Wordtune Review: Description, Pricing, Pros and Cons

In my quest for clearer, more concise writing, I've come across a little tool called Wordtune. This AI-based software isn't a spelling or grammar checker, though. It's designed to help you rewrite sentences to (hopefully) improve them.

And if you're an author, you know ‌sentences are the trees in the forest of your book. So check out this Wordtune review as I explore this software to determine if it's worth using.

Want the quick lowdown? Here are the pros, cons, and bottom line:

Wordtune Pros:

  • Limited free version so you can try it first. 
  • Good for helping with writer’s block.
  • Includes a free Word Add-In.
  • Has a browser extension and an online editor.
  • Can help make your writing clearer and more concise.

Wordtune Cons:

  • The interface can be frustrating and distracting.
  • Some suggestions don’t make any sense.
  • Only 10 rewrites per day for the free version.
  • A little bit expensive for its limited scope.
  • Can be used as a crutch.

The Bottom Line: For writers that often struggle with sentence structure and clarity, this is a useful tool. While you get some of the same options with tools like ProWritingAid, there’s a little more flexibility with Wordtune. That said, I think overusing this tool could hamper a writer’s ability to grow and learn to write more concisely. 

In this article, you will learn:
  1. What Wordtune is
  2. How Wordtune works (including examples)
  3. Wordtune pricing
  4. What I like and don’t like about Wordtune
  5. Alternatives to Wordtune

What Qualifies Me to Talk About Wordtune?

So I've been writing for many years, and writing here on Kindlepreneur (along with my own books) for over 10 years.

I've been using a spellchecker for all of that time.

Additionally, for this review, I tested Wordtune and a ton of other tools to really understand which was the best, and to understand the intricacies that make make a program like Wordtune more appropriate for some, while another program like ProWritingAid or Grammarly might be better for others.

Plus, before I put together this review, I reached out to Kindlepreneur's audience to get a general overview of what they thought was the best proofreading software

So with that in mind, let's dive in to the meat of the review.

What is Wordtune?

Created by AI21 Labs, Wordtune uses deep artificial intelligence to offer users a wide range of alternative sentences to choose from. It uses language models to get to the meat of the sentence, quickly providing different ways of saying the same thing.

The free Google Chrome extension is very well rated, and their website features rave reviews about the tool. But is it good for everyone? As a content writer and an author, I'm interested in the advancements of AI technology in writing. And while I'm sure we're a long way from AI writing being able to write a whole novel in one click, I think there's a lot of promise in an AI writing tool like Wordtune for certain types of writers. So let's see it in action!

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Wordtune Features and Examples

Wordtune offers five different ways to rewrite your sentences (only one of which is included with the free extension). These are:

  • Rewrite it – This is a general option, giving you several choices when you highlight a sentence to rewrite.
  • Make it casual – This allows you to eliminate any jargon and give your writing a less formal tone.
  • Make it formal – If your writing is too casual for your liking, you can use this option to make it appropriate for more formal communications.
  • Shorten it – Just like it sounds. Run-on sentences wilt under the power of this option.
  • Expand it – Can't find the right words? This option will add more detail to your sentence in an effort to make it clearer to the reader.

Only the “Rewrite it” option is available with the free Chrome add-on. Let's take a look at how it works here with a couple of sentences from this very article!

Example 1:

wordtune editor

As you can see, I pasted the above section into the online Wordtune Editor and highlighted the sentence I wanted to change:

  • Original Sentence: Run-on sentences wilt under the power of this option.

Some of the options were pretty good. I especially like these:

  • Your run-on sentences will wilt under the power of this tool.
  • Run-on sentences wilt beneath its power.

Others were nonsensical, like these:

  • Run-on sentences become useless.
  • Running sentences are doomed to failure.

Let's look at another example, using a Google Doc this time.

Example 2:

Wordtune Google Docs

It's nice that the tool works right inside Google Docs. And once again, some of the options are good, some not so good.

  • Original Sentence: The free Google Chrome extension is very well rated, and their website features rave reviews about the tool.

Good rewrite suggestion:

  • They have a very well-rated free Chrome extension, and their website has rave reviews.

Poor rewrite suggestion:

  • Their website features rave reviews about the tool, and the extension is a free Google Chrome extension.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you why that sentence doesn't work well.

Wordtune Plans and Pricing

Now that you've seen the basics of the AI writing tool, let's take a look at plans and pricing while diving a little deeper into this software.

Free Version

With the free version of Wordtune, you can use the extension on any major browser. Like other language tools with extensions, you can use Wordtune with many major websites, social media platforms, and email providers, including Gmail and Outlook Web. However, you only get the basic “Rewrite it” option. 

With the web version, which you can access after signing up for a free account, you can use the other options mentioned above. So if you want to make your writing more formal, you'll need to cut and paste it into the online editor and choose the “Make it formal” option.

They also have a Microsoft Word add-in you can use for free — with limits. 

With the free version, you only get 10 rewrites per day — total. That's ten sentences. And even if you don't actually select one of the sentence suggestions, it still counts as a rewrite. More on how this works later. 

