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Wondering if ProWritingAid can help you write better? This complete ProWritingAid review will explain what ProWritingAid can do for you, how it helps, if Premium is worth it, and when I use ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly as a writer.

In this ProWritingAid review, you will learn:

  • How ProWritingAid helps your writing
  • Who ProWritingAid Premium is for and who it’s not
  • ProWritingAid vs Grammarly – which is best
  • How to get a ProWritingAid Discount

Let’s dive into our ProWritingAid review and see if you need this editing tool and why.

Just to note though, I am an affiliate for ProWritingAid and used affiliate links in this ProWritingAid review. However, good news – because I truly use ProWritingAid, they gave me a special discount code to knock off 40% on any package.

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ProWritingAid Features And How They Help

ProWritingAid bills itself as a “grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package,” and is aimed at helping authors, editors, copywriters, students and even professionals. As a Kindlepreneur reader, you’re almost certainly in one or more of those groups.

So what exactly can ProWritingAid do for you and how does it deliver on such a claim? We’ll cover each area of this in the ProWritingAid review below.

1. ProWritingAid Will Fix Your Writing and Grammar Everywhere

Having a top-notch spelling and grammar checkers is what I’d personally consider the bare minimum. However, it is important to note that not only is ProWritingAid’s spelling and grammar checker way better than Word’s, it also integrates into just about every form of writing you can do from online writing to word documents, to Scrivener, and more – which is something I’ll discuss in detail later in this article. Basically, wherever you write, ProWritingAid will be there to help.

ProWritingAid Review Grammar Checks

2. ProWritingAid Will Help To Improve Your Word Choices and Vernacular

It’s one thing to stop mistakes. It’s another to help improve your writing in real-time. ProWritingAid has three particular features that have helped me improve my writing in real-time.

Word Explorer: Word Explorer will help you use the most appropriate word possible to convey your precise meaning at all times. Using things like the Dictionary, Contextual Thesaurus, Reverse Dictionary, Collocation Dictionary, Alliteration Dictionaries, Cliche Dictionaries and a whole bunch more, it will automatically analyze your writing to find the right use of the words or suggestions to improve your word choice. As my family will tell you, I have the habit of using the wrong word, and thankfully this feature has not only noticed when I do that but also has suggested more powerful words that better explain my intention.

Repetition Elimination: Repetition is a serious curse for writers as it not only ruins the reader experience but can be almost impossible to spot. ProWritingAid eliminates your blind spots by pointing out repetition for you, which not only improves your writing but helps to see common threads to your writing style and improve your overall writing capability.

Real-Time Scoring of Your Writing: One of the newest features that recently rolled out is a real-time grammar and style checking score. This is a little score in the upper left corner that updates as you edit. So if you’re making edits that are making your writing better (or worse), you’ll know right away.

prowritingaid review real-time grammar

*The Real-Time Scoring feature is only available in ProWritingAid Premium*

3. ProWritingAid will Conform to Your Writing Style

Before you write, you can select which style of writing you intend to do. This could be selecting General, Academic, Business, Technical, Creative, Casual, and Web. By doing this, ProWritingAid will change the way it recommends things to you and thus doesn’t make you look out of place. An example is that when I write for Kindlepreneur, I use “Casual” (Can you tell?). Because of this, the Word Editor doesn’t recommend big words and allows for some of my more relaxed word fragments. However, when I write some of my nonfiction books, I use either Technical or Casual depending on the audience I’m trying to reach.

4. ProWritingAid Will Help Improve Your Writing Skill Over Time

Staying true to its promise of being a writing coach, ProWritingAid doesn’t just correct you, it teaches you at the same time. With the explanations offered, you’ll learn about the English language in great detail and increase in mastery over time. While my grammar nerd friends absolutely LOVE the features that help to do this, I personally find it to be a bit much and haven’t really benefited from it. But again, I’m not as devoted to studying my writing and correcting it. But if you are, then this will totally rock.

Visualization: As part of its vast wealth of information, ProWritingAid offers a visual analysis of your work. This includes charts representing your sentence lengths over time and ways you can improve. You can use these to identify your tendencies and work to improve upon it over time.

20+ Different Writing Reports: One of the things most writers love about ProWritingAid is their reports. This is what really separates them from the rest. In order to help you improve your writing, they have 20+ different reports to help analyze, critique and improve your overall writing. Again, this felt a bit overwhelming to me, but not to my uber-writer friends.

ProWritingAid Review Reports Icons

Note: While ProWritingAid does have Plagiarism checks, they are NOT included in the Free or Premium version. To use the Plagiarism checker, you can buy bundles of checks or upgrade to the Premium Plus version, which includes some checks. It

prowritingaid review plagiarism checks bundles

As you can see, the feedback ProWritingAid can give you to improve your writing is far beyond what most other proofreading software offers.

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ProWritingAid Features – Free vs Premium

ProWritingAid is available in a variety of free and paid options. The key thing about this, though, is that the free option is absolutely incredible in what it provides, but for the true writers, you’ll want those extras that are offered in Premium.

