KENP Calculator: Know Exactly How Much Your KDP Select Books Make

Books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited earn royalties every time a reader flips a page.

Find out how much your entire book earns per reader by entering the number of pages below.
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Amazon changes the page royalty every month. This chart shows how much your book earned per reader over the last 6 months.

How the KENP Royalty Calculator Works?

This KENP royalty calculator is a great way to understand how much you are making per book in Kindle Unlimited.

This calculator takes the number of KENP ages in your book (see below), then tells you how much that book is worth in royalties for one complete readthrough.

Note that not every borrower counts as a complete readthrough. Some readers may only read a few pages, while others will read all the way through. But with this calculator, you can get an idea of what a complete readthrough would pay you in royalties.

We keep careful track of the royalty rates for KENP each month. Your royalty rates will fluctuate each month, but keep coming back to see how much each full readthrough is worth.

See also the KDP Royalty Calculator for in-depth royalty calculations for ebooks when bought outside of Kindle Unlimited, or for paperbacks and hardcovers.

How to Use the KENP Calculator

Step 1: Find your book's KENP Page Number by going to your KDP bookshelf, then click “Promote and Advertise” for the book in question. Your KENP page count can be found in the section entitled “Earn Royalties from the KDP Select Global Fund”.

Step 2: Enter your pages into the KENP Royalty Calculator and select your appropriate market (,, etc.).

Step 3: Examine the charge showing you the different fluxuations in royalties over the last few months.

What Is KENP and Where to Find It?

KENP stands for “Kindle Edition Normalized Pages”. This is basically the measurement system that Amazon uses to track all of the pages read by subscribers to Kindle Unlimited, the ebook subscription platform that Amazon uses.

Every book that you upload in Amazon KDP has the option of also being enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (or KDP Select as it's called on the author side).

Where do you find this page number?

This is relatively easy. Simply go to your KDP bookshelf, then click “Promote and Advertise” for the book you want to examine. Your KENP page count can be found in the section entitled “Earn Royalties from the KDP Select Global Fund”.

How Much Does Amazon Pay Per Page Read?

The amount that Amazon pays per Kindle Unlimited page read varies from one month to the next. Our KENP calculator will tell you exactly what that rate is for each month, but understand that it goes up and down.

KENP page rates also vary per country, with some marketplaces having higher payouts than others. That's why our KENP calculator includes a drop-down tab to select the market you are in.

How Does Amazon Calculate the Monthly KENP Rate?

KENP royalty rates are calculated with a very simple algorithm. First, they determine the numbers for the “KDP Select Global Fund” and the “Total Pages Read”

  • KDP Select Global Fund: this is the total amount of revenue that Amazon earns from all of the Kindle Unlimited subscribers lumped together, minus Amazon's cut. Amazon publishes this amount each month, so it's very public knowledge.
  • Total Pages Read: this is the total number of pages read by all Kindle Unlimited subscribers collectively.

Once you know these two numbers, the algorithm is simple:

KDP Select Global Fund / Total Pages Read = KENP Rate

How Are KENP Royalties Calculated?

If you want to know your own KENP royalties, it is another simple algorithm once you know the KENP rate:

Your KENP Pages Read * KENP Rate = Your Royalties

Additionally, if you want to know how much your book earns for a complete readthrough, this is the formula used to calculate it:

Your KENP Pages Per Book * KENP Rate = Your Royalties

Or you can use the KENP calculator above to make this process a lot easier.