Self Publishing Courses: Which one is best for you?

What’s the best self-publishing course on the market?

Over the past couple of months, I had many authors ask me this very same question. At the time, my answer was “I’ve never taken any so I can’t honestly tell you.”

In truth, how can anyone recommend such an important part to a self-publisher’s development if they haven’t taken one?

Well, that has now changed. After hearing this question too many times, I decided I would choose the top four most well known in the industry and take all four courses so that I finally answer that very question.

Yup, I actually put in 27+ hours of watching videos and doing the courses in hopes that I can give you first-hand recommendations. How did I get through all those videos? A lot of this:

Dave Needs Caffeine in order to watching all of those self publishing course videosHowever, writing this ended up being harder than I thought. It turns out there is no such thing as the perfect course…but there is such a thing as the right course for the right person.

So, before you spend money on a course based on a mention from an authority or a random email you found in your inbox, find out which course is the best for you and make the right investment for your development.

In this article, you will learn about:

Now, I’ll tell you from the start that most of the links on this page are affiliate links.

However, for anyone who clicks on one of my links and purchases a course, I’ll also give you a 1-hour planning session and marketing consultation so as to help improve your book’s profits and give you that NEXT step.  Just send me an email with your receipt and we can set that up.
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PS: Some of the courses below are seasonal…where the creator launches it, gets students and then focuses on those students or that class before they relaunch it again.

Why I Chose These Four Courses

The internet is littered with courses on how to make money with Kindle. However, over the years, only a couple have risen above the rest and really stand out.

Therefore, in choosing which courses I would review, I used the following guidelines:

  1. They must have been created by someone who has devoted themselves and their business to eBook publishing.
  2. The course has to have a good standing with those who have taken it.
  3. The creator should still be active with the course and updating it so as to reflect new changes in the market.
  4. The tactics taught in the course should be morally sound and in line with Amazon’s rules as well as Kindlepreneur marketing morals.

Now, just because a course wasn’t selected for this article, doesn’t necessarily mean that it was excluded because of the above guidelines. However, many didn’t make the cut because of it.

If you have a course, and you think I should check it out, then contact me about it here…not in the comments.

Comparing their Metrics

Before we get into reviewing these courses, let’s go ahead and look at them side-by-side so as to compare some of their features:

  • Teachers
  • Website
  • Price of Course
  • Who's this for
  • # of books by creator
  • Hours of Video in Course
  • Included Features
K Money Mastery
  • Stefan Pylarinos
  • $67 Regular
  • Beginner
    First Book
  • 100+
  • 8 Hours
  • Detailed Videos
    Book Templates
    List of Resources
    Extra Paid Courses:
    -Advanced Member Training
    -Kindle VA Training Program-24 Hour Book Program-Facebook Group
Self Publishing School
  • Chandler Bolt
  • $997 (Pro)
    $1997 (Platinum)
  • Beg/Intermed
    1st & 2nd Book
  • 6
  • 4.5 Hours
  • Acountability System
    Facebook Group
    Weekly Hangouts
    Expert Interviews
    Student Review Lists
    Affiliate for Students
Authority Pub Academy
  • Steve Scott
    Barrie Davenport
  • $597
  • Med/Advanced
    Build a Platform
  • 75
  • 12 Hours
  • Fracebook Group
    Expert Interviews
    Case Studies
    Extra Courses:
    -Evernote for Authors
    -Book Bub 101
Your First 10K Readers
  • Nick Stephenson
  • $597
  • Med/Advanced
    Process Driven
  • 12
  • 10 Hours
  • Tools of the Trade
    6 Figure Swipe Files
    Facebook Group
    Q&A Sessions
    Extra Courses:
    -Facebook Ads
    -Cold Email Strategy
    -Networking Tactics
    -Cover Designs

As you can see, both of these courses have their pro’s and cons. So, let’s find out more about them and see which one is right for you.


Stefan Pylarinos, the creator of, got started with Kindle publishing back in 2011 and has since built a 6-figure passive income from his Kindle publishing business.

Because of his success as a coach for others as well as his insane level of sales in the Kindle world, Stefan created K Money Mastery in 2013 to help people learn the basics of Kindle publishing and get their writing career kick started.

However, as most things go, his original version soon needed updating so as to keep up with the ever-changing marketplace.  So, in 2015, Stefan totally revamped K Money Mastery and released K Money Mastery 2.0.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.04.30 PM

K Money Mastery 2.0 is primarily geared for beginners, as it covers from A-Z how to find a profitable market, keywords, creating a book, publishing, and marketing.

