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Everything you need to learn to self-publish your book

Self-publishing has made it easier than ever to get your book out in the hands of customers

Publishing a book has never been more accessible, with services Kindle Direct Publishing that make it easy to upload your book to one of the largest book retailers in the world: Amazon.

It used to be that authors had to follow a traditional publishing route, which is an incredibly slow process with low royalty rates and an inevitable loss of creative control.

However, now almost anyone can self-publish a book with enough patience and determination – which is why I’ve compiled all of my favorite book publishing resources on this page for you!

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Book Publishing Tools

Our favorite book publishing tools and services that have been tried and tested for digital and physical publishing.


Vellum is a book formatting tool from 180g, a software company founded by former Pixar employees.

Vellum’s mission is “to create beautiful books.”

By using Vellum, authors can easily create elegant books that can be quickly and simply exported to the required format.

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