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Everything you need to learn to write your next best-seller

If you're ready to write your next best-selling book, then this page is for you.

As an author, mastering the art of writing is an essential skill that can’t be overlooked.

It’s one of the most rewarding, but also most difficult parts of being an author – which is why I’ve compiled my favorite resources to help you on your self-publishing journey.

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Book Writing Tools

Our favorite book writing tools for authors who want to improve their writing quality and speed.


Outline faster, plot smarter, and turbocharge your productivity today with the #1 visual book planning software for writers.

Plottr lets you easily arrange (and rearrange) your scenes, plots, and character arcs so you can quickly find your way to the end of your tale — no corkboard required.

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Atticus is the ultimate book writing and formatting tool from the same folks that brought you Publisher Rocket (that’s us)!

Atticus is what you get if Vellum, Google Docs, and Scrivener got together and had a baby.

By using Atticus, authors can easily write and format elegant books that can be quickly and simply exported to the required format.

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This mobile cloud service is not only free, but a necessary security mechanism for your hard work. Life throws crazy punches at our computers and when it does, if you don’t have your work stored on a mobile cloud like dropbox, you could lose all of your hard work. Did I mention it is free for your first 5 GB. This is usually sufficient for authors, but for me, I store my websites, their backups, my photos….basically my entire business.

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Get my favorite Editing Software that not only checks your spelling and grammar, but will teach you how to write better by giving your better recommendations and reports.  You can learn more from my full review here.

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Scrivener is a must for any serious writer. Sure you can write a book using Microsoft Word, however, Scrivener was designed by authors for authors. It has multiple features that help to boost productivity AND help you to organize/layout your book. Check out my complete review on Scrivener and my side-by-side comparison of Word vs Scrivener.  Also, if you act now, you can get a 20% scrivener discount as well.

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