WiseStamp: Email Signatures For Authors

Whether you have an uber large email list, or are just connecting with other authors, we self-publishers use email a lot. But are you taking full advantage of these opportunities?

Are you displaying your level of professionalism and getting a subtle and powerful Call To Action (CTA) in each message?

Well, luckily there is a free service that will help you create wonderful looking email signatures that will not only make you look like a ‘next-level’ professional but also allow you to place aptly designed links that point to whatever you want: website, book, course, etc.

I mean hey, you just personally connected with someone right? Might as well include an opportunity for them to connect further.

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So, in this article, you’ll learn:

  • What is WiseStamp
  • How to effectively use it as an author
  • How to set it up
  • An Advanced step to personalizing your WiseStamp signature

What is WiseStamp?

My first introduction to Wise Stamp was when I got a personal email from John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast – like me, he is a prior military guy who made that jump and he's been a good friend and mentor over the years.

JLD Email Signature

But, when I first got that personal email from him, I remember thinking, “even his email signature is off the chart!”

It turns out that even the JLD himself was using a free to use service and taking his personal email to the next level.

Notice that in his Wisestamp email signature he’s highlighted:

  • His two products (at the time): Free Podcast Course & The Webinar Course
  • Links to authority articles – talk about instant credibility!
  • All of his social media platforms

And does it work?

Wisestamp testimonial

You bet!

Since implementing this, I’ve gotten a 3% increase in traffic (yeah, I really do reply to all emails sent for Kindlepreneur).

That might not sound like much…but digging further into my Google Analytics, those that clicked on those links in the email were the kind of visitors who engaged better on Kindlepreneur.

Plus, imagine how many other writers, self-publishers, bloggers, etc. have taken my emails more seriously when they see something that epic?

Now, for you savvy kindlepreneurians who are already familiar with WiseStamp, you’ve probably seen a Wisestamp signature and thought “oh, they just used Wisestamp…no big deal”   But for the 99.99% of the authors and readers out there that don’t know about WiseStamp, they’ll think, “huh, this person must be pretty professional cause that's wicked.”

I increased traffic by 3% with @WisestampClick To Tweet

So as you can see, it’s got some benefits and can quickly be added to your email signature block in as little as 10 minutes.

WiseStamp Is Free, Right?

Although I have the paid version, I think the free version is really all we need.

Free email service signature

If you do decide to upgrade, it’s $48 per year and gets you:

  • Removal of the Wisestamp promotion link
  • Ability to export to Outlook, Thunderbird, IOS 7 Mail, and Mac Mail*
  • Premium templates to choose from
  • Ability to upload Custom Social icons
  • Unlimited different signatures to create and use
  • Priority support – but I roll my eyes every time I see a service add this in the premium list

*Using the free version, you can have it automatically attach the signature in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Outlook.com (I'll get into how to do this later).  However, if you use a program like Mac Mail or Outlook, then you'll need to upgrade in order to get the working version installed on those programs.

P.S. Speaking of free services to improve your emails, did you know you can use Grammarly to proofread your emails before you send them? See how it works in my Grammarly Review.

Setting Up WiseStamp in 10 Minutes or Less

So, it’s free, and can help you get more credibility as well as traffic? Do you have ten minutes? Okay, then let’s get this implemented and enjoy the benefits listed above.

Step 1: Setup Your Free Account

First, go to WiseStamp.com.

Then click on “Claim Your Free Signature Now” button.

WiseStamp Home Page
Step 2: Create Your WiseStamp

Now that you are inside of Wisestamp, start by filling out the information you want in your email signature using the left-hand side.  What's really cool is that as you insert the information, Wisestamp updates what it will look like in real time!

WiseStamp Creation

Don’t feel like you need to put any personal information you’re uncomfortable having within your signature block. Just put want you want people to see.

One of my favorite parts to the WiseStamp signature block is the “Extra’s” section. Here you can put things like:

  • My latest Posts
  • My latest video
  • My latest Facebook message
  • Etc…
Wisestamp Extras Arrow

Basically, using these, your email signature will always update to show the latest whatever right at the bottom of your signature block. I find that most of my clicks from my signature block is because of this…which is nice.

Step 3: Export Your WiseStamp

Okay, so now you’ve got it looking snazzy…let’s get it attached to your emails.

First, hit save.

Now, there are two ways to do this depending on whether or not you have the free version or the premium version…so let's start with the free version method:

Free MailerLite Video Course

Learn how to setup and use your MailerLite account effectively to help sell more books.

Sign Up Now

Using the Free Version

Remember, with the free version, you can only install your signature on Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or Outlook.com.  To do this, all you need to do is hit save.  Once you've done that, it will show you this:


Choose the email service you use, and it will automatically redirect you to that service and have you log on.  Once you've done this, WiseStamp will automatically add the signature to your mail service…yeah, that's it.

Now, all you have to do is just “compose” and email and you'll see your shiny signature staring right back at ya!

Using the Premium Version

With the Premium, you could do the above, or you can export your Wisestamp to a mail program like IOS Mail, Mac Mail, and Outlook.

To do this, you just click the button seen in the picture below.

Export to Mail Software arrow

Once you’ve done that, select which email software you use to check your email. Wisestamp will give you easy to follow instructions for each one so that you can have it up and running on your PC, Mac, iPhone, etc.

And that’s it. You now have a professional email signature to help get you more clicks, more buyers, and more credibility.

But wait…there's one more thing: Getting some of those CTA's to be clickable links like my final product below:

Daves Wisestamp Signature

Originally, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't just make certain components in my email signature a link.  However, again, thanks to John Lee Dumas and his example at the top of this article, I knew it could be done.

Here's the trick:

Once I've copied and pasted my Wisestamp result into my email software signature preferences (Mac Mail for me), I then took certain parts of my Wisestamp, copied that, and put it into a word document so as to make the edits there.

Then, once I had it looking the way I wanted it with the hyperlinks, color and bolded fonts, I copied it from Word and pasted it back into the signature block in Mac Mail.

The key is to do piece by piece.  So, I did the name first, made the changes in word and pasted it back into my email software signature preferences.  And the result looked like this:


Now maybe someone knows a better way of doing this and if so, let me know in the comments, I'll try it out and update this article.  But for now, the above worked like a treat.

So What Are You Waiting For?

As you can see, Wisestamp is not only a great addition to our emails, but is also free and only takes about 10 minutes to set up. Well worth it!

So, get that email setup and enjoy.

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  1. Lisa

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    Dave, this tip rocks! I can’t believe how cool this is and it worked like a charm. I even added a Twitter-sized banner underneath it that points to my books on my website. Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Dave Chesson

      Awesome sauce and glad to hear it!

  3. Simcha Lazarus@WiseStamp

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  5. Cheri-CreationScience4Kids

    Very cool! I’ve set mine up in just a few minutes. Wish they had a podcast logo, but used the RSS feed to my audio.
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