The guidelines in this course can be used for both fiction and non-fiction books. It’s designed for those that want to write their own books and be an author, as well as those that want to outsource and hire ghostwriters to produce a book for you.

The key difference maker between this course and the others below is its low price of $67.  Although the course doesn’t go into as much detail as the others, it does give you a better bang for your buck because the rest all come in at a price of $600.

Another thing that is unique about this course is that you can start with the introductory option, which still has a lot in it, and then signup for other courses to increase your capability when you are ready.

Those courses are:

  • Full Disclosure Membership ($47/month):an advanced members area with 100+ training videos on Kindle, CreateSpace, ACX, list building, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, and a lot more
  • Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program ($197):to automate and outsource your publishing business
  • 23 Hour Book Program ($27): for writing your own book fast

Stefan’s approach is also thinking bigger than just Kindle. He likes non-fiction books, because you can use them to build a back-end with it, by building an e-mail list and doing affiliate marketing. His model is to help publishers start with Kindle e-books, then publish a paperback version with CreateSpace, an audiobook on ACX, continue building a series of books in the same niche, build an e-mail list, do e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing. He also focuses on promoting your book OUTSIDE of Amazon, as many publishers are so dependent on Amazon search. He focuses on how to market on social media, YouTube, blogs, article marketing, and shares many general online marketing strategies.



  • Great for beginners and newbies
  • Inexpensive at only $67
  • Includes many useful templates
  • Professional video quality
  • Allows you to pay for advanced classes later, and not all up-front


  • The more advanced courses are not included in the $67 price and are at an extra cost
  • Not advanced

Who Is K Money Mastery 2.0 For?

  • Have you never published a book before and want to?
  • Do you need some motivation to publish your first book?
  • Do you need the knowledge of know how to effectively and efficiently write a book?
  • Do you want a return on your investment ASAP?

Then THIS is the course for you.

Get Started with K-Money Mastery Now!

Self-Publishing School by Chandler Bolt

Next up is one of the most well-known courses that has actually produced some epic results from its students.

Chandler Bolt stormed into the self-publishing arena just over a year ago and quickly created one of the biggest names in the self-publishing industry. What’s even more impressive is that he dropped out of college, made over seven figures, and is only 22 years old – all verified to be true.

But don’t let that young age dissuade you. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who took the course and didn’t love it. But, just in case you don’t, Chandler offers a full refund – so pretty much risk free.

Self-Publishing School Review:

Self-Publishing-SchoolChandler and his team have done an amazing job of creating a system that will get you to publish a book with his course Self-Publishing School. This is perfect for those out there who have a book inside of them but keep having life get in the way. Or those who aren’t sure about the process and need the guidance and the ‘push.’

Through his support systems, weekly videos, posting of past success, and fast paced methods of writing and publishing, I truly believe that anyone who takes this course, will publish a book with no problems and get a return on their investment.

In truth, the thing I dislike most about this course is probably what makes it a hit amongst its students. Instead of letting you get bogged down with details (which I am personally a fan of), he instead gives you enough and keeps pushing you to move forward.Chandler-Bolt-Self-Publishing-Course-Video

Pros to Self-Publishing School

  • Excellent system for keeping pace and supporting its students
  • Excellent use of the Facebook platform to offer extra value
  • Weekly videos and constant updates and additions
  • Has had some heavy hitters take the course and excel from it such as Steve Windsor, Azul Terronez, and Lise Cartwright

Cons to Self-Publishing School

  • A little weak on the sustainable marketing side
  • Brings up a couple of marketing methods but doesn’t go into detail on how to really rock those steps-Although this course is about not letting you get bogged down in the weeds.
  • Videos comprise of HD web camera shots and minor on-screen action
  • Only 4.5 hours of video but then again, it cuts the fluff and keeps pace

Again this isn’t to say that the lack of details is a bad thing. Most people get bogged down with the details and therefore never pull the trigger and publish their book. I am totally a victim of this, but then again, I was a nuclear engineer so…I’m sort of detail oriented by nature.

Who Is Self-Publishing School for?

  • Have you never published a book before and want to?
  • Do you need some motivation to publish your first book?
  • Do you need the knowledge of know how to effectively and efficiently write a book?
  • Do you want a return on your investment ASAP?

Then THIS is the course for you.

Get Started with Self-Publishing School Now!

Authority Pub Academy by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

I’ve personally been a big fan of Steve Scott for a long time. He has not only written 65 books under his two names: Steve Scott and S.J. Scott, he’s also developed two authority websites, and hosted two top podcasts on the subject. In truth, Steve and his teammate, Barrie Davenport, are real all stars and have the numbers to prove they know what they are talking about.

