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The Best Online Writing Courses and How to Get Them

Have you ever considered taking online writing courses?

As an author, it's important to keep improving your craft. Online writing courses aren't just for amateurs or writing hobbyists. They're for all students of the craft and that includes all of us. But that begs the question… are all writing courses created equal? Or are there some out there that aren't worth it?

Yes, there are courses available that aren't worth their salt and are a waste of money. So how can you tell the difference between those worth taking and those that are a waste of your time? We've devised a list of some of our favorite online writing courses. This way you'll know exactly what you're getting into when you enroll.

In this article, you will find our picks for:

  1. The Best Course to Help You Finish Writing Your Book
  2. The Best Overall Online Writing Course
  3. The Best General Writing Course for Beginners
  4. The Best Online Memoir Writing Course
  5. The Best Course for Children's Books
  6. The Best Course for Indie Publishers
  7. The Best Course for Bloggers
  8. The Best Course for Science Fiction Writers
  9. The Best Course For Writing a Novel Step-by-Step
  10. The Best Free Online Courses (in case you're on a tight budget!)

Just a quick heads up here–there will be affiliate links in this article. This helps me to keep funds in my coffee account. That way, I can keep bringing you quality content. Note, this does not detract from the quality of the courses–there's a reason I affiliate myself with them. It's because they're awesome!

So, now, let's dive into our top picks.


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Our Top Picks for the Best Online Writing Courses

Ideal ForPriceCheck It Out!
Best for Learning How to Finish a Book$49/month
$490/one-time payment
Get it Now
Best Overall Online Writing Courses$90/class
$180/All-Access Pass
Get it Now
Writing with FlairBest General Writing Course for Beginners$199.99
However, discounted often
Get It Now
AMS ADS CourseBest Course for Amazon Self-PublishersFREE
Get It Now
Guest Blogging Certification ProgramBest Course for Bloggers$499
Get It Now
Best Online Memoir Writing Course$49
Get It Now
Best Course for Children's Books$997
$497 w/ Kindlepreneur Discount
Get It Now! 
Full Publishing MA CourseBest for Indie PublishersContact for more info
Get It Now
Writers of the Future
Best for Sci-Fi WritersFREE
Get It Now
fearless way to write novels marketing graphic
A Fearless Way to Write Novels
Best for Writing a Novel Step-by-Step$297 or 3 payments of $100
Get It Now

Breakdown of the Top Online Writing Courses

Each of these courses has its own particular strengths, and that will be clearly be annotated.

The 100 Day Book Program (Best Course to Help You Finish Writing a Book)

Starting a book isn't all that tough. Heck, anyone could do it. But finishing one… that's a different story. Writing a book is full of ups and downs and can easily drain your motivation to even finish the darn thing. Trust me, I've been there myself.

But The 100 Day Book Program by The Write Practice gives you a proven process to actually finish your books!


This course covers everything you'll need when putting together your story including:

  • How to structure your novel or non-fiction book
  • World building
  • Character building
  • Dialogue
  • Point of View
  • Tone and Voice
  • Editing
  • And more!

But it's not just a technical course. It's extremely motivating as well. The Write Practice teaches you how to keep writing when writing gets hard, how to beat writer's block, and even how to manage your time.

If you've ever found yourself in a situation where finishing your book isn't a sure thing…. You need this course.

Check Out The 100 Day Book Program Now!  

MasterClass (Best Overall Online Writing Courses)

It's hard to place anything over MasterClass when it comes to the best overall. For those out of the loop, MasterClass is an online course system that provides training in specific subjects by titans of that particular industry. And when it comes to writing…you'd best believe that there are some awesome instructors!

For instance, how would you like to be taught how to outline by James Patterson? Or how to create a  page-turner by Neil Gaiman? What about how to create a successful book series by one of the most prolific series writers of all time, R.L. Stine?

That's what MasterClass can do for you. It gives you the opportunity for self-paced instruction from the greats. Is MasterClass the best course out there for beginners? No. Each lesson is more geared toward an ‘intermediate and above' student, and the lessons learned are invaluable.

Here are some of the writing MasterClasses available:

  • Writing by New York Times bestselling author (and one of my personal favorites) Malcolm Gladwell
  • Screenwriting by Oscar-winning screenwriter and director Aaron Sorkin
  • Writing for Young Audiences by bestselling children's author R.L. Stine
  • Writing by all-time bestselling author James Patterson
  • Writing by award-winning author Judy Blume
  • Storytelling by bestselling author Neil Gaiman

If you're looking to take your writing to the next level, this just might be the way to do it. For more information, check out our full in-depth MasterClass review on Kindlepreneur!

Check Out MasterClass Now! 

Writing With Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer (Best General Writing Course for Beginners)

If MasterClass is a class for aspiring masters, this course is perfect for writers of all skill levels. It's extremely beginner-friendly.

This course is taught by an ex-Wall Street Journal editor with one goal in mind: To teach you how to write with style, confidence, and impact.

Taught on Udemy by Shani Raja, this course has had over 75000 students enrolled at the time of writing this article. In his 7-hour intensive writing training, he teaches you how to master 4 basic principles of writing.

