Episode 30: What Price Should You List your Book At?

what price to list your book patrick king

A common question from authors is about pricing their books. There are five major things to take into consideration when setting your price: Competition analysis; Analysis of KU and Kindle Direct prices; Target Demographic; Future Book Sales; and Launch Prices.

Patrick King is the guest for this episode, and he’s had first-hand experiences testing prices and seeing what sticks.

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Episode 29: Ways to Make More Money with Your Book

Authors have more opportunities to make money from their books aside from just selling them. In this episode I talk about creating services and merchandise in addition to your book that readers can purchase as a means for additional income.

Gundi Gabrielle is an expert at turning books into even more profit-generating businesses. We look at examples of authors who took their book idea and made something even more.

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Episode 28: How to Choose a Pen Name

E28 How to Choose a Pen Name

There are a number of reasons to use a pen name for your writing, including anonymity, separating an author’s personal and professional worlds, choosing something easier to pronounce, protection, or as a marketing technique.
When an author plans to pick a pen name, consider creating the author name with the reader’s perceptions and their ability to remember it in mind.

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Episode 27: Marketers & Coffee: Getting the Most out of AMS Ads with Brian Meeks

e27 getting the most out of ams ads brian meeks

Mastering AMS ads isn’t something you can just throw some money at and hope they’ll work. It takes time and some knowledge of how they work. In this special Coffee and Marketing episode, Brian Meeks will walk us through three major points to understand when it comes to AMS ads:

Don’t trust the AMS ads reporting system, trust the keywords KDP Rocket gives you, and more keywords is better (even misspellings).

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Episode 26: When and How to Redesign Your Book Cover

e26 redesign book cover

While the adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” may be true, it’s no secret that many people shopping for books don’t take that advice. A book cover is more important than you might think. You could be the greatest author and your book could be phenomenal, but if your cover doesn’t grab a reader’s attention and give them insight into what your book is about, they won’t necessarily buy it.

We’ve had Sasscer Hill on a previous show to talk about how she revived older books to increase sales and she talked about changing her cover design. In this episode, we dive a bit deeper into what she did to change her covers.

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Episode 25: Constructing a Book Description

e25 constructing a book description bryan cohen

                                             The first time I put my book on Amazon, I didn’t think to put much time into writing the description because I didn’t think it was very important, but when Amazon came out with Amazon Marketing Services, the importance became more apparent. I could see when people saw the cover and title on…

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Episode 23: Marketers & Coffee: Lessons learned publishing and marketing with Joanna Penn

lessons learned publising and marketing with Joanna Penn

                                             Joanna and I might seem like competitors but in this medium, there really isn’t such a thing as competition. Just because somebody writes in the same niche as you, don’t look at them as a competitor. Instead, network with them, combine forces, email one another. You can work together to grow. It goes…

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Episode 21: Start Your Author Email List ASAP

amy murphy start email list asap

We all know marketing our book is important on social media, but are you using an email list to help your book sales? Many authors, including myself, say one of their biggest regrets is not starting an email list sooner.

Our case study in this episode is Amy Murphy, an award-winning sci-fi novelist, who started off with basically no email list, but successfully grew her list and will share some tips she used to not only increase her book sales, but also get feedback and reviews. Her tips will help authors find success with their book sales, and who may not have time to cultivate and grow a list by themselves, as well.

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