So, when I heard that Steve was FINALLY making a course, I was like “it’s about time dude.”

Authority Pub Academy Review

Authority-Pub-AcademyWhile Chandler’s course did a great job of pushing someone to publish a book, Steve and Barrie’s course does an excellent job of giving you more details, more information, more videos, and more training as a whole.

For their course, Authority Pub Academy, the focus is not only on getting you to publish a book but also on helping you to build a writer’s platform and brand your author name – which I personally like. In truth, this is a strong strategy for the future.

A couple of years ago, there was a Kindle gold rush where people saw the easy money making potential of self-publishing and everyone, and their cousins, jumped in. The amount of Kindle books on Amazon went from 500K in 2010 to 4 Million by 2015.

Because of the amount of competition, it’s becoming more important for authors to build off of their initial book success, and grow their author brand. It’s a strategy like that that has brought Steve Scott the level of success he enjoys today.

So, while the course gives you the basics to publishing your first book, it also takes the extra steps to show you exactly how you can build your author platform and create long lasting success in self-publishing.Steve-Scott-and-Authority-Pub-Academy

Pros to Authority Pub Academy

  • 3x more videos and information
  • Well-created videos and slides
  • Excellent information for building a platform
  • Made by two of the best in the industry
  • Love the case studies and examples
  • Extra mini-courses on important tactics: Evernote and BookBub

Cons to Authority Pub Academy

  • Newer course, so it still needs to smooth some things over
  • Less support mechanisms than Chandler’s
  • Not as fast paced as Self-Publishing School

Who Is Authority Pub Academy for?

  • Have you never published a book before and want to?
  • Do you want to go the extra step and build an author platform?
  • Do you want to grow your Kindle business into something more than just one book?

Then THIS is the course for you.

Get Started with Authority Pub Academy Now!

Your First 10K Readers Review:


I’ve heard Nick talk on a bunch of podcasts and every time I think to myself, “that is one advanced marketing dude.”

So naturally, when I heard about his course, I HAD to check it out.

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t let down.

Of the three courses, this was by far the most beneficial to me.  Not because the other courses are of poor quality, but because it was designed to teach ADVANCED marketing tactics which is better suited for someone like me.

This course is NOT for beginners and was not designed to teach you how to publish your first book like Chandler’s.  Instead, it assumes you already have a book or books, and want to create a strong platform on which to build your publishing empire.

Now normally, I don’t trust pictures like the one below.  However, after taking the course, and seeing some of the details he goes into in some pretty awesome ebook marketing tactics, I think it’s safe to say that this is a good representation.Nick Stephenson's Results

This course starts with a great look at the industry at a whole and brings everything full circle as he goes into incredible tactics to immediately improve your pre-existing sales.  However, what makes this course epic is that he then goes into detail for each particular tactic like Facebook advertisement, automated selling systems, networking prowess, traffic generation methods, and more.

Of course, there are subjects like platform building and email list creation.  However, this course takes it a step further and shows you how to synchronize all your efforts so that they work together to truly grow your readership…to your first 10K readers…oh see what I did there?


Pros to Your First 10K Readers

  • Best course on Advanced marketing tactics
  • In-depth looks into individual and useful tactics – don’t gloss over
  • The best course for Fiction Authors…because its one of the only ones made by a fiction author
  • Excellent for Non-fiction as well

Cons to Your First 10K Readers

  • NOT for beginners
  • Must be willing and ready to increase your marketing efforts – not for the faint of heart
  • Ummm….yeah, that’s about it

Again this isn’t to say that the lack of details is a bad thing. Most people get bogged down with the details and therefore never pull the trigger and publish their book. I am totally a victim of this, but then again, I was a nuclear engineer so…I’m sort of detail oriented by nature.

Who Is Your First 10K Readers for?

  • Have you published a couple of books but didn’t make as much as you wanted?
  • Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and take your ebook marketing to the next level?
  • Are you a fiction writer sick of courses or article that don’t work for your platform?
  • Are you a non-fiction writer wanting to grow as well?

Then THIS is the course for you.

Get Started with Your First 10K Readers Now!

Final Evaluation

In truth, all three courses are excellent and definitely deliver on their promises. However, I strongly believe that each course is better for a specific type of person.

I believe K Money Mastery is perfect for those that are looking to step into kindle publishing without having to pay $600.  It offers a professional feel and quickly gets to the good stuff.  With a a $67 price tag, you’ll get your return on investment as soon as you publish your first book.  Low risk, high gain.