  1. Simplicity
  2. Clarity
  3. Elegance
  4. Evocativeness
udemy online writing course

His basics form what he calls his ‘secret sauce' of writing. It's a complete writing system. As stated above, this course is for writers of all types and skill levels. Even those learning to write English as a second language can benefit deeply from this course. And this isn't the only writing course on Udemy. Need more info on how Udemy works? Read our full Udemy review!

Check Out Udemy Now! 

Memoirama (Best Online Memoir Writing Course)

Writing a memoir might seem like an easy undertaking at first. You lived through the facts. It can't be that difficult to write them down… Right?

You'd be surprised at how difficult the process can be. But thankfully, there's Memoirama. Memoirama is the brainchild of Marion Roach Smith, author and professional memoir coach. Marion's approach to teaching memoirs has been likened to a precise mathematical formula. She literally teaches you her writing algorithm.

course for writing memoir

And Memoirama is only the beginning. It's the first of a four-part series for learning how to write memoirs. It's highly recommended that you take the courses in order to get the maximum effect. And while this might seem like a lot, these courses are broken down into easily digestible parts — with the first only 90 minutes long.

Here's the best part. This isn't some self-paced click through. Marion teaches this course live! Seats for her class are limited to 30 people. That way everybody gets to ask questions at the end. Whether you're a beginner to memoirs, need a refresher, or looking to have some fun learning, this course is the one for you.

Check Out Memoirama Now!

Children's Book University by Eevi Jones (Best Course for Children's Book Writers)

I love reading with my kids and that's made possible through dedicated children's book authors.

Writing a kid's book is more complicated than you would think. Often books for kids are full of great illustrations, creative fonts, and simple, yet gripping storylines. Now imagine getting all of that ready to publish. It's a lot of work. And if you don't know which way you're going, there's a good chance you're going to get lost. That's why Eevi Jones' course is so valuable.

children's books online course

She's a bestselling, award-winning author of children's books, and she meticulously breaks down her process for you from start to finish. It's a critical resource for aspiring children's writers or for those trying to give their books a much-needed boost.

Now, normally her course costs $997 — and it's worth every single penny. However, Eevi has given Kindlepreneur an amazing 50% discount on her program! This is a special deal that you'll only get through us. So, if you're looking to take your children's book writing to the next level, now's your best chance.

Check Out Children's Book University Now! 

Western Colorado University's Full Publishing MA Course (Best Course for Indie Publishers)

I need to preface this course by stating that it is not entirely held online. But on the plus side, you do get to spend two weeks in the gorgeous Colorado mountains. After that, the rest of the course can be taken from the comfort of your own home. Or in the Rockies if you decide to move there–your call.

Western Colorado publishing MA program

But seriously, this has to be the foremost course for indie publishers available today. For the first two in-residence weeks, you'll go through an intensive training regimen on the basics of publishing. And once that's done, you'll be put to work. Literally. You'll work for a small commercial publishing company (getting paid pro rates) to develop a concept for an anthology, solicit submissions, read the slush pile and choose the stories, issue contracts, edit the pieces, design and produce the book and cover, publish the book, and market it.

Also, great news for any of you Sci-Fi guys and gals out there looking to take this course–it's being taught by Kevin J Anderson. And if you're a Sci-Fi geek like me, you know that Kevin J Anderson is an absolute legend in Science Fiction with over 56 national and international bestsellers. This includes his work on Dune, the Star Wars canon, the Seven Suns series, and so much more. And his personal publishing company, WordFire Press, has released over 350 titles from 95 different authors.

Check Out WCU Now!

The Guest Blogging Certification Program (Best Online Writing Course for Bloggers)

If I had to pick just one online course for bloggers, it's this one.

Created by one of the world's best bloggers–Jon Morrow–this course is the real deal. As a matter of fact, I make all of my new hires take this course as part of their on-boarding process. It's just that good. This course goes over blogging from start to finish. It covers everything from how to choose the right opening line to pitching a guest post idea. Jon really drives home some awesome fundamentals of blog writing and guest posting.

guest blogging certification

Did I forget to mention that he also provides you with his ‘little black book of websites for guest posting?' These are websites that meet his criteria–which he goes over in explicit detail–as great places to guest post. And at the end of the course, you get a certificate of completion that carries some weight as a blogging qualification.

However, Jon does make it abundantly clear that if you do not put time and effort into the course, you won't go anywhere with it. You need to buckle down and get motivated, as well as do your daily assignments and homework. This is not a course for quitters or those looking to breeze through nonchalantly.

Check Out The Guest Blogging Certification Now!

My FREE AMS Advertisement Course for Authors (Best Course for Amazon Self-Publishers)

Now, I'm not looking to boast here…but I honestly believe that my free AMS Ads course is an absolute must if you plan on running ads on Amazon.

