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Grammarly Review: Is Grammarly Worth It?


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Grammarly detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes as you write on just about any site on the web, email, Word documents, social media, or on your own website.


  • Helps identify weak adjectives and better options (Premium)
  • Points out overuse of particular words
  • Shows sentences that are too long and wordy
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Grammarly is an incredible editing software, however, it has its limitations and isn't for everyone. Therefore, to adequately help figure out if it is the right one for you, this Grammarly review has been created to answer some of the most common questions people ask:

How much does Grammarly cost and is it really worth it?

Is the free version of Grammarly good enough, and how does it compare to Word's spelling and grammar checker?

How do you legitimately use Grammarly?

But, let me cut to the chase by saying that I am a fan of Grammarly however, 95% of people should just use the Free version (it's better than you think).  So who are the 5%? We'll definitely cover that too.

P.S. This article uses affiliate links…I just want to be upfront about that and understand that it does not increase your cost…but if you do use my link, it helps build my coffee fund to help me keep writing. So thanks!

Grammarly Review: What is Grammarly

If you’re like me and sometimes feel like Yoda with a grammar book…


…then you’re going to love this little tool.

In its basic form, Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checker that's like a little robotic editor angel on your shoulder at just about all times. It detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes as you write on just about any site on the web, email, Word documents, social media, or on your own website.

Grammarly has a free version and premium version (which later, we'll dissect the difference between the two). But suffice it to say, the free version REALLY includes a lot.

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Along with providing spelling and grammar assistance across many forms of writing, Grammarly also includes:

  • Grammarly Cards (Included in Free) – besides just flagging where it detects issues, it also gives comprehensive explanations of grammar rules and tips for how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.
  • Reporting (Included in Free) – like in 8th grade, you can receive a report detailing your accuracy in grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and vocabulary. Instrumental in helping you improve over time.
  • Language Preferences (Included in Free) – easily switch between American, British, Canadian, and Australian English dialect by navigating to your profile and changing your language preference.
  • Plagiarism Checker (Premium Only) – Grammarly will scour the corners of the internet to cross-check and ensure no plagiarism was conducted. Super powerful feature if you employ ghostwriters, are an academic writer, or you want to ensure your content isn't stolen.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement (Premium Only) – helps you to expand your lexicon and write more clearly by suggesting context-optimized alternatives and synonyms for your overused and repetitive words – something I do a lot!  Did you notice there were some juicy words in that sentence?  Thanks, Grammarly.

How to Use Grammarly: Web, Online, and Programs

This program would have been a pain for me if I had had to open an editor and paste my writing inside of it every time just to get it to work.

However, thank the makers, they made it so that I have lots of options and can enjoy Grammarly's grammar checking features in just about any platform I work in to include online, social media, inside important programs and more:

Grammarly Editor (Free): Grammarly has an online editor that allows you to store all your documents, access from any computer that has the internet, and gives you all of the features listed above. You can type within it or upload your documents to it. Personally, I don't use this much.

Browser Extension (Free: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge): Reading many of the Facebook posts out there, I wish more people had this! Install the Grammarly extension into your web browser and start getting direct Grammar assistance and recommendations. I’m currently going through my past articles and using this little tool to correct the horrendous errors I put you through. The browser extension automatically checks your comments, blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. I use this one a lot!

Grammarly for Microsoft Office PC (Free): For those of you who are in love with Office and use Windows, this is your best bet. Grammarly for Word is not supported on Mac though. (To see why I never write my books in Microsoft Word read this.)

Grammarly for Your Phone (Free): If you want Grammarly to check all the writing you do on your phone, there's a keyboard for that! Grammarly Keyboard for iOS or Android will check all your writing through your keyboard even when you're away from your computer.


Grammarly for Your Desktop (Free): If you’re lazy like me and have a LOT of documents you want to check quickly, then this is for you. No more copying and pasting your documents into their web editor like the old days. Instead, you can quickly drag and drop files into the Grammarly icon on your desktop and get your works checked at ludicrous speed.

Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

So as to best show you the difference between the two, here is a quick side-by-side comparison of Grammarly Free vs Premium:

Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

Web Browser Extension
Microsoft Word & Outlook Plugin (PC only)
Personal Editor via Grammarly.com or Desktop App
See Definitions and Synonyms with Double Click
Get Performance Stats via Email
+100 More Critical Grammar and Spelling Checks
Vocabulary Enhancement Suggestions
Genre-Specific Writing Style Checks
Plagiarism Detector That Checks More Than 16 Billion Websites

As you can see from the Grammarly review of the free and premium version, the free version really does include a lot. Next, let's see how it compares to the regular old Word checker.

How Does Grammarly Compare to Word Checker?

Now, I know what you're thinking. Isn't my Word spell checker and grammar checker good enough? The short answer…no.

Here's a little experiment I set up so as to illustrate the point. I took one of my articles on Kindlepreneur (over 2,000 words) and put it into Word. It had zero spelling errors or grammar issues. Then I took the same article and put it into Grammarly Free and Grammarly Premium. Here are the results:

Word: 0 issues
Grammarly Free: 16 issues
Grammarly Premium: 96 issues

Yeesh! However, I'll quickly note, most of the 96 issues found by Premium could be disregarded. But there were a couple that I was shocked Word spell checker and grammar checker missed. Now let's do a Grammarly review in action.

