The Best Writing Apps (for Mobile) Every Writer Needs to Use in 2024

In general, I recommend Atticus as the number one writing tool for authors. But this article is about the best writing apps for mobile devices, and Atticus is still working on its mobile capability (stay tuned). So while I would normally recommend Atticus, today I will be talking about Scrivener's mobile app, along with a few other writing apps that I categorized by their primary purpose.

Today's world is on the move. From fast food to fast cars, I'm always on the go, making mobile technologies all that much more critical. You need the best writing apps at your fingertips.

When you imagine a writer's life, you might imagine the stereotype: a pair of glasses hunched over a typewriter furiously punching keys and drowning in endless pots of coffee.

Yes, writers tend to drink a lot of coffee, but the world of writing is changing.

Many writers manage their writing projects with mobile devices.

So let’s talk about the best writing apps for those mobile devices.

What do professional writers use to write? Professional writers use a variety of apps to write their novels. Scrivener, MS Word, Final Draft, Google Docs, Plottr — there are so many great apps that bestselling writers use for their writing process.

Here are my recommendations for the best writing apps for Android and iOS. (Nearly all of them work on desktop as well, but I weeded out the apps that only work on desktop.)

In this article, you will learn:
  1. Best Writing App for Novelists
  2. Best Writing App for General Writing
  3. Best Free Writing App
  4. Best Writing App for Emails & Short-Form
  5. Best Writing App for Screenwriters
  6. Best Writing App for Productivity
  7. Best Writing App for Outlining
  8. Best Writing App for Notes
  9. Best App for Text To Speech
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Ideal ForPlatforms AvailablePriceCheck It Out!
Best Writing App for NovelistsiOS$49 (use my discount code KINDLEPRENEUR)
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Microsoft Word
Best Writing App for General Writing



$139.99, or $6.99/month
Check it Out
Google Docs
Best Free Writing AppAndroid
Check It Out
Best Writing App for Emails & Short-Form



Free, or $12-$30/month
Check It Out
Final Draft
Best Writing App for ScreenwritersiOS$249.99
Check It Out
NovlrNovlr Logo
Best Writing App for Productivity



$10/month, or $100/year
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plottr app icon
Best Writing App for OutliningAndroid
$25/year, or $99/lifetime (for 1 device)
Check it Out
Best Writing App for Notes



Free, or $69.99/year
Check It Out
Best App for Text To Speech



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Why Am I Qualified to Talk about Writing Apps?

Let's face it, there are many people out there that write these kind of articles by just doing some research on what others say, and regurgitating it out without firsthand knowledge of the tools in question (or worse, have AI write it for them). That's not the case here.

As someone who's been publishing books for over 13 years, I've seen a lot writing tools go up and down. Some have been revolutionary game-changers, while others haven't lived up to the hype.

However, choosing the right writing app isn't just about picking the most popular one. Each writer has unique requirements and preferences. What works wonders for me might not for you. For example, Grammarly is hugely popular, but it's not what I recommend for long-form editing.

So, in order to create a top-notch overview of the best writing apps (for mobile devices, remember), I sent out surveys to my readers, and talked to some heavy-hitting authors in the industry – many of which I have been a consultant to as well.

famous authors

Based on my observations, the results from those surveys, and talking with some of the most well-known authors out there, I feel very strongly that this is a subject I can truly tackle.

So, with that, let's jump into a list of what I think are the best writing mobile apps for authors.

Best Writing App for Novelists: Scrivener

Scrivener is the best mobile writing app for novelists, for now (again, see Atticus). It’s more organized than any other app. It’s got awesome, ready-made templates for all sorts of genres and layouts. And it works great on iPad and iPhone. (Sorry, Android users.)

What is the best mobile app for writers? Scrivener on iOS is the best app for book writers. If you've read a few of my other articles, you may already know of my absolute love of Scrivener. If I had to recommend a single piece of writing software, Scrivener would be it — including for mobile devices.

Scrivener comes with a steep learning curve because it offers so much customizability and handy features. But there are plenty of free tutorials if you ever need help.

Scrivener for iOS is great for planning, drag-and-drop organizing, and even highlighting types of words. This means you can look for adverb overuse. From corkboard arrangement to keyboard shortcuts to word count goals, this app has almost as much power as its desktop app.

(For a complete review on the desktop software, check out my Scrivener review article, complete with coupon code.)

Once you're done, you can always transfer your work over to your devices with Scrivener via Dropbox. Or you can export to DOCX, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, HTML, or even Multi-Markdown.

The only downside: The one-time price is a little steep for a mobile app ($19.99), and you have to buy a separate license for iOS if you already have a license for macOS or Windows.

