162 Book Club Names: Fun Ideas to Get Your Creativity Flowing

Books aren't going anywhere. Despite some people saying that “no one reads anymore,” the increasing number of book sales says differently. And although reading is an individual activity, we've all experienced the thrill of discussing a favorite novel with a friend. Perhaps that's why book clubs are such fun! 

But a good book club needs a good name. Which is why we've compiled a list of the best book club names for your reading pleasure. Use them as they are or for inspiration for your own!

In this article, you will learn:
  1. The Benefits of Book Clubs
  2. Authors and Book Clubs
  3. Clever Book Club Names
  4. Funny Book Club Names
  5. Ladies Book Club Names
  6. Pop Culture Book Club Names
  7. Tips for Creating Your Book Club
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The Benefits of a Book Club

Whether you're an avid reader wanting to discuss the books you love or an author looking for a way to engage your readers, forming a book club can be the solution. There are also many readily apparent benefits of book clubs. 

Grow the Brain

Okay, reading doesn't really make the brain grow. But it is good for the brain. And forming a book club is one way to keep yourself accountable while helping to keep that brain engaged and working. 

Make New Friends

Book clubs are great places to make new friends. These informal meetings — whether in person or over the internet — can help people get to know each other and form strong friendships. 

A Great Way to Relieve Stress

There are no right or wrong comments or answers in a reading group. It's a safe place to share your opinions without fear of being “wrong” or earning a failing grade. You can be yourself and have fun, which are both great ways to relieve stress. 

Expand Your Tastes

Chances are you'll read books you wouldn't otherwise read in a book group. You never know what genre you might find much more enthralling than you ever thought possible. Plus there's nothing wrong with expanding your horizons a bit!

Authors and Book Clubs

For authors, book groups have additional benefits. They can be a great part of your book marketing plan, but that's not all.

Develop Loyal Fans

While a book club you form won't only read your books, it will be a great way to showcase your new works and develop a set of loyal fans that can be your evangelists to help spread the word about your new releases.  To learn how to best utilize these loyal fans for the greatest impact during a book release, check out my free book launch checklist.

Become a Better Writer

There's nothing like going directly to the source to see what does and doesn't work in literature. Not only can you get valuable feedback from your reading group about your books, but hearing what people like and dislike about other books can also make you a better storyteller

Get New Ideas

One of the best things about reading new books and discussing them with others is that they often spark new ideas. Nothing gets the mind turning like a passionate discussion of character, plot, and craft. After you find your next great book idea, be sure to validate it has the potential for success.

Determine Marketing Strategies

By listening to what book club members enjoy, authors can sense new trends or niche interests among readers. These observations should spark ideas to help discover profitable keywords or growing categories where readers are hungrily searching for fresh stories. Staying close to the pulse of active readers helps authors make better marketing decisions- and for a full guide on how to maximize your marketing potential, check out my free e-book on how to become an Amazon bestseller.

28 Clever Book Club Names

These clever group names should be a hit with any book lover and perfect for your club name. 

  1. Nothing But Good Books
  2. As the Pages Turn
  3. Full of Fiction
  4. A Tale of Two Stories
  5. Fiction Diction
  6. It Was the Best of Books, It Was the Worst of Books
  7. Read to Live, Live to Read
  8. Between the Covers
  9. The Spirited Book Club
  10. Take a Look, It’s in a Book
  11. Here for the Merlot
  12. Coffee and Books
  13. Know Thy Shelf
  14. Wise Words
  15. The Reading Crew
  16. Bound by Books
  17. Shelf Indulgence
  18. Literary Layers
  19. The Narrative Navigators
  20. Chapter and Verse
  21. Bindings and Brews
  22. Tome Raiders
  23. Page Sages
  24. Books Beyond Borders
  25. Spine Aligners
  26. Ink and Insights
  27. Book Look
  28. Chapter Chat

27 Funny Book Club Names

Below are some funny club names. Okay, some of them may be cringe-worthy, but in a good way. 

  1. The Book is Always Better
  2. To Thine Own Shelf Be True
  3. A Novel Idea
  4. The Therapy Book Club
  5. Novel Newts
  6. The Nerd Herd
  7. All Out Of Shelf Space
  8. Don't Eat the Bookworm
  9. Alliteration Station
  10. The Prose Posse
  11. Booked for the Weekend
  12. Lit Happens
  13. The Plot Thickens
  14. Wine About Books
  15. Cover to Cover Coven
  16. The Spine Breakers
  17. Page Turners Anonymous
  18. Curl Up and Read Crew
  19. Fiction Addiction
  20. We're Booked Solid
  21. Lit Off The Page
  22. Between the Wines
  23. Paperback Pals
  24. Chapter Chatters
  25. Escaping Reality Readers
  26. Shhh… We're Reading
  27. The Book Binge Brigade

25 Ladies Book Club Names

These names are great for ladies-only book clubs. No boys allowed!

