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Publish Drive Review (Is It Worth It?) + Promo Code!

In today’s Publish Drive review, we’ll check out one of the newest entrants into the battle of self-publishing distribution companies. If you’ve read my comparison of Smashwords and Draft2Digital vs Publish Drive, you’ll know that these services can be real time savers. If you want to spend more time writing and less worrying about tedious…

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The Ultimate Guide to Goodreads for Authors


Do you know just how influential the power of social media is today? From presidential politics to reviewing the latest in Star Wars headcanon, it seems there is a place for social media in all aspects of life. But what about for authors and writing? That answer exists and lies soundly within a platform called…

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How to Choose a Pen Name

There are many reasons authors use pen names. It could be for marketing purposes or it could just be for their own comfort. But regardless of why one chooses to use a pseudonym,  creating a pen name can play an important part in your book’s marketing. In this article, you will learn: Why do authors…

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Episode 23: Marketers & Coffee: Lessons learned publishing and marketing with Joanna Penn

lessons learned publising and marketing with Joanna Penn

                                             Joanna and I might seem like competitors but in this medium, there really isn’t such a thing as competition. Just because somebody writes in the same niche as you, don’t look at them as a competitor. Instead, network with them, combine forces, email one another. You can work together to grow. It goes…

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