MemberDash Review 2024: WordPress Membership Plugin

As I discussed in my LearnDash review, I needed a course management system that was housed on my own website, and not held on someone else’s platform like Teachable or Thinkific.  

However, my project of teaching people how to get their FFL, and how to stay compliant, needed more than just a one off course.  Instead, we wanted to create a membership, where if you signed up, you not only got access to all the different courses, but also got access to a AMA zoom meeting, and even a forum.

So, I got to researching, and realized that the same company that did LearnDash offered a solution – not to mention a solution that works well with LearnDash – huzzah! 

So, after setting up everything for my software FFL Safe, and then the course system, I decided to write a review on MemberDash, showing how I used it and my overall take on it.  

Key Takeaways

  • MemberDash is a versatile and user-friendly WordPress membership plugin that can be used independently or with LearnDash, featuring seamless integration with WordPress themes and plugins.
  • The plugin offers extensive membership customization, robust content restriction capabilities, integrated payment solutions through Stripe and PayPal, and a commitment to adding more payment gateways in the future.
  • MemberDash provides powerful built-in reporting tools, comprehensive billing management features, and efficient account management experiences, but limitations like few payment gateways and no monthly subscription option may be drawbacks for some users.

Introducing MemberDash: The Membership Solution for WordPress

MemberDash homepage - the most flexible membership plugin for Wordpress

Born out of the creative minds at LearnDash, MemberDash is touted as one of the best WordPress membership plugins in the market today. It is flexible enough to be used as a standalone WordPress membership plugin or in conjunction with LearnDash, making it an attractive proposition for existing WordPress users.

Tailoring its offerings for online business owners and content creators, MemberDash aims to create an ecosystem where content can be monetized through membership. 

This is particularly prevalent among LearnDash users who sell online courses. The MemberDash plugin also integrates seamlessly with other popular WordPress plugins, thereby enhancing capabilities for teachers and course creators.

Installing and Setting Up MemberDash

The installation process of MemberDash is as simple as uploading the plugin’s .zip file and activating it in the WordPress admin dashboard. This simplicity extends to even the setup process which can be performed on any WordPress-compatible hosting, making it an attractive option even for beginners.

Installing/Activating MemberDash

Once activated, MemberDash adds a new option in the WordPress dashboard under the ‘Memberships’ section. Clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button initiates the initial setup, guiding users through the process with ease and efficiency.

Navigating Through MemberDash's Interface

The architecture of MemberDash has been designed to be compatible with any WordPress theme that adheres to coding standards, making it suitable for any WordPress site. This results in a seamless integration between the plugin and the theme, providing a smooth backend user experience.

Users have reported a positive experience with MemberDash, particularly appreciative of the ability to fully control premium content.

Membership Customization in MemberDash

MemberDash offers a wealth of options when it comes to customizing membership sites, making it an ideal platform for creating a membership website. Users can create and manage various membership types such as:

  • Standard
  • Dripped Content
  • Guest
  • Default
MemberDash Member Types - Kindlepreneur

The flexibility to offer both free and paid options without restriction on the number of flexible memberships is a testament to the plugin’s adaptability.

The customization of memberships can be performed by navigating to the ‘Memberships’ option in MemberDash. Here, users can alter aspects like:

  • the name
  • the description
  • the active state
  • the privacy settings

Beyond individual membership customization, MemberDash facilitates the creation of a members-only community with special access to content, enhancing the sense of exclusivity within the platform.

Content Restriction Capabilities

One of the key strengths of MemberDash lies in its content restriction capabilities, which include access control. It enables content restriction through Protection Rules, which can be applied from the dashboard, and can also restrict access to URLs and specific products. This empowers content creators to curate their audience by selectively restricting content.

MemberDash restrict content membership access

Moreover, MemberDash facilitates the creation of exclusive access to content by allowing it to be restricted to specific members or membership levels. This enhances the value proposition for premium members, increasing their sense of exclusivity and belonging.

Payment Gateway Integration

While MemberDash currently supports Stripe and PayPal as its payment gateways, plans are underway to add more options in the future, enabling multiple payment gateways. Configuring the payment settings with the preferred vendor allows adjustments for payment type, frequency, and trial periods. However, it is worth noting that MemberDash might not be suited for users in countries not supported by Stripe and PayPal due to its limited payment gateway options.

