How to get Your Book Ranked for More Amazon Book Categories


The process for adding your book to other Categories is simple, and if you listened to the last episode, Episode 17, of the Book Marketing Show, you’ll already be familiar with the process and the form you’re going to use.

When you do your research to determine which Categories you book will do best in, try to niche down and avoid very broad categories. But also be sure your book absolutely falls into those niche categories.

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You’ll need the following information when you send the request:

Once you have this information, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click to go to this Help/Contact Page for Author Central and sign into your KDP account
  2. Under “How We Can Help” select “Amazon Book Page”
  3. Then select “Update Amazon Categories”
  4. Then in the box, you'll see the following:

You can submit a single request for all category updates. Add a line per marketplace, using the example below.
Example: ASIN or ISBN, .COM, UK, DE, JP, etc., eBook or book, preferred category

Categories to be added (list each category as a separate line item for all applicable titles):


Categories to be removed (list each category as a separate line item for all applicable titles):


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To fill this out, put your book's ASIN or ISBN in there that you want to change the categories, and the market.  Then enter in the appropriate category string that you want to be included for or removed from.

A category string looks like this:

Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Colonization

Be sure to check out KDP Rocket and its new Category Search feature to find the best Category string to send to Amazon.

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7 thoughts on “How to get Your Book Ranked for More Amazon Book Categories

  1. Pawel Lapinski

    So lets say I found 10 categories that needs 1 sale to rank number 1 but those are broad categories only somehow related to the book ie. category ending with: /animals and book is about dolphins. Are those good or I should search for categories that are more related to the book ie.water mammals.What is better broad category that is somehow related but can rank # with 1 sale or more specific category than can rank #1 with 20 sales.Also should I use all 10 categories that are broad but somehow related and are easy to rank #1 or just few of them and then the rest more related to the book but difficult to rank for

  2. Jocelyn Daly

    Hi Dave, if there are a few categories I ‘d like to request, how long should I leave it in between requests to Amazon? A day, or few hours etc?

    1. Dave Chesson

      You can do it immediately – although nowadays, you can actually just request all of them at once. WhenI made that video they just started to allow authors to do it, and it was best that you only request one at a time. But not any more.

  3. Hannah Lynn

    Hi Dave, I got a confirmation from Amazon that my book is now in a number of other categories, but they do not show up on the book`s Amazon page, it still just shows 3. Is this normal?
    thanks for a great site.

    1. Dave Chesson

      Read secret #3 here:

  4. Me

    Thanks a mil, Dave!

  5. Jan McInnis

    Hey Dave. .I just did this and got my kindle book in another category. THANK YOU. I really love your site. I do not know how I came upon it, but It is wonderful – keep up the good work! Jan

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