I believe Self-Publishing School is perfect for those who need help in writing their first book and getting a taste of some of the extra marketing methods out there. I also believe that all students will get a return on their investment in no time.  Basically this is the beginner course.

I believe that Authority Pub Academy is perfect for those who want to build an author platform and keep the momentum going as they create multiple books. While giving you the basic information on how to publish a book, it goes a step further and dives into strategies and more complex parts to the business.

And finally, I strongly believe that Your First 10K Readers is best for those who are advanced but want to step up their game to the next level.  Truly meant for the advanced, this course will teach you all of the individual amazing tactics and how to bind them all together in order to have a perfectly in sync publishing campaign.

If you need any more guidance on this, be sure to hit me up on my contact page or just reply to any of my emails.

And don’t forget that if you do click on any of the links and purchase either course, let me know, and we can do a 1-on-1 consulting for your book – something I don’t offer anywhere else.
Send the Receipt Here!

And now that this epic post is complete, I think I’ll treat myself to a little “author” treat:Dave Needs Wine after writing about what is the best self publishing course on the market



  • Nice comparison! I personally like Chandler’s mind-mapping idea to a book. Did you know Buck Books also has a publishing school? It’s the link at the bottom of their page which leads to Archangelink. I have seen their free video series, they have a SOLID launch sequence. But the rest I dunno…

    • However, after explaining his mindmapping process, it would have been AWESOME if he had shot a video of him actually creating one…instead of just showing clips of the finished product.

  • Thanks so much for this great write up Dave AND for taking the time to slog through all the videos. That’s an insane amount of time you’ve spent just to put together this one blog post. You’re a beast, man!

  • bjdesign

    An excellent review of two products, I have follow Steve Scott for several years now, he always delivers great content, Chandler only from his online presence. But overall a nice review of self publishing products

    • Yeah, like I said in the article, when I heard he was creating a course, I was like “well it’s about time dude.” I mean, look at those numbers! If you haven’t figured it out, I’m sort of a numbers and analytical geek.

  • Michael La Ronn

    This rocks. Wish more people did things like this for courses. You just stumbled on a heck of a business blog idea. 🙂

    • Hahah…awesome. Yeah, most of the time I just ask myself, what’s my biggest struggle. After seeing all the courses that are out there, I just wanted to know how they all compare and since there wasn’t really anything out there, I figured I’d dive on that grenade….haha. Let me know when that blog idea is out 😉

      • Michael La Ronn

        Ha! If only I had more time. 🙂 but you are definitely a braver man than I. 🙂

        • Haha…not brave…just well stocked with Red Bull 😉

        • Hey Michael, I just found your youtube videos. Way to rock it!!

          • Michael La Ronn

            Thanks, man!

    • I agree, Michael. There’s just SO much out there, it’s overwhelming and hard to sift through. Dave here has saved us time, money and possibly going down the wrong rabbit hole and I’ll happily click an affiliate link as a thank you for his time and effort.

    • I have developer WordPress (also for writers) over the past years and this makes me think I should have a post called, “The top 5 WordPress themes for writers.” and let people know what’s what.

  • happysimple

    Hi Dave. Good job putting this review post together and for making the effort to give a balanced overview of both the Authority Pub Academy course and Chandler’s course. I hope you have a lot of affiliate sales of that one with Steve Scott. 🙂

  • Marnie Ginsberg

    Thanks, Dave! Very helpful analysis.

  • I’m also in-depth kind of guy. In my review of Scott’s “61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Books on Amazon” I trashed Chandler’s “Book Launch”. Let me recall the wording:

    “Book Launch” can make you excited about writing and publishing. “61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books” will make you do the necessary steps to create your own Kindle business from scratch.

    I would say SPS is for novice who wants to learn the ropes and it’s a bit pricy for that goal. Scott’s course is for a novices and advanced authors who want to learn the business.

    • I’ll add to that last sentence with “and grow their self-publishing business.”

  • Dave, this is really well done, thank you so much for taking the time and putting this together. You’re truly adding value here by saving us time and helping us make a decision. I’m currently in Jeff Goins’ Tribe Writers and although Publishing is just 1 of the 4 modules, it’s more along the lines of Steve Scott’s longer-term strategies. I’m also a big fan of Joanna Penn and she has a course, too (I have no idea what it’s like, but she does everything with quality in mind:

    Again, a huge thank you for this!