If you’re an Android user, I’d try Novlr, which is browser-based, so you can use it on any mobile device with an Internet connection.


Which platforms does Scrivener work on?

  • iOS
  • Mac (most updated version)
  • Windows

(Sorry again, Android tablet/phone users.)


  • $19.99 for iOS
  • $49 for Mac or Windows
  • $80 for both Mac and Windows licenses
  • $41.65 for students & academics

Download Scrivener with this link and get an exclusive coupon code, KINDLEPRENEUR20, for a 20% discount on your Scrivener purchase.

Follow these steps to use the discount coupon.

discount coupon steps for Scrivener

Best used for:

Scrivener is great for authors who love organization, distraction-free writing, and ready-made templates. Authors can place audio files, research files, images, and more into Scrivener’s sidebar. This means all your documents and research are in one window — it’s so convenient!

Other Good Apps for Novelists

Best Writing App for General Writing: Microsoft Word

There’s a reason Microsoft Word is the industry standard text editor: it is versatile and easy to use.

Microsoft Office’s Word works well on mobile devices, running smoothly on iOS and Android. It creates beautiful, professional documents that you can export to multiple file formats.

MS Word is suitable for general writing, but I would not recommend it for novel writing. Although it is perfect for memos, email drafts, and print-ready documents, its organization capabilities are not as robust as Scrivener, Ulysses, or other excellent writing software.

Also, its spelling and grammar checker is not as powerful as ProWritingAid or Grammarly.

MS Word is expensive, but many people can use the app without an extra cost because of work or school giving them access.

Which platforms does Word work on?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows


Though Microsoft Word comes with some computers, it actually costs a pretty penny:

  • $139.99 for Microsoft Word by itself
  • $6.99 a month for Microsoft 365, which includes Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word price

Best used for:

Microsoft Word is best used for general writing, business-related documents, and print-ready formatting options. It’s great for corporate America, journalism, students, and the like.

Other Good Apps for General Writing

  • Google Docs
  • LibreOffice
  • OpenOffice

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Best Free Writing App: Google Docs

What is the best free writing app? Google Docs is the best free writing app on Android and iOS. If you’re on a budget, Google Docs is the perfect app for everything except proofreading, novel writing, or writing without the Internet.

It lets you customize headers, spacing, fonts — all the things you expect from a professional word processor. Google Docs autosaves every change you make and saves your version history. It exceeds at real-time collaboration, making it ideal for co-authors, bloggers, and ghostwriters.

Google docs

Google Docs Pros:

  • Conveniently browser-based
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Trackable changes
  • Autosave functionality
  • Export to multiple file types
  • FREE

Google Docs Cons:

  • Laggy and buggy once you get over 15,000-20,000 word count
  • Google Docs proofreader is weaker than Grammarly or ProWritingAid
  • You need the Internet and a Google account to access

Which platforms does Google Docs work on?

Google Docs works on all major platforms and on most mobile devices — both Android and iOS.

Other Free Writing Apps:

Best Writing App for Emails & Short-Form: Grammarly

Grammarly’s browser app is free to use and great for making sure your emails, memos, and other short-form projects look professional and error-free.

Check out my full review on Grammarly.

Grammarly offers a keyboard that checks your spelling and grammar on mobile devices, offering helpful suggestions on how to improve whatever you’re typing.

Grammarly keyboard iOS

Not many people realize that Grammarly’s browser app can download your text as a DOCX file. This is great if you need to attach a DOCX file to your email instead of putting the text in the body.

You can also download Grammarly’s browser extension. This editing tool automatically checks your grammar and spelling when on Gmail, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media sites and email sites.

Read this article on the Best Email Services For Authors, like GetResponse or MailerLite.

Grammarly’s free version offers robust proofreading features that are way better than Microsoft Word or MacOS’s built-in grammar and spelling checker.

The premium version of Grammarly is fantastic, too. It offers many more suggestions to improve your writing style, readability, passive voice, and dialogue formatting.

However, if you are paying for a premium proofreader, I’d recommend ProWritingAid’s premium version. Its web version can also export to DOCX. Check out this video where I explain how ProWritingAid’s premium version is superior to Grammarly’s.

Grammarly’s browser application and browser extension make your emails, posts, and memos more professional and error-free. It gives you confidence and lets everyone know that you are not a joke.

Grammarly browser

Which platforms does Grammarly work on?

Grammarly is a browser-based app and extension that runs on:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge


Grammarly’s free version is a powerful proofreading tool that ensures your emails, memos, or Facebook ads and posts are professional and error-free.

