Book Formatting

Everything you need to learn to format your book for publishing

Now that your book is written, it's time to format it for publication!

So you’ve written your book and you think it’s ready to be published, but you’ll need more than just a Word Document!

There are tons of ways to format a book, and dozens of tools to help you get it done. That’s why we’ve put together all of our favorite resources to help you learn how to get that book ready for distribution.

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Book Formatting Tools

Our favorite book formatting tools and services that have been tried and tested for digital and physical publishing.


Vellum is a book formatting tool from 180g, a software company founded by former Pixar employees.

Vellum’s mission is “to create beautiful books.”

By using Vellum, authors can easily create elegant books that can be quickly and simply exported to the required format.

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Created solely for the purpose of formatting ALL ebook versions, this program is worth every penny. It will unlock some amazing tricks that even the best of HTML’ers wouldn’t know how to do. Plus its super easy to learn. Check this out and you’ll see it in action. I’m sure you’ll love it – then you can switch back here and buy Jutoh with confidence.

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Ebook Launch

If you are looking to have a professional format your book then look no further than Ebook Launch. Since 2011, they have helped thousands of authors. They come highly recommended by the major players in indie publishing. As a matter of fact, they are my preferred designer and use them for all of my books!  Check out their affordable prices and quick turnaround times.

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