Amazon Rankings

Being a technical kind of guy, I’ll show you exactly what you can do to increase your eBook’s rankings in the Amazon results page. Better rankings in Amazon means getting more traffic and more sales.

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Gain New Readers

Following the crowd will get you nowhere. I’ll show you exactly how you can find new untapped markets and gain a large crowd for your books and email lists. Build your following and gain credibility.

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Build Author Authority

Becoming a top-notch author is about rolling up your sleeves and building your writing authority. I’ll teach you how and where to go to do exactly this so that you can become a best-selling authority with fans.

Legal Protection

Becoming a Best-Selling author means you need to understand the legal risks and how to mitigate them.  Discover how you can protect yourself and your income from some of the pitfalls that exist today.

Cover Design Tactics

Don’t make the same mistakes that most authors make. Make an eye-catching, sales generating cover using my key marketing tips and strategies. Learn about the colors that sell and the pitfalls that exist.

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eBook Formatting

Nothing will kill a book faster than an improperly formatted book. Discover some key secrets that you can do to make your book look super professional without busting the piggy bank.

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"I may not be a best author, but I am a best selling author."

− Dave Chesson, Kindlepreneur

"There are few people I trust when it comes to the constantly shifting realms of Kindle publishing, but Dave Chesson is gold dust on crack. "

− Derek Murphy,