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If you’re a self-published author, then you know how difficult it is to find qualified editors, designers, and effective marketers for your books. It can be seductive to try and do everything yourself, especially if you’re publishing on a budget, but often this can lead to less than stellar results.

If you take your writing seriously, then you’re going to want to invest in outside help to make it happen. Luckily, there’s a new platform called Reedsy that will help you address these needs.

In This Article, We Will Cover:

  • How Reedsy can benefit you as an author
  • The benefits of working with high-level editors and designers
  • Some simple tips to get your account up and running
  • A few drawbacks to keep in mind

Note: we’re going to examine this platform from the level of an author looking for assistance with other aspects of their work, rather than the freelance creative perspective.  But keep in mind, if you are stellar at creating books covers, editing or other book publishing services, you might want to check them out from that angle as well.

Also, one last note, but this article does have affiliate links in it.  Originally I wasn’t going to use an affiliate link for this because sometimes that feels like it dilutes the value of an honest review.  However, talking with Ricardo of Reedsy, he’s offered to give Kindlepreneur readers a $25 credit for those who signup and set a contract.  So, if you are going to use it, might as well get yourself 5 Starbuck Lattes worth of goodies 😉

What Can Reedsy Do For You?

Are you a self-published author who’s struggling to find a professional book cover designer?

Have you been through editor after editor, and haven’t been able to find one that actually understands your projects and its goals?

When you’re choosing to self-publish there are certain parts of the publishing process you can benefit from by outsourcing. The most common pieces you’ll choose to outsource include cover design, editing, and book marketing.

But where do you begin?  How do you differentiate between the good editors and just the ones looking for some quick money…because let’s face it, there are a LOT of those on Upwork and other VA job platforms.

This is where Reedsy steps in.

What Makes Reedsy Different

Reedsy is a brand new platform that allows you to connect with designers, editors, and marketers who have an extensive experience in the publishing space.Upvote-of-yes

Since the platform is in its early stages most of the freelancers are editors and designers, with the book marketers slowly being added with time. Reedsy launched in November of 2014, making it a very young freelance marketplace.

Currently, there are over 5,000 authors who are using the platform. However, unlike most other freelancer platforms, every freelancer who receives an account is vetted by the Reedsy team to verify that they perform their service at the highest level quality.

In other words, a professional team ensures that those who apply for your job are actually super legit and worth the money. Plus, they now have a review system in place where you can take not only Reedsy’s word for it, but other authors as well…now THAT is powerful.

Coupon Reminder: Using this affiliate link – yup, always upfront on this – you can get $25 off your first contract.

Having a high-level editor basically tear apart your work will create a much stronger book in the long run. Remember, if you can’t afford a professional book cover designer just yet, you still have other options.  But if you are ready for that next step, Reedsy is a good place to begin.

With Reedsy you’re a search away from finding a top-notch creative freelancer to complete your publishing project.

How To Connect With High Level Editors and Designers

No man is an island.

This sentiment is true and takes on new levels of depth in the publishing space. In order to give your book wings and truly publish something worth buying you’re going to need a ton of support.

As the publishing space continues to evolve, more editors, designers, and other publishing professionals are making the jump from Big 5 to freelancing.

This means you’ll get the help of qualified professionals, without having to land a publishing deal.

How To Get Started With Reedsy

Getting started is quite easy and intuitive. Just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Signup

To create an account, enter your email in the big box at the center of the screen, or create and account via Facebook. For the sake of example, I’ll assume you’ve chosen to set yourself up as an “Author”.Reedsy Signup

Step 2: Choose Your Job’s Requirements

At this point, you can choose what type of service:

  • Editor
  • Designer
  • Publicist

After that, you can select specific information so as to narrow the number of potential freelancers and find the right one.Selecting your jobs details on Reedsy

Step 3: Select 1-5 Freelancers

After step 2, you’ll have a list of potential freelancers. At this point, I would recommend clicking on each and looking at their credentials, porfolio and information. Find the one that fits your needs.

Once you find one that seems like a good fit, hit select and continue looking. You can select a total of 5 in one job/campaign.Select your freelancer on Reedsy

Step 4: Give the Job Description

In this part, you will get to tell the prospective freelancers what your job will entail. The key is to be very specific.

Once you have submitted your information, your freelancers have the opportunity to send you a job quote.

Step 5: Negotiate and Conquer!

You’ll then go into negotiation with one or more of the freelancers you’ve selected. Hopefully, this process will end in a successful working relationship. But, if it doesn’t, then Reedsy has you covered.

They offer a guarantee to all authors that if any conflicts or differences arise, or if you aren’t completely satisfied with the end result, then Reedsy will take care of it…satisfaction guaranteed.

Luckily, this hasn’t happened yet, as most freelancers and authors using the platform have enough experience to notice more “dodgy” requests and decline them before they become a problem.

Wanna See it In Action?

Cue the eye roll, of course, he did a SciFi theme…

Drawbacks Of Reedsy

After all the good things I’ve said you might just think I’m working for Reedsy 😉

As with any new platform, there are going to be some drawbacks of using the service. For starters, it’s very new. This means some of the bugs are currently being ironed out. However, with most new platforms you’ll tend to find more one-on-one assistance, as early stage users are incredibly valuable.

Reedsy also doesn’t give you any contact information or email addresses until you enter into official collaboration with a designer or editor. This can be a turn-off for some authors who would like to conduct research on their own before settling into an agreement. You’re going to be outsourcing your trust to the Reedsy platform on this one.

So, Is Reedsy A Yes Or No?

The final verdict depends upon what your needs are as an author and your budget.

If you already have a solid editor and cover designer in place, and you have a good understanding of what it takes to successfully market your book, then this platform might not entirely be useful.

However, according to Reedsy, as the platform evolves you’ll begin to see collaboration tools and project management software introduced that streamlines the editing, design, and publishing process. There haven’t been any specifics regarding the overall features or launch timeline, but you can bet they’ll be useful.

And don’t forget to get your $25 off your first contract here.

If you need to find professional editors, or book cover designers, then this platform will connect you with the right professionals. If this isn’t you, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on this new platform, as it may introduce a service, or type of software, that could rapidly increase your productivity and profitability as a writer.




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