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Welcome to the first ever Episode of Kindlepreneur’s Book Marketing Show Podcast.  This is something I’ve wanted to create for years. But I didn’t want it to become just another podcast where I interview people and we talk broadly about their success as an author.

Instead, I wanted to create something that dove deep into book marketing tactics and really got to the heart of why some authors succeed while others don’t.

Therefore, to ensure I deliver on this, each episode will focus on only one book marketing tactic.  I’ll then spend the first 7 minutes or so, and discuss the tactics, its steps and anything else important.  Then, I’ll bring on a guest who will discuss their experience with that tactic and what they learned, as well as their results.  

This way you’ll get the information on the tactic, then a case study showing how a real author used it.  

Sometimes though, I’ll bring on different authors to discuss their take on something.  For example, in a future episode, I’ll bring on some authors who believe you should use Kindle Unlimited and those that don’t. That way we’ll see both sides of the coin.  

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So, if you’re prepared to start learning how to sell more books while driving in the car or waiting in line somewhere, but not have to pay lots of money, then this is the show for you!  All you have to do is click the button below to subscribe.  That way you’ll get my latest episode right to your phone:

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