  1. The Yass Queen Book Club
  2. The Reading Divas
  3. Dirty Reading
  4. Babes in Bookland
  5. Book Chicks
  6. Heroines Found Here
  7. The Naughtiest Novels
  8. The Feminist Book Club
  9. Literary Ladies
  10. Byronic Heroines
  11. Bookshop Betties
  12. Mom Time Book Club
  13. The Lady Librarians
  14. The Lit Chicks
  15. Page-Turning Pearls
  16. The Novel Nymphs
  17. Girls with Glasses
  18. Reading Roses
  19. Versed Vixens
  20. Storyline Sorority
  21. The Empowered Empresses
  22. Plot-Twisting Princesses
  23. The Book Babes Brigade
  24. Book Feminists Foundation
  25. Book Cover Girls

30 Cool Book Club Names

These cool club names can give your book group a personality that matches its members. 

  1. Book Buffet
  2. The Best Book Club
  3. Bookshop Shepherds
  4. Booklovers R' Us
  5. Fantastic Science Fiction
  6. Romance Readers Rule
  7. The Thrilling Book Club
  8. Bookshop Bogies
  9. Thrills and Chills
  10. Paperbacks & Pioneers
  11. Unputdownable United
  12. Novel Notions
  13. Literary Illuminators
  14. Books & Banter
  15. Reading Renegades
  16. Chronicles & Cappuccinos
  17. The Textual Tribe
  18. The Radical Readers
  19. Pages & Prodigies
  20. Prose Pioneers
  21. The Script Squad
  22. The Enlightened Editions
  23. Saga Surfers
  24. Novel Knights
  25. The Read Awakening
  26. Turned Pages Troop
  27. The Manuscript Mavericks
  28. Book Beats Battalion
  29. Chronicles Crew
  30. Book Wizards

34 Pop Culture Book Club Names

Who doesn't like a little pop culture word play? 

  1. Pulp Fiction
  2. The Grateful Read
  3. Only Readers Left Alive
  4. 30 Books to Mars
  5. Read Zeppelin
  6. Drop Dead Read
  7. Read Against the Machine
  8. The Read Hot Chili Peppers
  9. There Will Be Books
  10. Reading Rainbows
  11. Read Lola Read
  12. The Reading Stones
  13. Kool and the Gang of Readers
  14. My Novel Romance
  15. Radioread
  16. Talking Books
  17. Prose and the City
  18. Novelicious!
  19. The Catcher in the Book Club
  20. Ready Player Read
  21. The Book Side of the Moon
  22. The Novel Beatles
  23. Reading Park
  24. Fleetwood Mac-n-Books
  25. Game of Tomes
  26. Breaking Book
  27. The Great Book-sby
  28. Book Marley and The Readers
  29. The Book Doors
  30. Book Eyed Peas
  31. Imagining Dragons
  32. One Direction to the Bookstore
  33. Coldread
  34. Arctic Reading Monkeys

18 Creative Book Club Names

And sometimes we're just looking for a bit of creativity. Here are some names to think through:

  1. The Boundless Bookworms
  2. Booked Beyond Imagination
  3. The Inkwell Explorers
  4. Parchment Ponderers
  5. Codex Connoisseurs
  6. The Creative Chronicles
  7. Caffeinated Chapter Chasers
  8. Prose and Cons
  9. Narrative Navigators
  10. Whispering Wordsmiths
  11. Well-Read Wanderers
  12. Mysterious Margins
  13. Dog-Eared Detectives
  14. Epic Endeavors Ensemble
  15. Tales & Treatises Tribe
  16. Bound By Spines
  17. The Page Sage Brigade
  18. Plotline Pioneers

Tips for Creating Your Book Club

Now that you have some ideas for great book club names, it's time for some helpful tips. 

Choose the Members

Think about the members you'll want to join your book club. Ideally, you'll want members that all have similar tastes, but not so similar that you'll have a hard time finding new books to read. Ask your friends if they know anyone who may want to join. 

Select a Theme

Next, select a theme for the group. This doesn't have to be set in stone and can be changed from book to book. But, it's fun to have some kind of theme in place for a start. This could be something like “Halloween” or even “Merlot.” Or you could get a little more creative and select themes like “cozy reads” where everyone shows up in their pajamas. There are plenty of possibilities! 

Choose a Meeting Time

This is often the hardest step because everyone is pretty busy most of the time. Luckily, forming a virtual book club is easier today than ever before. Getting together on Skype or some other virtual meeting space can be much easier than meeting in person. 

Decide on Books

There are a couple of different ways to decide on books. You can have a vote on a few different choices, or you can take turns picking the book. If you're an author, you may want to start with your own book and then go from there. 

Have Fun

Don't forget to enjoy yourself! A book club should be fun. You'll have times where there won't be much discussion about the book itself as people go off subject, and that's okay. As long as everyone has a good time at the meeting, consider your book club a success. 

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A book club is a great way to have fun, make friends, and discuss your love of literature. If you're an author, they can do all these things while also helping you find more readers, get more reviews, and become a better writer. They take very little effort and they're pretty good at getting people to read more, which is always a good thing. I hope some of these silly book club names help you decide on a name for your club!

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