ProWritingAid Free

The free, online version of ProWritingAid offers the following capabilities:

  • Online use only
  • 500 words at a time
  • 25 writing reports
  • Limited results with Word Explorer Tool

ProWritingAid Premium

The premium, fully featured version of ProWritingAid offers:

  • Access to the desktop app
  • Analyze full-length documents such as novels
  • 25 writing reports
  • Integrations for Word, Docs, Chrome, and Scrivener
  • Full functionality of Word Explorer Tool
  • *NEW* real-time grammar and style checking (writing score updates in real time as you edit)

So, in the end, I commend ProWritingAid for offering what they do in the Free version. However, the real power and all features/capabilities listed above are in the Premium. So, with these two versions, how much does ProWritingAid cost?

How much does ProWritingAid cost?

ProWritingAid Premium is available at the following prices:

  • 1 Year = $50  –> $30*
  • 2 Year = $75  –> $45*
  • 3 Year = $100  –> $60*
  • Lifetime = $175  –> $105*

*Use the coupon code KINDLE40 for this low price

This is where I think ProWritingAid has the best competitive advantage over any other proofreading and editing software. Not only is it cheaper than Grammarly and others, they also offer a lifetime version. If you’re intending to write professionally for any period of time, the lifetime version is the best way to go. I personally hate subscriptions and having to pay repeatedly.

ProWritingAid Review of Integrations

ProWritingAid Review Integrations

Aside from writing reports, ProWritingAid’s killer feature is its ability to integrate with other apps. This is only available with a Premium License. ProWritingAid offers the following integrations:

ProWritingAid for Microsoft Word

  • Adds a ProWritingAid toolbar into Microsoft Word
  • Compatible with Word versions 2007. 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Not compatible with Word for Mac (all other features are fully functional on Mac)

ProWritingAid for Google Chrome

  • Available as a browser extension
  • Provides ProWritingAid functionality for all online writing
  • Integrates with Gmail. Facebook, WordPress, and others

ProWritingAid for Google Docs

  • Integrates directly into Google Docs
  • Automatically checks your Google email to see whether you have a Premium license or not

ProWritingAid Desktop (Scrivener, Rich Text, Open Office, Markdown Integration)

  • Using the desktop ProWritingAid app lets you work with content in writing software like Scrivener or Open Office without losing any formatting

If you’ve tried the free version of ProWritingAid, but want to experience its integrations and desktop app, a two-week free trial is available. You can use this to preview whether a Premium license is worth it for you.

Grammarly vs ProWritingAid – How do They Compare?

If you read our recent review of Grammarly, you may be wondering how the two stack up against each other and which is right for you.

Free VersionYesYes
Premium Version$50 Per Year
$30 Per Year With Coupon:
$140 Per Year
Free Premium TrialFree Trial for 14 Days!
Mobile AppNoYes
Online EditorYesYes
Desktop AppYes with PremiumYes with Free
Windows CompatibleYesYes
Mac CompatibleYesYes
IntegrationsWord (Windows only)
Google Docs
Writing ReportsExtensiveBasic

As you can see, ProWritingAid not only has a lot more features but is also much cheaper. However, that doesn’t necessarily make one better than the other. The best way to show you how these two stack up is through video. In the below video, I show you Grammarly vs ProWritingAid and how each feature looks and acts. You’ll be surprised to see some of the differences:

Is ProWritingAid Safe?

ProWritingAid is absolutely safe.

It’s natural to have questions about uploading valuable work for analysis. Is the work stored? Is it vulnerable? Could it be stolen?

ProWritingAid makes an ethical point of not storing a single word you submit on their servers. No data is retained after analysis ends. This is the case for both the free and paid versions, so you can use it with total confidence.

ProWritingAid Refund Policy

ProWritingAid offers a 14-day free trial so you can determine whether it’s a good fit for you. They politely request that customers don’t abuse the refund policy, as it’s offered in good faith, and state that people will only ever be allowed to receive one refund.

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ProWritingAid Coupon & Student Discount

If you decide to you’re ready to get everything ProWritingAid Premium has to offer you, enjoy getting 40% off the list price by using the special ProWritingAid Coupon for Kindlepreneur readers below:

Save 40% on ProWritingAid by using the below promo code:

Coupon Code: KINDLE40

Is ProWritingAid Good Enough? The Final ProWritingAid Review Verdict

As you can see in this review of ProWritingAid, this tool is far more than just a grammar checker.

To sum it up, ProWritingAid can give you:

  • in-depth analysis and feedback from 25 different perspectives
  • reports to summarize your strengths and weaknesses at a glance
  • integrations that work with Word, Scrivener, Docs, Chrome, and more
  • for a fraction of the price of Grammarly

If you’re looking for a powerful tool to help you become a better writer, not just find typos, then check out ProWritingAid today! As you saw from this ProWritingAid review, it has a lot to offer.

Thanks to my amazing Kindlepreneur readers for pointing out that I should review ProWritingAid and give it a try. I’m glad I did and now I can happily pass on that same recommendation to you.



Hey Guys, I’m Dave and when I am not sipping tea with princesses or chasing the Boogey man out of closets, I’m a Kindlepreneur and digital marketing nut – it’s my career, hobby, and passion.


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