KDP Rocket Review


Since I started publishing books on Amazon, I’ve always had a competitive advantage over other authors.  It’s not because I was a better writer (far from it), or had a giant fanbase I tapped into every time I published, but because I understood the market better than most.

Before I even wrote the first page, I knew what book ideas people were searching for on Amazon and how many people were searching for it.  I understand the language of the market and therefore, created better titles, subtitles, and descriptions. I even understood the successes and failures of my potential competitors.

So, before I even started writing, I had validated my book idea, and had strong data to help support the creation of my book and its placement in Amazon.

So, how did I do it?

Well, in the past, I used to use excel sheets and a lot of number crunching (I’m a big math dork) which I shared freely in this post.  However, since launching KDP Rocket, my focus has been on adding powerful, automated features to enable the software to do the heavy lifting. As a result of this vision, KDP Rocket is constantly being updated based on user feedback, and two major functions have been added at no extra cost since launch.

Simply put, KDP Rocket is an easy to use software that helps authors understand their book market/niche better, figure out how hard the competition is, how much potential money exists, what words your target market is using and a whole lot more.

How does something like this do all of that and how does it work?

Well, in this KDP Rocket review, I’m going to show you:

  • What is Book Marketing Research and Why Should You Be Doing It
  • How KDP Rocket can help
  • How KDP Rocket works
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Advanced words of advice

(This is an excellent article on the beginnings of KDP Rocket. We have since upgraded to Publisher Rocket! Check out this review of the new and improved Publisher Rocket and see exactly what it can do for you!)

Is this Just Another Kindle Keyword Tool? In N Out doesn’t think so…

While KDP Rocket is excellent at helping you figure out your 7 kindle keywords, it’s far more than just that.  It is a complete Book Marketing Research tool.

Authors should use KDP Rocket to research the market and figure out whether or not they should enter that market/niche, potential earnings that exist, and ensure they have a marketing plan based on the data provided by the program.

Is this gaming the system?  Good Lord no.

Just about every type of business uses some process like this to research and validate their ideas before moving forward on a project.  Even well-established brands will do market research to figure out which location or idea will yield better results.

Untitled-7Take for example, In N Out, which is arguably the best fast food burger joint in America – heck a 4×4 Double-Double with Animal Style and Animal Style Fries would be my last meal if given the choice.

However, In N Out doesn’t just choose a location randomly when setting up a new restaurant. First, they’ll select a city.  Then, they’ll look at the streets that seem to get the most car traffic.  Once they have a couple of spots picked out, they’ll look at the number of competitors nearby and whether or not they are making any profit.  Ultimately asking themselves if they would succeed in that location.

After analyzing their competitors, potential traffic, costs for each site, and the possibility of success, they’ll come up with statistical numbers to help them ultimately decide where the overall best spot would be to start a new In N Out restaurant – this process is known as Operational Research.

So, why don’t authors do this?

The short and simple answer is that it requires a lot of math, and it’s pretty difficult stuff to develop from scratch.

And…that’s why we created KDP Rocket.

So, How Does That Help Me?

Understanding your market, knowing the search words your fans use when book shopping, knowing who your competitors are and what’s working for them can help you with the following:

  • Validate your book idea and make sure it will sell well before writing it – have you ever said “I’ve got a book idea” but not sure it would succeed? Well, here you go.
  • Know how many people are actively searching for your book idea
  • Discover profitable niches either tapped or untapped
  • Select kindle keywords that increase discoverability on Amazon
  • Choose Titles and Subtitles that connect with your target market based on what they are looking for
  • Write better book descriptions that convert browsers into buyers
  • Gain key data to choose the right Amazon advertisement words to target
  • Find the perfect Kindle Category for your book and understand exactly how to become a bestseller
  • Learn what kind of opt-in gifts would get your readers to sign up for your email list
  • And more…

Not sure how one little software can help you with all of that? Don’t worry, we’ll get into that shortly. And don’t miss our extensive KDP Rocket tutorial section, which goes into some pretty good detail on each (more coming soon).

How Does KDP Rocket Work?

Market research is an important part to any business – including an author’s. But how does a software program do all of this for you?

There are four main functions to KDP Rocket. The first is the Keyword Search. This helps you figure out which market is hot, what phrases your target market is using when searching for a book, the profitability of niches, the potential income your book could gain, and more. Let’s see all of that in action:

The second is the Competition Search. Once you’ve found a potential market or phrase to target in Amazon, it’s time to learn more about your competitors. Things we want to know is, if and how they are successful, what is required in order to beat them, etc. See how it works below:

Rocket’s third main feature is AMS Keyword Search. I’m a firm believer that advertising on Amazon is one of the most effective forms of marketing for self-publishers. In fact, I offer a full free course to get people started with AMS Advertising. Rocket makes it quick and easy to generate lists of keywords which can be exported into an AMS campaign.

The fourth main function provided by Rocket is Category Search. This allows you to explore the various Kindle categories available for your book and understand exactly what it will take to become a bestseller in each.

Those might have been short demonstrations, but we have a whole lot more on our free tutorial section.

