Best Proofreading Software [2020]: What Program Is Best for You?

Best ProofReading Sofware

What’s the best proofreading software?

With new options continuing to pop up, it’s a question lots of writers are asking. And I totally understand why.

The best tools give you an edge. They help you work faster and do your work better. And while built-in spell checkers catch some mistakes, they’re nothing compared to modern alternatives, such as Grammarly, Ginger, ProWritingAid, and Hemingway.

Poking around the internet, I noticed that most online reviews of these tools are woefully outdated. So I decided to do my homework and write a review of my own. I wanted to figure out what I thought was the best proofreading software, so I could recommend it to you.

Like most things in life, I found that each tool comes with pros and cons. So rather than pointing to “the absolute all-time best proofreading software for everyone,” this article will do something more valuable.

It will compare and contrast what’s available to help you find the best proofreading software for your unique situation.

I want to make it clear up front that most of the links on this page are Kindlepreneur affiliate links. But remember, I’m not here to promote one editor as the absolute best proofreading software. So you can feel confident knowing my reviews are meant to be unbiased and fair.

Let’s kick things off with a quick overview of the different tools and what they include. In my research, I noticed several of them include some not-so-obvious features that are easy to miss. So this chart may not be 100% perfect, but it will give you a great idea of where to turn for common benefits you might be looking for.

Grammarly vs Ginger vs Hemingway vs ProWritingAid

Here's a quick side-by-side look at Grammarly vs Hemingway vs ProWritingAid vs Ginger:

  • Corrects Grammar & Spelling
  • Free Desktop App
  • Mobile App
  • Browser Extension
  • Has a free version
  • $29.95/month
Check It Out
  • Corrects Grammar & Spelling
  • Free Desktop App
  • Mobile App
  • Browser Extension
  • Has a free version
  • $29.96/month
Check It Out
  • Big-Picture Feedback on Writing Style
  • Online Copy/Paste Editor
  • Has a free version
  • Premium Desktop App
  • Color-coded editor
  • $19.99 / Lifetime
Check It Out
  • Corrects Grammar & Spelling
  • Big-Picture Feedback on Writing Style
  • Premium Desktop App
  • Works with Google Docs
  • Has a free version
  • 20% discount with Coupon: KINDLE20
Check It Out

Grammarly Review

With over 10 million users, Grammarly is one of the most popular proofreading softwares on the market. It’s easy to use, beautifully designed, and widely considered to be one of the best tools for catching spelling and grammar mistakes.

Whether you’re writing a book, a blog article, an email, or a Facebook post, this handy tool has you covered. Grammarly offers free browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, allowing you to seamlessly edit and improve your writing on thousands of websites. You can also install a desktop app for Windows and Mac OS. And there’s even a mobile app to improve your writing on the go!


If you encounter a program or website Grammarly is not compatible with (the biggest being Google Docs), you can simply paste your writing into Grammarly’s online editor, correct it there, and paste it back.

Grammarly’s Premium version comes with twice as many corrections, a sentence structure checker, a plagiarism detector (great for students), and genre-specific feedback.

To read a full review of Grammarly, click here.

Grammarly Summary

So, let's see the pros and cons of Grammarly and how it stacks up to other proofreading software on the market.

Grammarly Pros:

  • Easy to use with a variety of browsers, websites, and writing software
  • Offers a lot of value in its free version
  • Definitely one of the best grammar checker software

Grammarly Cons:

  • Not compatible with Google Docs
  • Doesn’t offer much feedback on big picture writing
  • Premium version charges a monthly fee

Price: Monthly – $29.95 per month // Quarterly – $19.98 per month // Annually – $11.66 per month

Check Out Grammarly Here

Ginger Review

Of the four editing software we reviewed in this post, Ginger has been around the longest. Founded in 2007, some recent updates have made Ginger one of the best proofreading software in the space.

Personally, I think Grammarly is a stronger option for general grammar and spell check use. For a more measurable comparison, Ginger’s free Chrome extension has a 3.72 star-rating after 1,388 reviews. Meanwhile, Grammarly’s free Chrome extension has a 4.62 star-rating with 29,650 total reviews.

But functionally they are pretty similar.

In the example below, you’ll notice Grammarly suggesting I change “more good” to better. That’s a smart catch that Ginger seems to be missing. On the other hand, Ginger suggests adding a comma after the word “action” — a recommendation Grammarly did not include.


Before we get too nit-picky, it’s worth noting that Gmail’s default text editor caught ZERO of these issues. So either tool is a huge step up.

What really sets Ginger apart are the cool advanced features that come with its premium version.

The most useful, in my opinion, is Ginger’s text reader, which “reads aloud texts from MS-Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook and any website opened with FireFox, Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers.”

This gives you a chance to hear how your writing sounds and spot opportunities to strengthen your syntax and word choice. It’s also a handy productivity tool, allowing you to listen to articles or blog posts while you fold the laundry or walk on the treadmill.