Grammarly’s premium version offers a lot more suggestions about word choice and writing style. It has multiple pricing options:

  • $29.95 per month
  • $59.94 per 3 months ($19.98/month value)
  • $139.95 per year ($11.66/month value)
  • Grammarly Business is $12.50/month per member (minimum 3 members)

Best used for:

  • Emails
  • Memos
  • Blog posts (WordPress, etc.)
  • Social media posts

Other Good Apps for Emails & Short-Form

Best Writing App for Screenwriters: Final Draft

Screenwriting is a type of writing apart from a novel or article that is growing in popularity. Final Draft is an iOS-exclusive paid app dedicated strictly to screenwriting.

According to Final Draft’s own research, fewer than 5% of their users use Android mobile devices, so they won’t develop the Android app anytime soon.

Final Draft has a lot of great features, such as:

  • Professionally formatted templates for TV, Film, and Stage Plays
  • SmartType, which remembers your character's names, scenes, etc.
  • The ability to export PDFs to iCloud, Dropbox, or email
  • Element-based script searching
  • Color-coded ScriptNotes

David Seidler, the Academy Award-winning author of The King's Speech, loves the ability to change his drafts quickly and on the go.

What app do screenwriters use to write? Screenwriters use the Final Draft app on iOS to write their screenplays.

If you're a serious screenwriter or looking to break into the biz, you should definitely consider getting this app. It’s expensive, but it is the industry standard. According to their website, Final Draft is “used by 95% of film and television productions.”

However, if you don't own an Apple device, Celtx Script is probably your best bet.


Which platforms does Final Draft work on?

  • iOS
  • Mac
  • Windows

Final Draft does not intend on developing or maintaining an Android version of their app.


The full license for Final Draft 11 costs a one-time fee of $249.99, but there are usually deals you can snag to earn 20% off.

Best used for:

Final Draft is best used for writing screenplays, even on mobile devices. There’s a good reason it’s the industry standard for screenwriting.

Other Good Apps for Screenwriters

Best Writing App for Productivity: Novlr

Novlr is an aesthetically-pleasing, browser-based creative writing tool that automatically saves to the cloud. Its distraction-free Focus Mode is customizable and perfectly sets the mood for writing productively.

How do I start just writing? If you have trouble just getting started writing, consider using a productivity app like Novlr, Daily Prompt, or FocusWriter.

Features of Novlr:

  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Track writing stats
  • Motivational goals and positive feedback
  • Organization and outlining functionality
  • Writing style suggestions
  • Collaboration
  • Day-night color options
  • Easy exporting to multiple file formats

Read my full review of Novlr here.

Which platforms does Novlr work on?

Novlr is a browser-based app that works on all major browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

You can save to your phone/tablet’s home screen, and it works much like an application.


After a 2-week free trial, Novlr costs:

  • $10/month
  • $100/year ($8.33/month value)

Best used for:

Novlr is best used for distraction-free writing that encourages productivity in a plethora of ways. It is sleek, chic, organized, and syncs across all your devices.

Other Good Apps for Productivity

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Best Writing App for Outlining: Plottr

With its innovative dashboard functionality, Plottr is a fantastic outlining tool for mobile and desktop. It is a browser-based app, so you can access it from anywhere you have Internet, including from a phone or tablet.

Check out my full review on Plottr.

Read my comprehensive article on The Best Software to Outline Your Book.

You can organize plot points, create colorful characters, and build your world with ease on Plottr. It even comes with ready-made templates.

Plottr offers these intuitive outline templates:

Although you can use Plottr on your Mac or Windows computer, its app is very mobile-friendly.

Download Plottr today!

Which platforms does Plottr work on?

Plottr is an app available on all major platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge


There are 3 tiers for Plottr:

  1. 1 Device — $25/year or $99/lifetime
  2. 3 Devices — $45/year or $149/lifetime
  3. 5 Devices — $65/year or $199/lifetime

Best used for:

Plottr is best used for outlining novels, but it is an organizational tool at its heart. You can use it to organize nonfiction or even screenplays.

Other Good Apps for Outlining

Best Writing App for Notes: Evernote

When it comes to note-taking, look no further than Evernote. This award-winning app automatically syncs your notes to every device you have it installed on (only 2 devices with the free version).

Honestly, I am so thankful for my Evernote app. I'm a big fan of jotting down fresh new ideas on my phone. But notes aren't the only thing you can save. You can actually save web clippings, video, PDF, images, GIFs, and more (with a paid upgrade, of course).

On top of that, you're able to share your notes with other people. All you need is to grant the proper permissions to a co-author, friend, or ghostwriter, and voila!

Evernote is always improving. Though I think their table function could use an upgrade, Evernote releases free updates all the time.


