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Book Marketing

Book Launch to Consistent Sales (a Case Study)

You’ve written your book and the hard work is done, right? Nope! As an author, you’re not just looking to write a book, but you’re hoping to sell that book,...
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Marketers & Coffee: Publishing Companies and Deals with Anna David

Many writers dream of the big day they are offered an advance from a publishing company for their book. But now that self-publishing is becoming more popular, authors are finding...
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Writing Tools for Authors
Book Editing

Best Writing Tools for Authors

In this episode, we discuss the some of the absolute best writing tools for authors to have in their utility belts.
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What Publishing Companies Are Really Like (Insider Story)

The four ways in which authors can leverage publishing companies, how companies structure their deals, and how you can set yourself up for a better position when pitching to them....
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Book Marketing

Marketers & Coffee: Facebook Pages for Authors

In this episode, we discuss just how important of a resource a Facebook page for authors can really be. Check it out!
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Book Writing

How to Get Paid Writing Other People’s Books

When you first start out as a writer, you may be looking to supplement your income. One great way of doing this is to become a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is...
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Reviving a Dead Book (Case Study #4)

Writing a book is hard. Sometimes when we find our books aren’t selling well, we may have to make the choice between reviving it or letting it go. In this...
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Book Formatting

How to Make a Children’s Book

Writing a children’s book is not something to go into lightly. Sure, it may sound like less work because they’re typically fewer words, but there are things to think about...
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Book Marketing

Using AMS Ads to Increase Your Sales (CASE STUDY)

We’ve talked in past episodes about Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ads and how they can help increase sales of a book, as well as how they compare to Facebook ads....
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Book Publishing

Book Price Hack that will Make You More Money

If you’re using CreateSpace to create and market your book, you won’t want to miss this ingenious way you can price your book higher, sell it for a lower price,...
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Book Publishing

Creatively Smart Ways to Come Up With Your Book Title

A book title isn’t just something that an author should come up with willy-nilly. To come up with an effective title that will help sell your book, research and testing...
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Cover Design

Marketers & Coffee – Book Cover Mastery with Derek Murphy

Derek Murphy continues our discussion on book cover design. We’ve both made the mistake of trying to make our book covers stand out, but many designers will tell you that...
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Are you ready to increase your book sales, and hit the bestseller list consistently?

Welcome to the Book Marketing Show, where in this weekly podcast Dave Chesson will not only show you some of the best book sales tactics but also bring on top-notch guests to show how each tactic taught here was a game changer for their books and how it can be for yours as well

Having created one of the largest websites on book marketing, Kindlepreneur.com, he’s also been a book-marketing consultant for top NYT Bestselling authors in both Fiction and Non-fiction as well as helping big name publishing companies increase their sales.

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When I am not fighting dragons or chasing the bogey man out of my kids' closet, I like using my previous Online Optimization skills to help other authors with the 'technical' stuff and get the right authors to the top of Amazon and any other eBook service out there.
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