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Ginger premium also includes a translator that will easily translate your writing into over 60 languages. This can be great for day-to-day communication, but it has many more applications for fiction writers.

Want the character in your novel to overhear a secret phone call in French? Or to discover a scandalous old letter written by the hero’s Russian grandmother? Ginger can help you make it happen!

Ginger Summary

Let's review the pros and cons of Ginger compared to other proofreading software available.

Ginger Pros:

  • Easy to use with multiple browsers (but not Firefox)
  • Offers a lot of value in its free version
  • Great for catching spelling and grammar error

Ginger Cons:

  • Not compatible with Google Docs
  • Doesn’t offer much big-picture feedback on writing
  • Premium version charges a monthly fee

Price: Monthly – $29.96 per month // Quarterly – $19.98 per month // Annually – $12.48 per month *Best Value*

Ginger occasionally runs sales that can save you up to 60%, so watch for those special deals.

Check Out Ginger Here

Hemingway Review

Hemingway stands apart from the other tools in this list in that its goal isn’t to catch misspelled words or grammar mistakes. Instead, it’s designed to make your writing “bold and clear,” more like the writing of Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway will strengthen your writing by helping you avoid relying on too many adverbs, slipping into passive voice, being overly wordy, or writing complicated sentences that are hard to read.

Unlike Grammarly or Ginger, Hemingway generally doesn’t make specific suggestions. It just points out problematic areas in your writing and nudges you in the direction of stronger alternatives.


Now, to be clear, Hemingway is a tool, not a fairy godmother. It won’t magically turn terrible writing into Ernest Hemingway writing. And it’s worth noting that good writing is more than a set of rules. In fact, The New Yorker has a great piece where it shows that even Hemingway himself doesn’t always pass the Hemingway test (sometimes the best writing comes from breaking the rules).

However, while this software won’t make your writing perfect, it can make your writing stronger and more effective, and it’s a smart tool to have in your arsenal.

Hemingway does not come with any browser extensions. You simply copy and paste into the online editor, which is free, extremely easy to use, and requires no signup or installation.

Admittedly, this is a hassle for longer pieces, so if you’re writing a book or plan to use this tool frequently, you might want to purchase the desktop app, available for Mac and Windows.

The app allows you to import your writing to Hemingway, perform edits, and then export to text, PDF, or Word. If you’re writing a blog post, the app can also export as HTML or Markdown — and even lets you publish directly to WordPress or Medium.

Hemingway Summary

Here are the main pros and cons of Hemingway when compared to other best proofreading software on the market. You can read a complete review of Hemingway over here.

Hemingway Pros:

  • Helps you strengthen your writing style with big picture feedback
  • Desktop app for either Windows or Mac can be purchased for only one payment of $19.99

Hemingway Cons:

  • Does not catch spelling or grammar issues
  • No browser extensions (you have to copy/paste into the online editor or buy the desktop app)

Price: $19.99 one-time payment

Check Out Hemingway Here

ProWritingAid Review

ProWritingAid is, in many ways, a hybrid of the above tools. It looks for grammatical and punctuation mistakes, while also checking for structural issues like repetition, cliches, and a lack of variety in sentence length.

A truly powerful editing software, ProWritingAid creates a detailed report for every piece you evaluate in its online editor. And when I say detailed, I’m not kidding.

To test it out, I pasted a blog post from my site I chose an article where I compare the best meal delivery services for one person. My goal is to help singles find a product that works for them because most meal delivery services offer a minimum of two servings per meal.

The report opens with some big-picture feedback and then goes into more detail.

As you’ll see from the screenshot, ProWritingAid wasn’t as impressed with my post as I’d hoped.


Then it showed me a graph of my sentence length:

Made some humbling comparisons:

And even a provided a list of my most used words, to help me avoid unnecessary repetition:

If your eyes are starting to glaze over, ProWritingAid might not be the tool for you (because I’m barely scratching the surface).

Here’s a video that explores, in more detail, what’s included in each report.

Currently, ProWritingAid only offers a browser extension for Chrome. So if you’re looking for a spelling and grammar editor to follow you around the internet, this software won’t be as seamless to use as Grammarly or Ginger.

However, ProWritingAid does offer a (drumroll please) Google Doc add-on! As you may have noticed in the comparison chart, Grammarly and Ginger aren’t currently compatible with Google Docs.

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The premium version of ProWritingAid comes with desktop apps for Mac and Windows, which allow you to work offline and are great for writers working in Scrivener or Microsoft Office.

In my opinion, ProWritingAid is best suited for writers looking for detailed feedback on longer pieces such as books, blog posts, and academic essays. Using ProWritingAid (at least the full editor) for Facebook posts or casual emails would probably feel like overkill.

ProWritingAid Summary

Below are the pros and cons of ProWritingAid, one of the best proofreading software for authors. If you want a complete review of ProWritingAid, we did an in-depth review too.

