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What is a Book’s ISBN? ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, It’s a unique numerical identifier assigned to a book by the publisher. Think of it as a book’s fingerprint. This unique identifier is used to identify and track the book in bookstores and libraries.

Barcode Pricing Instructions

Below we have added instructions for different pricing scenarios, including each option's advantages and disadvantages, as well as some guidance on when to use which.

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Barcode Without Price

barcode without the price

If you're not looking to include your books's retail price with your barcode, simply enter your ISBN above and leave the price box empty.

Choose this option if:

  • You expect to make most of your sales online (via online vendors or your own website)
  • If you sell your books yourself directly to a buyer (trade shows, book fairs, events)


  • You can change the price of your book any time without having to change your cover
  • Barcode takes up less space on your backcover


  • A book without a price or price placeholder (see below) can't be sold in traditional bookstores

Barcode With Price Placeholder

barcode with a price placeholder

If you're looking to offer your books in bookstores, you will need to include a Bookland EAN, which is the extra barcode next to the main barcode.

Here, we have two options:

  • Barcode with a price placeholder
  • Barcode with an actual price

Choose placeholder option if:

  • You are planning to sell your book in physical bookstores, but don't want to commit to a set price


  • You don't have to commit to a book price


  • Buyers in the store won't know your book's price

How to:

  • Enter 90000 in the Barcode Generator's price field

NOTE: Retailers scan the barcode but often pull the price information from their own database, since pricing is up to them. So displaying an actual price is less important.

Barcode With an Actual Price

barcode with the price

This option will embed a set price into your barcode.

Choose price option if:

  • You are planning to sell your book in physical bookstores, and already know what price you want to charge for it


  • Buyers in the store will be able to see the price of your book right away


  • You have to commit to a certain book price, or you may have to update your cover based on your pricing

How to:

Depending on your country, be sure to use the following codes to ensure you are encoding the correct currency.

(By default, a price entered without a preceding country code will be displayed in US$)

CountryCountry CodeHow to Enter Price (Example Price = 6.99)How it Will Be Displayed
United States550699 or 6.99US$6.99

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