ReaderScout Review: A New Free Tool for Authors

From the makers of Publisher Rocket and Atticus comes a free plugin to help you stay vigilant about unexpected price changes and new reviews.

But is this plugin worth the effort, even though it costs nothing? Is the information valuable to authors?

In this review, I will cover everything that you need to know about ReaderScout, and how it can help you collect valuable information about your books.

In this article, you will learn:
  1. What ReaderScout is
  2. Its different features
  3. How to use ReaderScout

What Is ReaderScout?

readerscout logo

ReaderScout is a chrome plugin that you can use to track changes in your book price, as well as track new reviews.

The plugin updates once per day, so you will know immediately when a change happens. 

And, since ReaderScout runs in the background, you will only be notified when a change occurred, which saves you a ton of time by freeing you up from constantly checking and rechecking your books.

ReaderScout Features

As of this writing, ReaderScout has two main features:

  1. Daily price checks
  2. Daily review checks

Let's discuss each of these in detail, and why you would want to have them.

Daily Price Checks

ReaderScout will periodically check your books every day for changes in price.

Why is this important? Because Amazon will sometimes change your price in order to match other sites, or because they are doing a promotion and are dropping the price of your book as part of that promotion.

That latter option is extremely important, because when Amazon drops the price of your book for sale, you still get the royalties for the original price, meaning you benefit considerably.

By knowing immediately that your book has dropped in price, you can take advantage of that sale by promoting it yourself, and bringing in higher royalties.

It also helps to prevent scams.

For example, there are instances of printing presses illegally ripping off your book, then selling paperback versions of that book through your Amazon page.

Thus, if you see a paperback book change in price unexpectedly, this could be a sign that someone is trying to illegally sell your book.

Daily Review Checks

I don't know about you, but when I was first starting out as an author, I was checking my books every day to see if there were new reviews. This became difficult the more books I had.

ReaderScout allows you to automatically be notified when you get a new review on Amazon.

Why is this important? If it's a great review, you can immediately screen grab and share on social media. If it's a bad review, you can immediately take action, such as correcting errors (like typos) in your book that might have contributed to the bad review.

Side note: in most cases, we do not recommend you respond to negative reviews. It will usually only pour fuel on the fire.

Plus, you can save time by not having to constantly check your books for reviews. ReaderScout does it for you.

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How to Use ReaderScout: Three Easy Steps

If you'd like to use ReaderScout, there are three easy steps for you to take:

  1. Download it
  2. Select your books to track
  3. Get notified

Step 1: Download It

Since ReaderScout is a chrome plugin, you will need a chrome browser to run it.

But assuming you have a chrome browser, the next step is very easy: simply visit this link and add to your browser.

Once that is done, we recommend pinning the chrome plugin to your top bar of extensions, which you can do in the top right of your chrome browser.

Step 2: Select Your Books to Track

The next step is to select the books you want to track.

To do this, simply find the Amazon page for your book (or any book you want to track), then once you are there, click on the ReaderScout icon in the top right corner of your browser.

readerscout adding a book to the list

The plugin will drop down, and at the bottom is the button you want to press to add that Amazon book to your ReaderScout tracking.

readerscout adding a book

Once you have selected all of your books, you can view the status of each of them by clicking on the ReaderScout icon again, then clicking on the bell icon which brings you to a new page with all of your books listed.

readerscout landing page

Step 3: Get Notified

Once you are tracking your books, ReaderScout will send you a notification every time there is a change in price, or every time you receive a new review.

readerscout notifications

Since ReaderScout runs in the background, you will only be notified when a change occurs.

So sit back and enjoy the time you saved, maybe go write another book.

Verdict: ReaderScout Review

ReaderScout is a great free tool for authors. Its features are simple, the information is useful to have, and it costs nothing.

In other words, I highly recommend you pick up ReaderScout and begin tracking your books today.

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