Scrivener Coupons and Discount Codes (Updated for 2024)

If you're a writer, you've probably heard about Scrivener. It's an incredibly useful program that helps authors organize long and complex writing projects.

I've been using Scrivener for years in my work as a novelist and absolutely love it. The problem is that it's not cheap! A license costs $59 for either Mac or Windows.

Luckily, I've discovered some fantastic Scrivener coupons and promo codes that can save you a bundle on this software. Furthermore, unlike a lot of fake sites out there, I have verified each of these codes to ensure they work.

Please note that I do use affiliate links in this article, but that it is no extra cost to you, and only goes to fuel my coffee fund and keep me writing.

The Best Scrivener Code for PC and Mac

Before we get into my list of codes available for Scrivener, I wanted to start by showing you the best and most reliable one. This code has not only lasted the longest, but is also a fan favorite. To use this code, you need to click the link below and then apply the term in all caps:

Click to get Discount: KINDLEPRENEUR

This code:

  • Saves 20% off your purchase
  • Works for both Windows and Mac versions
  • Is easy to redeem during checkout

Most other Scrivener promo codes only work on one platform or the other. But this one is universally valid for either PC or Mac and will save you $12.

Some people have reported finding Scrivener codes that offer 25% or even 30% off. However, I've tested dozens of these and almost all are expired. Kindlepreneur consistently works every time. A guaranteed 20% off is better than hoping for a code that may not work anymore.

How to Redeem This Scrivener Coupon

It only takes a few simple steps to redeem the Kindlepreneur promo code and get 20% off Scrivener:

  1. Go to and click “Buy” for either Scrivener for Windows or Mac. This will add it to your shopping cart.
  2. View your cart and look for the “Add Coupon” section. Enter the code KINDLEPRENEUR here.
  3. The discount will be applied, taking 20% off your Scrivener purchase! Complete checkout as normal.
  4. After purchasing, you'll receive an order confirmation email from Literature & Latte with instructions to download your software license.
  5. Download and install Scrivener on your computer. 

And that's it! By using the Kindlepreneur promo code, you just slashed 20% off the regular retail price of Scrivener for Mac or Windows. It's the best Scrivener discount code available today.

List of Scrivener Discount Codes

Now you know that KINDLEPRENEUR is the #1 Scrivener promo code to use right now. However, it never hurts to have some backup options just in case.

Here are a few other Scrivener coupon codes that may work:

  • REDDIT – May offer 10-20% off
  • WORDSWITHJAM – Reported to save 20%
  • UPREV – Chance to save 10%
  • SUSSEXCENTRE – Possible 10% discount
  • LISAALZO – Chance for 20% off Mac version

The codes above are hit or miss whether they work or not today. I've had readers report success with them over the years, but Literature & Latte seems to expire codes without notice.

Your safest bet is to stick with KINDLEPRENEUR. But if for some reason that code stops working, give one of the other Scrivener promo codes a try.

Best Most Secure Coupon: KINDLEPRENEUR

Why You Should Get Scrivener

Now that you can save 20% with the Kindlepreneur coupon code, you may be wondering if Scrivener is worth buying at all.

As a long time Scrivener user myself, I can definitively say yes! It's an invaluable writing program that has some amazing benefits:


Scrivener helps you organize and manage research, notes, outlining, and more for complex writing projects. You can view linked documents in the “Binder,” take notes in the “Corkboard,” and outline major sections and chapters. This helps keep all your writing organized in one place.

Focus Mode

The full screen “Composition Mode” lets you hide the editing toolbar and focus only on your writing. This “zen” screen helps you get into a flow state without distractions.


Scrivener includes pre-built templates for screenplays, fiction, academic papers, and more. This saves setup time when starting new projects.

Revision Tools

The “Snapshots” feature lets you track changes during edits. The “Corkboard” helps rearrange chapters or scenes. And you can export to most standard formats when done.


Scrivener has versions for Mac, Windows, and iOS. 

As you can see, Scrivener has many excellent features for writers. It's well worth the investment, especially at 20% off thanks to the Kindlepreneur coupon code!

Additionally, you can check out my full review here.

The Right Way to Use These Scrivener Discount Codes

If you decide to purchase Scrivener, it's important to redeem any promo codes and discounts properly to ensure you receive the savings. Here are some tips:

  • Only buy directly through this link. Third party resellers typically don't accept codes.
  • Try entering the code first before adding your payment info. Discounts don't always show until the code is entered.
  • Pick between the Mac or Windows version before checkout, as some codes only work for one or the other (but not the KINDLEPRENEUR code, which works for both)
  • If a code doesn't work or shows as expired, try another from the list above. Promos change frequently.
  • You can only redeem one code per purchase. Don't try entering multiple coupons at checkout.

Following this advice will help ensure your Scrivener promo code works and you maximize the savings. Let me know if any issues arise and I'll try to help get it sorted out!

Pros and Cons of Scrivener

Scrivener is an excellent software for writers, but no program is perfect. Before purchasing, it's a good idea to consider both the pros and cons:


  • Organizes notes, documents, research in one place
  • Focus/Composition mode for distraction-free writing
  • Cross-platform – use on Mac, Windows, iOS
  • Hundreds of templates for different writing projects
  • Revision control and editing tools
  • Free trial to test it out


  • Steep learning curve to master all features
  • Not the best for collaborative writing
  • Must pay to upgrade to new versions
  • A few compatibility issues with new operating systems
  • Can be sluggish on older/underpowered computers

For most writers, the pros easily outweigh the cons. Scrivener won't be the right fit for every user, but for long writing projects it can make a huge difference in your productivity and organization.

Now that you can get it 20% off with the KINDLEPRENEUR promo code, it's very affordable. If you write fiction, nonfiction, screenplays or academic papers, Scrivener is absolutely worth trying thanks to the discount.

Get 20% Off Scrivener with Code: KINDLEPRENEUR

Do You Know of Other Scrivener Codes?

I hope this article has helped you discover some great Scrivener coupon codes and discounts! The KINDLEPRENEUR promo code is definitely the best one to use right now for 20% off either the Windows or Mac version.

If you happen to have any other current Scrivener codes, please share! I'm always looking for new discounts to pass along to my readers.

And if you've used any of the promo codes mentioned here, let me know how they worked for you. I try to keep this list updated with only codes that are currently active. But things can change fast when it comes to coupons and deals.

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