Using Box Sets to Create Mammoth Marketing Teams for your Sales


In this episode we’re going to talk about how authors are banning together, putting their books in a box set, and using their collective marketing power to create powerhouse selling machines that propel them to super sales heights like USA Today Bestseller and even NYT bestselling status.

Want to join in on the fun and combine forces with other like-minded authors? Well, see the steps it takes, the preparations necessary and how to find the right group for this episode. Plus, hear directly from someone who’s done it multiple times and has been afforded the ability to now call himself a USA Today Bestselling author.

Benefits to Doing a Box Set

  • You can split the cost
  • Combine the marketing capability of multiple authors

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How to Put Together a Super Hero Box Set Team

Step 1: Assemble an amazing team of other authors

  1. The target book should be older
  2. Ensure the authors has lots of good reviews
  3. Check to see how large the author’s following is (Social media, website, etc)
  4. Ensure they aren’t published or under contract

Step 2: Negotiations

  1. Decide on pricing, timing, duration, and responsibilities
  2. Whose account will this be under
  3. How will reporting and pay be made

Step 3: Scheduling

  1. Decide the launch date and ensure all are good with it
  2. Plan out each person’s responsibilities so as to maximize the continuous sales effort throughout the launch

Meet Bryan Cohen, Our Case Study:

Bryan Cohen is an author, a podcaster, and a coach. He's published over 40 books, which have been downloaded over half a million times. His books include How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis and five novels in The Viral Superhero Series. He's the co-host of The Sell More Books Show and the head writer at Best Page Forward, a book description writing service. You can check out his website:

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