Book Editing

Everything you need to learn to successfully edit your book

The art of editing is what separates a good book from a best-seller.

Your book’s first draft is definitely not going to be the version that you’ll want to publish, and that’s ok!

By taking the time to edit your book, you’ll be able to add the polish necessary to make it stand out and deliver your story in the best possible light.

Whether you choose to edit your book yourself or work with an editor, we’ve got resources to help you improve your writing and get your book ready for the presses!

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Standardized Editorial Test

Picking the right editor for your book can be hard. We authors don’t really know how to compare two editors and see which one is better…until now. When you go to hire an editor, have them take this test sample article. Then look at our answer key and see which editor scored the best. That way you know their level of quality.

Book Editing Tools

Our favorite book editing tools and services that we recommend you check out


Get my favorite Editing Software that not only checks your spelling and grammar, but will teach you how to write better by giving your better recommendations and reports.  You can learn more from my full review here.

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Ebook Launch

If you are looking to have a professional format your book then look no further than Ebook Launch. Since 2011, they have helped thousands of authors. They come highly recommended by the major players in indie publishing. As a matter of fact, they are my preferred designer and use them for all of my books!  Check out their affordable prices and quick turnaround times.

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Book Editing Podcast Episodes

The Book Marketing Show Podcast with Dave Chesson

Learn strategies and tactics that are working in book marketing right now, from some of the top professional minds in our industry.

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