    • Thanks Bradley! Joanna is pretty awesome sauce. I want to expand this article to more classes/course, however, the article is already +1500 words. I might add Nick Stephenson’s and leave it at three…but to add more, I might have to put on my thinking cap and get creative. Maybe infographic or something….hmmm…infographic. I might just try that…haha.

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  • Wow this is incredible Dave – thank you! I hadn’t even heard of the first 10,000 course but it seems like that’s the one for where I am at right now. I’m going to sign up for that one and will make sure I use your link!

    • Hey Kelly, awesome to here. I know he’ll reopen his course this summer, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, send em my way.

      • Agh yes – I just saw the course is not evergreen. I have signed up to get notified of when it’s on next xx Thank you!

  • Roy Gomez

    Thanks, Dave. Great reviews. Makes it so much easier for newbies like me to stay afloat. You rock.

    • Absolutely. Yeah, this article was all about finding some way to give people an understanding of how all of the Self Pub courses compare. After having sat through them all, it’s great to say with certainty which one is best suited for particular people….which its insane who much these courses really different. And with such a high price point, we need to know which one is right for us.

  • 2deuces

    I’m late to the party, as usual, but wanted to say thanks for this review and comparison. Good descriptions with very fair recommendations. These courses must be very profitable as there are a lot more out there, some tightly focused on a single marketing idea like Facebook ads or email lists, for $600+. Some days I feel I’m spending too much time just delete email pushing “Get Rich with Kindle” courses. Thank you for spending all of the money and time to provide honest reviews.

  • E.S. Tilton

    Wanted to let you know, your links to the courses are not working. Please let me know when you have them fixed. Thanks.

    • Hi E.S….sorry about that. Some of the courses are seasonal – as in they launch the course for a couple of weeks and then focus on the those student/class and then relaunch it again (changing up their links or course). I’ve corrected the the 10K Readers course link, which was the only one that wasn’t working properly. If there’s another, let me know. Also, 10K will be relaunching in about 10 days. Thanks for the heads up!

      • E.S. Tilton

        Thanks for the info on them launching in ten days. That was the primary course I was interested in. Do you happen to know how long that course takes. I know it says in ten days, but learning the material may take more time than is in the sales copy. I thought I clicked one of the other links too but they seem to be working right now, so maybe not. I felt each one might have info I’ve missed and might help me streamline my process, however they could also be a waste of time and money if I already know the material. Which was why I was looking at the ten day course. I really appreciate this blog and the information in it. Thank you for putting it out there.

        • How long a course takes really depends on your experience and knowledge on the subject. If you want, we can chat about it and see if its a good fit based on your experience and goals. I’d hate for you to take a course and pay all that money, only to find that’s not what you needed. just contact me via my contact page.

  • This is a great service you have done for us, Dave, which has helped me make my choice. Now while I am here, may I remind you that I sent you an email about the fantastic BD Generator tool that you are offering, but am unable to download,

    I can’t find anywhere on your page to download it. I tried clicking on Code Generator but it never gave me a code. I filled the form at the bottom of the page which took me to everything but the BD Generator. I joined your YouTube Channel.

    Still no BD Generator.

    Now what?

    • Hi, Glad you enjoyed the the breakdown of the courses. As for BD Generator, this is no ability to download it. You can use it at: (That top part isn’t a picture – you can start writing your description and then click on the buttons to make your words look exactly like they will on Amazon. Then, when you have it looking the way you want it, just click “Generate My Code.” That will then give you the HTML code you need to copy and paste into your KDP backend.

      • PS: Love the Gandalf reference… 😀

        • Cheers Dave. “Geru” is the colour worn by sadhus in India. So instead of Gandalf the White, I am called “Gandalf the Geru.” So about the BD Generator. Is it only for KDP? It doesn’t work for the Amazon Book Sales pages?

          • haha..nice. It does. But the CSS (style of the words) looks a little different – but the html rules still apply. I use my Book Description Generator for my Amazon books and Kindle.

  • Just to say that I have done Nick Stephenson’s course and it is worth every penny. I made the money back in 3 months and I heartily recommend it. Having said that – I agree with the comments above. It is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re going to do it, then DO IT.

  • jokawasai

    Dave, you are so hard working. And so diplomatic!

  • jameskatt

    The problem I have with the above courses are the lack of details. You have to figure too many things out for yourself. And that takes time and effort.
    If you are into details and a very straighforward connect-the-dots method,
    I would strongly consider this combination for Kindle Publishing:
    Then I would combine this information with the information from and KDP Rocket.
    So I wish Dave would review these other courses since they are much more into detail.

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