ProWritingAid Pros:

  • Helps you strengthen your writing style with big picture feedback
  • Great for catching spelling and grammar errors
  • Gives you the most information of the free proofreading software
  • Compatible with Google Docs!
  • Offers a one-time-pay option

ProWritingAid Cons:

  • Only offers a Chrome browser extension
  • More complex than the other tools — best suited for longer pieces of writing such as books, essays, or blog posts

Pricing: 1-year $70 // 2-years $100 // 3-years $140 // Lifetime $240  (But don't forget the 20% off coupon: Kindlepreneur20)

Check Out ProWritingAid Here

Proofreading Service

If you decide the proofreading software isn't going to meet your needs, hiring a human proofreader is another option. There's a legit General Proofreading course and a list of students who've taken the course and passed an exam in this list of proofreading service providers.

So, which is the best proofreading software for you?

There you have it — the results of my hunt for the best proofreading software: Grammarly vs Ginger vs Hemingway vs ProWritingAid. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and many authors will want to invest in more than one.

I believe Grammarly is a great tool for everyday life (think emails, Facebook posts, comments on a blog). And it can also help people writing books, blogs, or essays catch spelling and grammar mistakes in their writing — more so than a default text editor.

I believe Ginger is a solid alternative to Grammarly, with some cool extra features such as the text reader and translator.

I believe Hemingway is a very cool software for people writing longer or persuasive pieces (books, novels, essays, reports, and maybe some important emails). Although Hemingway is by no means a magic wand, using a combination of this tool and your own brain can help you become a stronger writer.

I believe ProWritingAid is a good combo of Grammarly (or Ginger) and Hemingway, offering help at the spelling/grammar level AND big picture feedback for strengthening your writing. It also comes with a one-time payment option, which can help you save money in the long run.

And now I want to hear from you! Have you tried any of these tools? Which do you think is the best proofreading software?

Let me know in the comments. And no pressure, but after the post you just read, you can expect some friendly ribbing if your comment has any typos. 😉

About The Author: Kyle Young

Kyle is a marketing consultant who helps online businesses grow. You can find him on Twitter or at his personal blog, where he writes to help creative people overcome their limiting beliefs so they can persevere and achieve their biggest goals.


  1. Danny Lin on November 25, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    It’s interesting to paste your post “best meal delivery services for one person” to ProWritingAid and see the report.

    Interestingly for the following sentence,
    “Finding recipes and high-quality ingredients for these popular diets can be time consuming, but Factor 75 makes it simple by sending out delicious, fully prepared, single-serving meals every week.”

    It says “Possible missing a hyphen” in “time consuming”. Then you click on “Realtime” twice to force it off and on and do a recheck, it then says “Don’t use a hyphen when this follows a verb”. This is really confusing.

    • Dave Chesson on November 25, 2020 at 10:36 pm

      That is interesting. I haven’t encountered this before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll look for ways to address this the next time I update the article!

  2. Guhan on November 19, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    Thanks for the reviews. This was very useful to me. Appreciate it! We need more people like you

  3. Andy on September 3, 2020 at 11:23 am

    Thanks for the great overview. I use Grammarly a lot and thankfully it now includes Google Docs in its Chrome Extension.

    • Dave Chesson on September 3, 2020 at 1:19 pm


  4. Jake Carter on June 21, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    Good afternoon Kyle,

    I’ve only used Grammarly. I’ve found the premium (paid version) very useful. On the Grammarly web site there’s a comparison between the free version and premium.

    Until today, I hadn’t heard of these other tools. Daphne Gray-Grant, author of 8 1/2 STEPS TO WRITING FASTER, BETTER, suggested ProWritingAid in one of her online seminars. After reading your article, I think I’ll give it a spin.

    I use Grammarly for all my daily writing (even emails) and academic writing. In other words, it follows me everywhere. Since I don’t typically use Google Docs, I wasn’t aware Grammarly won’t work with Google Docs. That’s a plus for ProWritingAid.

    Price wise, ProWritingAid appears to be much more cost effective than Grammarly. A lifetime license for ProWritingAid is on sale right now for $239 bucks. At $140 per year, Grammarly is exorbitant by comparison if you plan to use these tools long term. I would have difficulty going back to life without a grammar/editing tool.

    Odd as it may seem, I suspect I will use both Grammarly and ProWritingAid. Particularly for journal articles and long academic papers, more help is better.

    I’m not putting in a plug for Daphne, but as a career editor, her opinion is worth noting. If the document is particularly dear to you, consider hiring a professional editor. I believe you offer this service.

    Jake Carter

  5. Rohan Yadav on June 3, 2020 at 5:03 am

    Thanks for discussed about the software’s for a proofreading but i think a person who have good grammar and vocabulary skills who can also go through these software’s for a crosscheck.

    • Dave Chesson on June 4, 2020 at 12:15 pm

      Yes, using these software can help crosscheck your own grammar….especially when posting comments 🙂

  6. Paco on May 16, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    Hi Sir!
    I have a question. Is there any software that I can do copy and paste like in google traductor? Like, I put the text at the left and at the right shows me the correct version, to do the work faster. Good article and thanks!

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