Let's See Grammarly In Action

To see how Grammarly works and compares to Word, here's my Grammarly Review video so you can see Grammarly in action, what I love about it, and why it's way better than Word's grammar checker:

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As you can see from this quick Grammarly review in action, it really offers a lot.

How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost

So with all these amazing features, you're sure to be wondering how much does Grammarly cost?

Well, there's a FREE version that can do a lot…for free.

And there's a paid upgrade called Premium. Here's an overview of how much Grammarly Premium costs per month, quarter, or year:

You can see that if you pay for Grammarly Premium for an entire year upfront instead of a monthly payment, you will save over $200 each year.

This is what I do, and I'll explain why Grammarly Premium is worth it to me.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?

Yes – for any of us who struggle with writing and work in a professional manner, be it an online marketer, blogger, student, etc.

I pay for the premium package because the added benefits are worth it to me. I'm awful at grammar and I like the vocabulary improvement and the better correction capability because of the high visibility of my works. Having an authority website and publishing bestselling books means there are lots of eyes reading (and critiquing) my writing.

Plus I even used Grammarly to help correct my Master Thesis years ago:

However, the Grammarly free version does some remarkable things and in many cases will be all a writer needs.

My final point is: The free version is better than Word and does enough to make it worth your time to download it, learn it, and put it to use. If you want to boost its capability to take your writing to the next level with vocabulary enhancement and the plagiarism checker though, then you'll need to pay for the Grammarly Premium upgrade.

For a cheaper editing software, check out my review of ProWritingAid and how it stacks up compared to Grammarly.

Is Grammarly Good For You

As I tried to improve my grammar, I struggled to apply what I read in an article or book about grammar.

However, to me, Grammarly is like a writing coach sitting in the corner that points out what you are doing wrong, gives you an explanation, and even provides examples of how to improve.

So far, Grammarly has helped me to identify:

  • Weak adjectives and better options (Premium)
  • Overuse of particular words
  • Sentences that are too long and wordy

But that's not the best part. Grammarly tracks my overall weaknesses and points out areas I need to work on so as to improve over time. From my weekly report card, I learned that I need to stop ending sentences in prepositions and stop using squinting modifier – thanks to Grammarly, I now know what those are.

In truth, I have never understood these phrases. but now, as if my high school English teacher is back, I get real-time corrections, explanations, and definitions of these confusing terms.

Am I better because I know what a dangling participle is? No. But do I now have a method to get real-time corrections and advice for my writing? Yes.

Grammarly is good for you if:

  • you want to avoid embarrassing typos, misspellings, and grammar mistakes
  • you want to improve your writing to make it more clear, engaging, and concise
  • your native language is not English and you want to share content in English
  • you want a tool that automatically checks your writing on virtually any website
  • you hire ghostwriters or want to check for plagiarism

Can Grammarly Replace A Human Proofreader

As you can see from this Grammarly review, it can really do a lot. However, I often get questions from readers as to whether or not Grammarly can replace hiring an editor or a proofreader for their books.

I'm sorry to break the news that while I've shown in this review of Grammarly Premium and Free, both are valuable editing tool to have in your arsenal; however, Grammarly should not replace a human proofreader.

There are things it will miss that only a human editor can find. Sometimes it misses things in the context and the feedback it gives is only so good. There are just certain things only a human can do, no matter how good the proofreading software is.

For someone like me who writes all the time in guest posts, blog articles, emails, comments, podcast notes, and social media, it can be an extra set of eyes. But don't think that it will help you to eliminate the editing costs for your books.

Instead here are legit ways to cut editing costs that you can implement, but absolutely do NOT skip hiring an editor altogether for your book.

The Final Grammarly Review Grade

Okay, so I gave away the final judgment already. I'm a fan of Grammarly as a free tool, and for me, Grammarly Premium is worth the price.

Here's a summary of what Grammarly can do for you:

  1. For most authors, writers, and bloggers the free version of Grammarly is enough and should be a part of your proofreading arsenal
  2. Grammarly should be your first line of defense, but not solely relied on
  3. Grammarly should not replace an editor for your book
  4. Using Grammarly and their reporting system can strengthen your writing over time
  5. Switching between American Enligsh, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English can save you a lot of hassle and time

I hope you enjoyed this Grammarly review and if you haven't yet, let Grammarly help you improve your writing now.


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  1. Randall Berry

    Dave, I have a couple of “well-seasoned” book titles on Amazon. I am trying to contact my publisher to figure out where things stand. I might keep in touch with you, if you have an idea about re-igniting them – but I am busy with other stuff right now.

    1. Dave Chesson

      Sounds good and best of luck!

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  3. Paramjot Singh

    I’m using this grammar checker tool from last six months, and I’m entirely satisfied with it. If someone is looking for the best grammar checker tool then must go with only Grammarly. It has great inbuilt features that a Blogger, Content Writer, Teacher, and a student want.

    Till now, we can’t compare Grammarly to any other tool. None of them are better than Grammarly. 🙂 I also wrote a grammarly review that you’ll like for sure. Grammarly Review

  4. SK Kashyap

    Awesome review on Grammarly. I have been using Grammarly since 2015 and I can say it is awesome tool for the people who want to learn and improve their English Grammar and Vocabulary.

    If you can not pay their fee then you can use Grammarly for free also, here is the link;


    Thanks for this Review.

  5. SuccessDrivers

    Yeah I agree with you. It’s not truly mistake free. However, it stil the amazing tool for any blogger. My point of view: http://successdrivers.co.uk/index.php/2016/01/06/grammarly-review/

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