In the weeks ahead, I will be publishing new videos all about book marketing research tactics and showing you how to interpret the numbers. I’ll even do case studies where you’ll be able to look over my shoulder as I navigate KDP Rocket and check out different markets – both fiction and non-fiction.

Heck, even if KDP Rocket is not for you, I’d still recommend bookmarking that tutorial page, because even though I use the software to quickly and efficiently pull the data, you’ll be amazed to see how you can use such information to help market your books.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now, I bet there are a lot of questions swarming around about such a tool. So, let’s visit some of the most common ones. If I haven’t touched on your question, hit me up in the comments below.

Will-my-book-succeedHow Much Does KDP Rocket Cost?

Currently, it’s being offered for $97. No subscription, hidden fees, or even an upsell. Why? Because I personally dislike subscriptions and can’t stand it when I have to pay to extra to learn how to use a software I just paid for.

Does it Work on PC and Mac?

Yup. Absolutely. KDP Rocket is certified to work on Windows and Mac computers alike.

Does it Work for International Markets?

As of right now, KDP Rocket only reads and interprets the US market. However, we’re feverishly working to make KDP Rocket applicable to international markets as well! And when it is, it will be a free update for you guys.

Is KDP Rocket Useful for Fiction Authors?

Y.E.S. As a fiction author, do want to know what people are typing into Amazon’s search bar? Are you curious about how your competitors are doing, and if their book subjects are making money? Would you want to know which trends are hot and get suggestions for specific words that connect with readership? If your answer to any of the above is yes, then yes, KDP Rocket is for you, fiction authors. I’ve got a video tutorial coming out soon that will demonstrate all of this specifically from the Fiction Author’s point of view. It will be discussed at length in a future Kindlepreneur article as well.

You Got a Guarantee?

I stand by my products. Give it a try and if within 30 days you don’t think it’s right for you, just contact our support team. We’ll refund you, no questions asked. Talk about risk-free!Money-Back-New2

How does it compare to KD Spy or Kindle Samurai?

Many of you are familiar with the other keyword or research software in the self-publishing world. However, as you’ll see, KDP Rocket is pretty unique.

Let’s start with Kindle Samurai. Unlike Kindle Samurai, KDP Rocket works on both PCs AND Macs. Also, its more up-to-date, includes Google searches per month (important if you’re trying to discover new markets) and interprets the data better. With KDP Rocket, you’ll also get a strong competition score, estimated Amazon searches per month, and monthly earnings – all of which Kindle Samurai doesn’t do.

Now let’s talk about KD Spy. Unlike KD Spy, KDP Rocket isn’t a Chrome plugin. Instead, it is a stand-alone software program that does the work for you. With KD Spy, you need to go to the particular page of interest on Amazon and then get KD Spy going. It’s a wonderful tool that pulls data, but it doesn’t give you any real analysis or critical data – like searches per month, a Competition score (other than red, yellow and green), monthly and daily earnings, or even suggestions for finding better markets.

Ultimately, KDP Rocket is my creation, and of course I will advocate for it. I truly believe that its ability to research ideas, categories, keywords, and even AMS advertising, all in one package, is not something you will find elsewhere.

Plans for Improvement

As you guys know, I’m all in on the self-publishing, book marketing world. KDP Rocket is a direct reflection of my quality standards and myself. I’ll work continuously to make KDP Rocket as helpful a tool as possible and will be looking for ways to improve it over time.

Heck, I’ve been using it for my own book research, so any way to make my own self-publishing more effective and efficient, I’m personally all for it.

Since launching KDP Rocket, myself and my team have constantly sought to improve it. Our many updates have added powerful new features such as AMS advertising research and Category identification at no extra cost. However, as the world of book marketing evolves, KDP Rocket will evolve alongside it. In the future I plan to add –

  1. International Markets: Currently, KDP Rocket only works for the US market. However, we’re expanding Rocket so that it will be able to switch between all of the international markets and give all the same great information – don’t forget about why we self-publishers should consider them like we talked about in this article.

If you have a suggestion, hit us up on our support page. We love feedback and also give a lot of free advice. 😉

Ready to Blast Off?

I’m not here to claim that KDP Rocket will be the lottery ticket you’ve been looking for…you know me better than that.

However, it’s hard to deny that the information KDP Rocket delivers is useful for all types of authors.

Let’s put it this way:

If KDP Rocket stops you from making one bad book idea decision, it will have paid for itself 5x. How? Think of the cost of your time, the price of a good book cover, editor, formatter, and even some ads.

Plus, I’m sure that using KDP Rocket’s information will no doubt increase sales and make you a wiser book marketer in the long run. If your book is only $2.99, then if it helps you sell 36 more books…in your entire writer lifetime…it will have paid for itself. Remember, there are no subscription fees.

36…that’s it.

But still, like I said above. Play around with it for 30 days and if you aren’t happy, I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

So, where’s the risk? $97 for better book market knowledge, advanced metrics and insight – plus support…and 30 days to decide.




Hey Guys, I’m Dave and when I am not sipping tea with princesses or chasing the Boogey man out of closets, I’m a Kindlepreneur and digital marketing nut – it’s my career, hobby, and passion.


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