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IMPORTANT: Amazon Complains of “Invisible Characters”

If when you go to publish your book description, and Amazon says “no” and responds with something like “Description may not contain invisible characters” this means that there are some <><> tags that don't have anything in between the two “<>” and they must be removed before Amazon will be okay.

About a year ago, Amazon made this change.  That's why sometimes when you go to update your KDP dashboard, a book description that you used to have that was acceptable, won't be now.

So, remove these and your description will be completely fine!

How Did Invisible Characters happen?

If you had something in the book description generator above, and formatted it, but then deleted it, the Generator will remove the words but won't remove the formatting tags, thus leaving something like <ul></ul>.  Amazon sees the code, but nothing in between them so it calls it invisible code.

Examples of what to look for:
Good:<h2>These words will be bigger</h2>

BAD: <i></i>
GOOD: <i>this phrase is italicized </i>

So, look for where there are some <><> with nothing in between them and remove them and you should be good to go.

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Ever wonder why some book descriptions look nicer, have bigger words, and stick out more?

That’s because many self-publishers are using Amazon approved HTML in order to make them look that way.  Sounds crazy, right? Well, it turns out that making your description stick out can also help to increase your book's sales conversion rate…meaning you can get 15% more sales…which is nice.

So, in this article, I will show you two ways in which you can create your own nice looking book description:

  • Create a Book description with my free tool
  • How to create your own, which I will explain below.

There's the easy way…or the hard way.  Either way, your book's sales page will be popping!

Using the Kindlepreneur Free Book Description Generator

Thanks to the programming side of the Kindlepreneur team, we’ve created a book description generator that anyone can use, without having to know HTML. The above Amazon Book Description Generator will help you to create those beautiful descriptions with just a couple of clicks of a button.

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The best part is, even if you know your HTML skills, this tool will allow you to see exactly how it will look before you input it into Amazon. So, no longer do you have to guess, write, publish and then check your page to make sure you didn’t make a mistake or that it looks the way you want it.

Quick Overview of the Book Description Generator

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How to Use the Amazon Description Generator

  1. Type in your book description.  Make sure not to use a pre-formatted version from your word doc.  This will only confuse the generator and cause you to have a not-so-easy time.  Instead, just type it in the generator or just use plain text.
  2. Highlight any section of your description and click on the button that represents how you want it to look like. Want the words to be really big? Just click on the button with the really big words.
  3. Once you’ve got it looking the way you want, then click the button “Generate My Code.”
  4. Remember that Amazon only allows 4,000 characters in the book description section. These 4,000 characters also include the HTML characters.  So ensure your word characters plus HTML characters are 4,000 or less.
  5. Right below the “Generate My Code”, the HTML for your description will appear. Copy that, and place it in your book description box in your Amazon KDP dashboard.

How to Change Your Book's Description in Amazon’s Dashboard:

  1. Go to your KDP account's Bookshelf
  2. Find the book you want to change the description for and click “Edit Details”
  3. Scroll down to the section titled “Description”
  4. Paste the code that was generated above
  5. Click “Save and Continue”
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the next page and click “Save and Publish”

Your update should show up in the next 24 hours.

How to Create Your Own Amazon HTML Friendly Book Description

Now, say you're all like “I don't need no stinking free tools that will do it all easy like for me,” or you're just curious like a cat and what to know how it's all done, then sit back and grab a glass of wine because we're going to get a little tech nerdy over here.

What are HTML tags and CSS

Before we can get into Amazon HTML book descriptions, we'll need to start by talking about HTML, HTML tags and CSS.

On any website, if you want to make a font look a certain way, you need to add some HTML code to tell it to look that way.  But back in the day, programmers would have to write LONG lines of code every time they wanted to change the look of the words on the site.

However, one day, they got pretty smart and created a cache of predefined fonts that could be called upon within a website. It turns out that nowadays, we use an HTML tag to call upon a CSS font.

Was that a little too nerdy?  Okay, give me a sec to explain.

Every website has its own CSS or a list of what font will be used when called upon.  So, to call upon a set of font, you need to use an HTML tag.

If you write <h2> (which is an HTML tag), then that website will go through its CSS list and make the words that come after the <h2> look like whatever an <h2> is supposed to look like based on that website's CSS. The same thing goes for making something bold with <b>.

So, now do you understand what HTML tags and CSS are? Hopefully, you answer “yes” so let's move on to what is allowable HTML tags with Amazon.

Amazon Allowable HTML Tags for Book Descriptions

Now you may be wondering, what HTML tags can we use on Amazon?

The good news is that Amazon is very open about what tags they allow and you can find the original source here, or you can take a gander at the list below:Allowable Amazon HTML for Book Descirptions

Each one of those above is a particular HTML tag that you can use for your book description.  Now that we know what we can use, let's talk about how you can use them to make your ebook descriptions pop.

How to Write an Amazon Book Description with HTML

Now that you know what tags you can use, let's talk about how to use them.  With HTML tags, you need to sandwich the words with the tag that you want to look like it.

Say for example, you want to make a certain set of words bold.  Then all you would do is:
<b>make me bold</b>.

All the words between the <b> and </b> will look bold then when published on Amazon.  Notice that the end part had that extra “/”.  That demarks the end or closing of the bold tag.

So, basically, any of the tags listed above can be opened and closed the same way around the text you want.  Pretty cool, right?

But before you run off and try it yourself, there are two particular HTML tags that need a little more explanation.

H Tags and Font Size

The first is the H tag.  H tags is comprised of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6.  Usually, the CSS for these is made that H1 is the biggest font, and H6 is the smallest font.

So, if you want your font to be as big as possible, then you'll write your sentence like this:
<h1>These are my big words</h1>

But remember the look of an H tag is completely dependent on that site's CSS.  Below is what my H2 tag looks like on Kindlepreneur:

Kindlepreneur H2 HTML Tag

And below is what an H2 tag looks like on the US Amazon market:

Amazon HTML h2 tag

See the difference?  Same HTML, but different CSS.  You see, when I created Kindlepreneur, I specifically designed my H2 tag to look that way by writing my own CSS.  Pretty snazzy 😉

Ordered and Unordered Lists

The next one that needs explaining is the Bulleted List and Numbered List, or also known as the Unordered List and Ordered List.  If you want to make your numbered list look like this:

This is my numbered list:

  1. This is my first sentence
  2. This is the second
  3. And one more line for kicks

Then you'll need to write it like this:

This is my numbered list:
<li>This is my first sentence</li>
<li>This is the second</li>
<li>And one more line for kicks</li>

In the example above, I needed to first tell the website that I wanted an Ordered List by using the <ol> tag and then tell it each line each line with <li>.  If you want to do a bulleted list or Unordered List, then just change the <ol> to <ul>.

Of Note: For the book description generator tool above, all you need to do is highlight the lines and click on the button with the numbers or the circles and boom, it's all done for you.

Podcast Episode – How to Craft An Winning Book Description

But My Amazon CSS Doesn't Look Like Others

Sadly, nothing is perfect…except for Chuck Norris.

Remember how I said that CSS is different for each website.  My H2 looks different from US Amazon's H2, right?  Well it turns out that each Amazon market has different CSS.  The same HTML tags work for ALL Amazon markets, but because each market has different CSS, the words will look differently.

Case in point: and have an orange H2.  However, has a black H2.  The US Amazon used to have orange but they changed it to black back in 2014.  Don't trust those out of date websites that say otherwise.

So, just understand that all Amazon markets use different font styles, sizes, and colors. However, the differences will be minuscule.

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