The thing to keep in mind is that you’ll only get 10 rewrites across all tools — the browser extension, online editor, and Word add-in. 

Free Version:

  • Free for 10 rewrites per day. 

Premium Version

Wordtune's premium version gives you unlimited daily sentence rewrites. That means you can use all five of the features as many times as you want. You can rewrite entire sentences to your heart's content!

Premium Pricing:

  • Monthly – $24.99 per month.
  • Yearly – $9.99 per month (billed as $119.88 per year).

The premium version allows you to use the Wordtune Chrome extension with the unlimited rewrite feature. Plus, you can use the web editor and the new Microsoft Word add-on.

Wordtune Plans

What I Like About Wordtune

Here are a few good things about Wordtune that I really enjoy.

Word Add-In

The recent addition of the Microsoft Word feature makes this tool a good choice for authors. You’ll find it especially useful if you regularly get stuck on sentence structure issues while writing or editing your manuscript.

Wordtune Word

Breaking Through Writer’s Block

Using it ‌to get past writer's block would be Wordtune’s main utility for me personally. I’ve also used it for word choice alternatives on those occasions when I just couldn’t quite find the word I was looking for. I highlight the entire sentence and see what alternative ways the Wordtune AI software could come up with.

Basic Spelling and Grammar Correction with Online Editor

When using the online editor on the Wordtune website, it will suggest some very basic spelling and grammar corrections. This is nice, but you’ll be better off using a dedicated proofreading tool. 

What I Don't Like About Wordtune

Here are the things I found wanting with Wordtune.

Frustrating Free Version

When using the free version, I noticed that the tool counts down your daily allotment even if you decide to stick with your original sentence.

So if you highlight a sentence and are scrolling through the rewrite suggestions but you accidentally move your mouse off the little window, it counts as a rewrite. This means that, at least with the free version, you need to choose your rewrites carefully. And pay close attention to what you’re doing with your mouse while looking through their options!

I understand why they do this. You can just remember the sentence you want to use and write it down instead of clicking on it. But still, 10 rewrites seems like a pretty low number if you're actually trying to get some work done.

Distracting When You Work

If you have the extension or the add-in enabled, the little purple logo will show up every time you highlight anything on the page. While this is fine if you’re in editing mode, it becomes distracting if you’re just writing or moving stuff around on the page. I had to turn it off and then remember to turn it back on when I was ready to edit. 

Expensive for What it Does

Personally, I think more than $20 a month is a steep price to pay for any language or grammar correction tool. So if you think you'll use this AI-powered writing companion enough to justify buying it, I'd go with the yearly version.

However, after using it for a while, I don't think I would use it enough to justify even the yearly version. The way I write just isn't conducive to a tool like this. Remember, this is just my opinion. For me, with the tools I already use, it’s not worth it. 

That's not to say that you shouldn't give it a try. We all have different writing styles, so I can't say whether this tool would enhance your writing experience or not. If it sounds like something you'd use, give the free version a try for a couple of weeks. Pick some text in your manuscript or document at random and see what the tool comes up with. You may find that some ‌suggestions are excellent!

Wordtune Read for Content Creators

This is a bit off-topic, but I'd be remiss if I didn't at least mention this other Wordtune tool.

Wordtune also offers a tool called Wordtune Read that summarizes lengthy or complex articles using AI technology. If you're in the content creation business where research is essential and time-consuming, this tool could help you. 

While it may not be ideal if you need to get a well-rounded understanding of a subject, it can help when searching for small yet important bits of information on the web.

How Wordtune Compares to Other Tools

Wordtune's focus on rewriting any sentence you want sets it apart from other writing tools out there. The online editor also offers some basic spelling and grammar correction options, but they aren't anywhere close to those offered by Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

Both ProWritingAid and Grammarly highlight certain types of sentences and suggest alternative phrasings. These include run-on sentences, passive voice, and those that could be clearer. This is a premium feature in Grammarly, but the free version of ProWritingAid provides many sentence suggestions that are similar to Wordtune's. However, there's no option to highlight any sentence you want with either of these popular tools.

A side-by-side ProWritingAid to Wordtune comparison would be a little lopsided because the tools do very different things. Sentence structure suggestions are just one of many tools in PWA's arsenal.

Given the more robust and feature-heavy options with alternatives like ProWritingAid, I'd suggest spending your money for a yearly subscription there before doing so with Wordtune.

For a more in-depth look at a list of other writing tools, check out my article on the best proofreading tools here. 


Thanks for reading this Wordtune review. I think that most people who write emails and other communications daily could get some use out of this tool. Even professional writers could probably use it as a crutch once in a while. But I would reserve it for those times when I’m absolutely stuck and no amount of wrestling with a sentence is doing me any good. 

Figuring out how to fix those sentences that look wrong to you is a learning process that makes you a better writer. And while tools like this certainly have their place, the greatest tool we all have is sitting between our ears. It’s up to us to keep that tool sharp with proper use!

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