Which platforms does Evernote work on?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows


The free version of Evernote is robust and useful. Having the “freemium” version of Evernote is still worth getting, even if you don’t plan on spending any money on the premium version.

The premium version of Evernote is separated into 2 versions:

  1. Premium — $69.99/year
  2. Business — $14.99/user/month

Best used for:

Evernote’s award-winning app is best used for taking notes in many different ways on many different devices. It is intuitive, versatile, and beyond helpful.

Other Good Apps for Notes

Best Artificial Intelligence App: ChatGPT

When it comes to AI-driven conversation, brainstorming, and writing assistance, look no further than ChatGPT/ChatGPT Plus. This app brings the powerful capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT to your fingertips on any device where you have it installed.

ChatGPT Plus Dashboard

For writers, ChatGPT can be invaluable for brainstorming, drafting, and editing text right on your phone. But it's not just limited to generating text. With the browser tool (available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers), it can search the internet, summarize articles, and even help you fact-check or find new ideas. And that's just some of what's available with the paid upgrade of ChatGPT Plus.

On top of that, you're able to share your conversations with others. All you need is to send the session link to a collaborator, friend, or editor, and voila!

Which platforms does ChatGPT Plus work on?

  • iOS
  • Android (coming soon)
  • Mac
  • Windows


The free version of ChatGPT is great for a lot of people, and runs on GPT 3.5 technology. However, if you want GPT-4 technology (which is far superior), you'll need ChatGPT Plus.

The premium version of ChatGPT Plus is: $20/month

Best used for:

ChatGPT Plus’s versatile app is best used for generating human-like text, aiding in content creation, brainstorming, or even casual conversation on many different devices. It is intuitive, creative, and an invaluable tool for writers.

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Best App for Text To Speech: is a browser-based app that turns up to 50,000 characters at a time into MP3 files that you can listen to or download. It is simple. Although it looks kind of sketchy, it is entirely safe and legit. It is the best free text to speech service available.

The most natural-sounding voice option is British English Harry. In fact, you will hear British English Harry all across the Internet — on YouTube, Twitch, etc. Many web users utilize British English Harry’s voice because it almost passes for a British human male.

Other text-to-speech apps either cost a lot of money or only allow a few hundred characters.

Read my article on Best Book Transcription Services for Authors.

I know authors who copy and paste in a chapter to and listen to it while editing that same chapter. It really helps to be able to hear your words read back to you.

Unfortunately, is sometimes down with no warning for upkeep and maintenance.

Text to speech software

Which platforms does work on?

This is a browser-based application that works on all browsers and operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge

Pricing: is free-to-use. There is no premium version.

Best used for: is best used for converting your written word to spoken word. This may help you with editing, experimenting, or simply your own enjoyment.

Other Good Apps for Text to Speech

Which app is the best fit for you?

You use the best tools when you write at home. You should use the best mobile writing apps to take your frantic phone scribbles to the next level.

Gone are the days of jotting down in your notepad, only to have a hard time deciphering it later.

Save time and effort by investing in your craft and selecting the “write” tools for the job. Even if you aren't at your primary workstation.

There may have been a few I missed out on. After all, the world of writing is ever-expanding.

And I know I've said it before: Sorry, Android users. While I understand the pros of being on the Android system, there are just so many more quality writing applications for Apple users.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Writing Apps (for Mobile) Every Writer Needs to Use in 2024

  1. Deb

    What is the best writing app for non-fiction other than Scrivener? I want the same options, to see my chapters on a side bar and be able to put notes with each chapter. That is the basic requirement but other tools are nice, like word count, grammar, etc. Most of the writing apps I am finding are either simple writing, like Word or Goggle Docs, or for novels with characters, plots, etc. Scrivener is too time consuming to learn. Writing and editing takes long enough. (Novlr looks like the closest to what I want even though the app is based on novel writing). Hoping there might be another that I am unaware of. Anyone can answer!! I am using Word currently but really want to get moving on the writing with more organization.

    1. Dave Chesson

      I’m actually building one – It’s actually combining scrivener and Vellum together – but we’re making the writing area much easier and intuitive. It’s in final beta now and should be releasing publicly mid July.

  2. Ed Teja

    How about a review of dictation apps? You’ve got text to speech, but I want that turned around. Dragon, of course, but on a phone?

  3. Harald Johnson

    Good overview, Dave!

    Two quick things about Google Docs (which I use):
    1. It certainly can be used for full-length novels. I write all mine with it (one is 160,000 words).
    1b. And it exports well to .docx and works fine with editors using Word’s track changes and commenting.
    2. You can use the Grammarly extension with it.


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