You see, AMS ads aren't necessarily user-friendly. And while they have the potential to send your book sales into orbit, they also can eat up your advertising budget so fast and with nothing to show. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't use them. You just need to learn the basics on how to actually set them up, manage your campaigns, and make necessary adjustments.

free AMS course

AMS campaigns aren't just set-it-and-forget-it. And in my free course, I show you just what criteria you need to be watching. I also go over how using Publisher Rocket can help you to construct the best possible ad campaign for your book. And here's one of the best parts…It's absolutely free to take the course. No credit card is required, and there are no hidden fees.

So, if you're looking to create an AMS ad campaign or even self-publish on Amazon, I highly recommend you head over and check out my course.


Writers of the Future Online Workshop (Best Course for Science Fiction Writers)

If you're a sci-fi writer or looking to be one, this is an amazing course! Mind you, this is an intermediate course–essentially for those of you ready to take your writing to the next level.

The course is 11 lessons long with 13 videos chock full of great information. And it features 3 amazing teachers: Orson Scott Card, David Farland, and Tim Powers. If you're a sci-fi fan, I'm almost positive you've heard of at least one of those names…if not all three. They're legends in the sci-fi community! Honestly, this is like the ultimate masterclass for science fiction.


One of the coolest parts of this course is its associated contest. It's a writing contest open to beginning writers only–meaning you can't have published more than three short stories or any novels or novellas. And by the end of the course, you'll have already written your submission!

And since this course is FREE (along with the contest entry), you may actually win $5000 just by learning and participating.

Check Out Writers of the Future Now! 

A Fearless Way to Write Novels (Best Course For Writing a Novel Step-by-Step)

Writing a novel is a whole lot more than putting a story on paper. There’s social media, equipment & software, idea generation, outlining, writing scenes, using cliffhangers, copyrights, book blurbs. The list goes on and on, and it can seem overwhelming if you don’t have an experienced guide. That’s why I’m excited to talk about this next course.

A Fearless Way to Write Novels is taught by award-winning New York Times bestselling author Alessandra Torre. She’s written over twenty novels and uses her experience to teach step-by-step easy methods and her secrets of writing novels.

fearless way to write novels course screenshot

What I love about this course is the incredible breadth of topics that Alessandra covers. From generating story ideas to finishing off a book’s conclusion, this course covers it all with over 75 video lessons. Besides step-by-step lessons, there are also practical assignments and bonus content interviews with other bestselling authors.

Course lessons include:

  • Finding Your Story
  • Developing Your Idea
  • How to Actually Write
  • Your First Chapter
  • Rewrites and Final Steps
Check Out A Fearless Way to Write Novels Now!

Best Free Online Writing Courses of 2020

How does that old cliche go? “Sometimes the best things in life are free.” And there's no exception when it comes to online writing courses. Here are a few free options to consider:

Arizona State University's Introduction to English Composition: This class is about building on the fundamentals of writing. Whether you're a pro writer or just beginning, this course is great for all skill levels. Sometimes it's best to go back to basics. Although this course is free, you can pay an extra $49 to get an actual certification. But the course alone is just fine for most.

The Crafty Writer's Creative Writing Course: This course is for those who are interested in getting into creative writing. Discover your personal writing style and how you can use it to build vivid worlds! This course even touches on the basics of publishing and marketing.

Start Writing Fiction: This class teaches you everything you need to know about the basics of writing fiction, including journal keeping, plot development, and dialogue. This is an eight-week timed course. Once the time has expired, you lose access to the lecture materials. However, you can upgrade for around $50 to keep the course material for future reference.

The Non-Sexy Business of Writing Non-fiction: Offered by Azul Terronez on Reedsy, this 10-day email course gives you the lowdown on writing good non-fiction. He also teaches you how to avoid writer's block, hit word count goals, and stay focused while writing. Azul has coached top-notch students such as Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and Dana Malstaff of BossMom, so you know he's got something good for you.

Did We Miss Any Great Online Writing Courses?

Remember, these courses aren't just for those who don't know how to write. Don't be afraid to go out there and expand your knowledge base, no matter how much experience you have.

So there's our breakdown of our favorite online writing courses. But did I miss any worthy to be on this list? What's the best online writing course you've ever personally taken? Let me know down in the comments below.

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    What about academic graduate writing courses online?

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      Haven’t come across one yet. But if you do, let me know.

  2. rovingjay

    Thanks Dave … the Marion Roach Smith Webinar was AMAZING. Packed full of information, tips, and advice about getting a memoir off the ground. Thanks for hosting .. and I hope all went well with getting your daughter from college …. crazy times indeed!

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      You bet…and no kidding!

  3. Fae

    I am going through Holly Lisle`s writing classes – in particular her How To Write A Novel class – at the moment and I am finding that she is one of the most thorough teachers in writing craft that I have found on-line. She is a published author with around 30 books and has moved from traditional publishing in the 1980`s/1990`s through to self-publishing today. She has many paid short courses for a small price and also much larger classes. She offers a short (3 week) flash fiction class for free called “How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck” so you can test out whether her teaching style suits you and learn new skills at the same time. As a satisfied student I highly recommend her courses to anyone wanting to learn writing craft.

    1. Peggy

      Yes, my sister took Holly`s class and said it was tremendous.
      If you get a chance to take a dialogue class from Kristen Higgans, that is all you need for dialogue.

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