why you should change your keywords.

book cover designers software services

Best Book Cover Software, Designers and Services

Your book cover is one of your most important sales tools. Get it right with the best book cover design services and software.

book cover reveal

How to Use Your Book Cover to Build Your Pre-Release Campaign

Your book cover is one of your strongest selling tools. Find out how to use yours to your advantage in a pre-release campaign that will land you more book sales.

how to publish a memoir

How to Publish a Memoir: 19 Steps to Follow

Bestselling author, Anna David, teaches you how to publish a memoir correctly the first time around and avoid the pitfalls most authors make.

best writing contests

The Best Writing Contests and How to Apply

Find out more about the best writing contests — and how to apply with your best pieces of writing. The road to success starts here.

video marketing for authors

Video Marketing for Authors: How to Use Video to Grow Your Audience

Video marketing is a must if you're creating an author brand and looking for new readers. Check out this cool guide for more on video marketing for authors.


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