These limitations are attributed to the fact that MemberDash is a relatively new plugin. However, its commitment to expanding its payment gateway options in the future shows that it is responsive to user needs and constantly striving to improve its offerings.

Analyzing MemberDash's Performance

The performance of MemberDash is a testament to its robust design and user-centric approach. It stands out for:

  • Not taking a cut from user revenue, thereby ensuring that earnings are not diluted
  • Offering smart built-in reporting tools that offer actionable insights into user behavior, content popularity, membership details, and revenue trends
  • Helping businesses understand their audience and make informed decisions

Furthermore, MemberDash’s pricing plans offer a range of features including:

  • Regular updates
  • Dedicated support
  • Built-in reporting capabilities
  • Straightforward account management
  • Customizable settings

MemberDash's Reporting Tools

Reporting is a critical aspect of any membership site, and MemberDash excels in this regard. Its reporting features provide users with the capability to:

  • Monitor total revenue generated from their membership programs
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial performance
  • Make informed decisions for future strategies

MemberDash’s reporting tools also enable users to review members’ engagement statistics. This helps gauge member performance and identify which membership options are performing the best. Such detailed insights can be instrumental in optimizing the membership offerings for maximum engagement and revenue generation.

Billing Management in MemberDash

MemberDash offers comprehensive control over billing management and coupon. Its Global Payment Settings, which apply to all transactions and can be adjusted at any time, ensure comprehensive billing management across different membership types. Moreover, specific payment configurations can be set for individual memberships, including payment amounts and frequencies, catering to various billing requirements.

MemberDash Payment Settings

An appealing aspect of MemberDash is that users can keep 100% of the revenue generated through the platform, although they are responsible for any third-party processing fees from payment gateways. This is complemented by the ability to manage promotions and coupons, including customizable invoices and targeted coupon usage for members.

MemberDash Payment Gateways Settings

Account Management Experience

MemberDash simplifies the account management process for members. Its User Profile Management feature allows members to manage their own profiles within the site. This includes the ability to customize their profiles and oversee their subscriptions and billing details in one place.

The management of member profiles, also known as membership management, is designed to be efficient and straightforward, eliminating any technical hurdles. The MemberDash dashboard offers members a single interface for managing subscriptions and viewing invoices, further streamlining the account management process.

The Final Verdict on MemberDash

After a thorough analysis, it’s clear that MemberDash is a robust solution for membership and content restriction challenges. While its pricing may be seen as expensive for small websites and beginners, the wealth of features and capabilities it offers could justify the investment for many users. However, certain limitations such as a limited number of payment gateways and the absence of a monthly subscription option or free trial might deter potential users.

Despite these limitations, MemberDash holds a strong position in the market. Its favorable comparison to alternatives like:

  • MemberPress
  • Thrive Apprentice
  • Wishlist Member
  • Easy Digital Downloads

is a testament to its robust offerings. For those willing to commit to the platform, MemberDash offers a 15-day money-back guarantee, offering a safety net for users to explore its capabilities.

And as a result, I absolutely hit all of my needs for my project and is something I will be using for the foreseeable future.  Therefore, well worth the price for what I needed, and a excellent tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to install and set up MemberDash?

Installing and setting up MemberDash is simple and straightforward. You can upload the plugin's .zip file, activate it in the WordPress admin dashboard, and follow the ‘Get Started' guide for initial setup.

Can I customize the memberships in MemberDash?

Yes, you can customize memberships in MemberDash by creating and managing various membership types, including customizing their name, description, active state, and privacy settings.

What payment gateways does MemberDash support?

MemberDash currently supports Stripe and PayPal as its payment gateways, with plans to add more options in the future.

How does MemberDash help in managing billing?

MemberDash allows for comprehensive control over billing management, offering global payment settings for all transactions and the ability to set specific payment configurations for individual memberships.

What are the reporting capabilities of MemberDash?

MemberDash's reporting tools offer insights on total revenue, user behavior, content popularity, and membership performance, aiding informed decision-making for future strategies.

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